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Bigoted and unqualified - Jim Bridenstine confirmed

Jim Bridenstine
Photo credit: NY Daily News
Jim Bridenstine was confirmed on Thursday to be the next administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The swamp got murkier and more toxic.

Bridenstine, a congressman from Oklahoma, is a rabid anti-LGBT bigot. He is also glaringly unqualified for the position. Furthermore, he is the first elected official to hold the position at NASA which has been apolitical since its its inception. Bridenstine is also the first person to run NASA who is neither a scientist nor an engineer. He is also a climate denier.

The last permanent administrator of NASA was Charles Bolden. Bolden is a retired Marine Corps major general and a former astronaut (for 14 years). A graduate of the US Naval Academy, Bolden holds a master of science degree in systems management from USC.

Yet, in spite of Bridenstine's many flaws and lack of qualifications, not one Republican senator opposed his confirmation. Not one. John McCain did not vote. NASA's motto is For the Benefit of All. Now it is for the benefit of the orange creature with early signs of dementia.

Bridenstine's relevant “experience” is having been the executive director of the Tulsa Air & Space Museum and Planetarium which occupies a 19,000 square foot facility at Tulsa International Airport and has about 23 employees. It has a budget of around $900,000.

In contrast, NASA has a $21 billion budget and employs over 18,000 people. Yet, not one Republican senator seems to have asked: “Is there not someone better qualified?”

Last fall, Marco Rubio told Politico:
I just think it could be devastating for the space program. Obviously, being from Florida, I'm very sensitive to anything that slows up NASA and its mission.
Marco Rubio voted to confirm Jim Bridenstine.

As for Bridenstine's sentiments towards LGBT people, after the decision in United States v. Windsor (overturning DOMA), Bridenstine wrote:
I will not stand idly by and let the Supreme Court overthrow the people's voice and legislative bodies. Activist judges will not decide the fate of this issue, and I will continue to fight for traditional marriage.
When the Boy Scouts elected to admit gay boys, Bridenstine said, on the House floor:
Some of us in America still believe in the concept of sexual morality, that sex is intended for one man and one woman within the institution of marriage. Organizations that hold this philosophy and promote it among our youth should be commended--or at least, you would think, tolerated.

Unfortunately, the intolerant left bullies and browbeats private orgaarriages.

Yet not one Republican senator seems to have contemplated the fate of NASA's LGBT employees and their families. Presumably they do not care.nizations like the Boy Scouts into accepting their philosophy. Notice, they didn't start their own organization; they went after the Boy Scouts of America.

The left's agenda is not about tolerance and it's not about diversity of thought. It's about promoting a world view of relativism, where there is no right and wrong.
In other words, gay boys are immoral and the Scouts were victimized by mythical activists who control an unidentified organization. In a world where there is right and wrong, being gay is wrong.

After Obergefell, Bridenstine reportedly said: “The state of Oklahoma needs to stand up and say, ‘look, we’re not going to accept these marriages.’”

Yet not one Republican senator seems to have contemplated the fate of NASA's LGBT employees and their families. Presumably they do not care.

Overall, this is a disgusting display of partisanship without care for the country. We need to VOTE THEM OUT! Doing so is the only way to restore some level of sanity to the country. Changing control of the Senate is a challenge but it can be done if we all do what we are supposed to do leading up to, and in, November.

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