Tuesday, April 3, 2018

No AFA - Not every pervert has some relationship to transgender people

Tim Wildmon
Hate group leader Tim Wildmon - American Family Association
According to American Family Association, an anti-LGBT hate group, a man who exposed himself to a child at a Target has something to do with Target's policy of accommodating transgender customers. It's the same policy that almost every other major retailer has:
Last week, in a Chicago area Target store, a man forced himself into a bathroom stall being occupied by a young child and sexually exposed his private parts to her. The man ran away before police could arrive.

According to news reports, the incident happened in the middle of the afternoon on Sunday, March 25.

No Target employee questioned the man or attempted to stop him from entering the women's restroom because Target’s official policy allows men free and unrestricted access. This policy has resulted in over a dozen crimes being committed by sexual predators taking advantage of it.
Obviously, the individual was not a transgender man or a transgender woman. Target's policy, in no way whatsoever, had anything to do with this incident — nor any of the other incidents that Tim Wildmon assigns to Target policies. Target does not allow men “free and unrestricted access” to women's facilities. That is an outright lie from the self-righteous Wildmon. He is trying to make a failed campaign relevant.

The simple fact is that people do not pretend to be transgender to exploit accommodation policies. It has never happened and never will. Moreover, the average trans person is less likely to be a predator than a member of the general population. At this rate AFA will stay a hate group in perpetuity.

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