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Cretella: "Gay pride parade is nothing more than a celebration of pedophilia."

Michelle Cretella
Hate group leader Michelle Cretella - American College of Pediatricians
Michelle Cretella of American College of Pediatricians is promoting the gays-as-child-molesters theme. For the record, there is not much to the American College of Pediatricians compared to the real peer group, the American Academy of Pediatrics and there is little wonder why SPLC has designated it a hate group.

For her part, Cretella believes that she is a Defender of the One True Faith™ so that gets her off the hook for being a hate monger. Her faith is also the reason that she is a promoter of thoroughly discredited conversion therapy pseudoscience.

I am here to say that religion does not justify hate. Hate exists in the absence of critical thinking. Cretella, although not currently licensed, is a physician who lacks the discipline and curiosity to apply science over her belief system. That constitutes an abuse of her credentials.

What is getting Cretella aroused is the annual New York City Gay Pride Parade. The grand marshals of the June 24 event are Billie Jean King, Lambda Legal, Tyler Ford and Kenita Placide.

According to CBN:
The organizers have employed a 10-year-old child as the 'face' of this year's festivities.

The young boy, Desmond Napoles says he is unashamedly a boy who likes to dress as a woman but says he is not transgender, rather, he identifies as a "drag kid."
I can find no evidence of that being true. According to a Google site search, there is no mention of Desmond or his stage name; “Desmond is Amazing” on the parade's website. But suppose that were true. Cretella would still be off base for suggesting that the acclaim for Desmond amounted to child molestation.

As for Desmond, he is a ten-year-old kid with astonishing ego strengths who wants to be a performer, at least for now. It has nothing to do with sex. If the LGBT community chooses to acknowledge Desmond's accomplishments then that too has nothing to do with sex.

According to Cretella in the same CBN piece:
… the child should be our main priority. Dr. Cretella, president of the American College of Pediatricians warns that this year's gay pride parade is nothing more than a "celebration of pedophilia."

Cretella says the parents of young Desmond are the ones who should be held accountable for allowing him to be exploited in this way.

She adds, "As a pediatrician, I will go one step farther and say that the parents of these children and others promoting this are guilty of pedophilic grooming."

While Cretella puts out the clarion call for parents to stand up she admits it's a hard task to change the hearts and minds of people because, in her words, "Our culture is morally blind and has suppressed the scientific facts about homosexuality and transgenderism."
There is only one way to determine if the kid is being exploited and that is to speak with him. Cretella has not done so. Cretella has campaigned for the right of parents to subject their children to the torture of conversion therapy. Yet when it comes to judgments about what the child wants then the parents are wrong and guilty of child abuse. She has not spoken with Desmonds parents either. She doesn't have to. Vatican palace eunuchs do not approve of Desmond's performance and that is all that counts.

There is absolutely no way to conflate any of this to what she calls “pedophilic grooming.” This woman has a serious personality disorder. Finally a conversion therapy crackpot is claiming that the scientific facts about sexual orientation and sexual identity are being suppressed. We can add “conspiracy theorist” to Cretella's credentials.

Cretella is incapable of publishing an article to a mainstream journal that supports her views because it cannot survive peer review. She is mixing belief based on faith with science based on evidence.

Cretella has published a piece in the outlet of the fringe group, Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. That is the group dedicated to getting doctors to opt out of Medicare. The group, which was originally founded by John Birchers, also opposes vaccinations and claimed that Obama won the presidency through hypnosis. There is much more but you get the idea.

You will not find Cretella publishing anything to JAMA. The notion that anyone is suppressing evidence is patently absurd. Science is all about evidence and it tends to be agnostic to results. Cretella is confusing real science with the Tobacco Institute or the bullshit that NARTH puts out (she was on NARTH's board).

The crux of this is that Michelle Cretella is making irresponsible and inflammatory statements that are both illogical and unsupported by any evidence. This is inexcusable behavior from someone claiming to be a pediatrician. Were she still in practice, she would be someone who parents should fear. Fear for the very safety of their children.

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