Saturday, March 24, 2018

"Scholar?" Seriously?

Calvin Freiburger
Calvin Freiburger has some strange ideas about scholarship
Calvin Freiburger is one of LifeSiteNews' low-voltage robots. Stick a quarter in the thing and it recites homophobia a capella. Freiburger has a rather pointless and unfocused piece about Trump and LGBT issues. It is not worthy of review.

However, the last two paragraphs are interesting (emphasis added):
… [Trump] replaced a planned executive order protecting religious liberty with a heavily diluted version.

The original draft contained very specific language protecting the conscience rights of pro-life and pro-marriage Americans from government discrimination. But according to marriage and gender scholar Ryan T. Anderson, the finalized order contained only “general language about the importance of religious liberty” …
“Marriage and gender scholar?” At best, Anderson is an accomplished catechist. Anderson is presumably a self-loathing gay man; a castrato who will never be intimate with anyone. I doubt that he will ever marry unless it is an arrangement of convenience. Anderson was a proponent of imposing Church teachings on everyone else through public policy. That does not make him a marriage scholar. And by the way, he lost the argument.

Anderson has authored a scientifically inaccurate book on gender dysphoria. Its purpose is to defend the teachings of the Catholic Church. Moreover, it is intended to be used to provide  talking points to oppose transgender accommodations wherever they are being considered.

A great deal of money has gone into promoting a book that would not survive the review of an undergraduate term paper. It also has a very limited audience.

The Church's teachings on gender are based on ancient chronicles authored by people who had no understanding of human sexuality. For his part, Anderson has no applicable training or experience.

Anderson is neither a psychologist nor psychiatrist. He relied on two psychiatrists who have not done original research on the subject; are not specialists in gender dysphoria and have not published research on the subject to mainstream peer-reviewed journals. In other words, the plan for the book began with the premise that the Church is all-knowing and then reverse engineered some questionable substance through selective observation. That makes Anderson an apologist — not a scholar. It also makes him intellectually dishonest.

On the other hand, I suspect that Mr. Anderson knows quite a bit about a certain 13th century Italian friar. It is unfortunate that he does not understand the limitations on that knowledge which are imposed by about 745 years of progress. That is the antithesis of scholarship. It is cultism.

As for Mr. Freiburger, he is about 30. Time to grow up. I can't figure out what this guy does for a living.

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