Monday, March 12, 2018

My very brief response to a professional Christian

Margot Cleveland
Margot Cleveland once wrote a piece titled: Why practicing Catholics definitely have the best sex. Her current offering is no better.
Margot Juliette Cleveland was a career law clerk for Judge Daniel A. Manion, US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. Some judges have career clerks. Most (including the Supreme Court) do not; preferring instead to have ambitious recent graduates who will serve for one or two year terms and bring fresh thinking to chambers. These days, Cleveland is an adjunct professor for the college of business at Notre Dame. She also writes tedious articles for The Federalist.

Cleveland's latest screed is titled: What The Federal Courts Are Getting Wrong About Transgender Discrimination In The Workplace. Oh, do tell. I will limit my reaction to just the first two paragraphs of a lengthy diatribe:
Refusing to pretend that a man is a woman is not sex stereotyping. It is not invidious discrimination. And it is not cruel bigotry. It is defending reality from a cultural onslaught destined to destroy parental rights, religious liberty, and freedom of speech if left unchecked.
Actually, pretending that gender is not a separate construct from sex in order to conform to Catholic Church dogma amounts to willful ignorance. Expecting our courts to impose the teachings of the Church on society is extremely dangerous — and unconstitutional.
Yet, rather than rein in the transgender hysteria overtaking society, courts have wrongly concluded that refusing to affirm a transgender individual’s false claim that “I am a woman,” or “I am a man,” is illegal sex discrimination under Title VII and Title IX — the federal anti-discrimination laws.
Hysteria?” This woman just wrote that accepting gender over sex for a tiny percentage of the population is “a cultural onslaught destined to destroy parental rights, religious liberty, and freedom of speech if left unchecked.” Exactly who is hysterical? Moreover, who does this woman think she is? She is essentially claiming that gender dysphoria does not exist.

Career law clerks may not be the brightest bulbs in the legal chandelier. Yet, we are obliged to judge people individually. Cleveland's misadventure, her wandering into psychiatry speaks for itself.

The fact that a small group of people are forced to defend themselves from what amounts to superstition undermines who we are as a society. Ms. Cleveland is just one more mindless automaton. R2D2 with a whole lot less circuitry and intellectual horsepower.

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