Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Peter LaBarbera and Brian Camenker set a shining example for good citizenship

Peter LaBarbera and Brian Camenker
Peter LaBarbera (L) and Brian Camenker are both amoral. Laws that everyone else must obey do not seem to apply to them
If someone is going to lecture us about morality, the first obligation is to be law abiding. Peter LaBarbera (AFTAH) is a tax cheat and Brian Camenker (MassResistance) has a long history of noncompliance with Massachusetts law as detailed below.

But first, I received an email from Peter LaBarbera. As most of you know by now the notorious anti-LGBT crackpot has joined MassResistance as an assistant director, whatever that means. LaBarbera's Americans for Truth About Homosexuality will continue to exist. MassResistance and AFTAH are both designated as hate groups by Southern Poverty Law Center.
As a longtime admirer and friend of Brian Camenker and the group he founded, MassResistance, I'm excited to be joining their team as Assistant Director -- even as Americans For Truth continues to publish well-documented exposes on the LGBTQ movement.
Stay tuned as there will be much to report as AFTAH works more closely than ever with MR in our shared battle against one of the greatest evils and scams in modern history: the marketing of sexual deviance as "civil rights." If Americans allow "rights" based on perversion and gender rebellion to supersede our First Amendment liberties to live out our faith and moral conscience, "LGBTyranny" wins and we will no longer be a free people.
I hate to be the one to break it to LaBarbera but they lost their “battle” and their war on LGBT people a very long time ago. I lived on Guam for a brief period of time. A local cave  was home to a Japanese soldier who finally surrendered in 1972, about 28 years after American forces regained control of the island. The hyperbole only makes LaBarbera look rather foolish as well as in denial.

These groups operate in the dark. MassResistance has never been a federally recognized tax-exempt entity. Americans for Truth was tax-exempt but failed to file necessary tax returns. Its tax exempt status was revoked nearly three years ago and LaBarbera is still unable to file. Well after the revocation, the sanctimonious LaBarbera was claiming that donations were tax deductible which he knew was a lie. He lied so that people would donate more money to him.

MassResistance asks for donations on its website but has not complied with Massachusetts law by registering as a charity. Nor is it in compliance with the law as a business entity.

Brian Camenker is listed as the president of three Massachusetts entities none of which are MassResistance. They have a common address at 84 Staniford Street in Newton. Virmilion Software Corp. was involuntarily dissolved in 2007 for non-filing. Parents Education Foundation and Parents Rights Coalition, Commonwealth nonprofits, were revoked in 2012 for non-filing and revived in 2014. However, neither has filed a required annual report since 2013. The annual reports are incredibly simple so the folks behind MassResistance are mass disorganized.

I could form an entity in the Commonwealth called MassResistance and Mass Resistance and there is not a damned thing that Camenker or LaBarbera could do about it. I could make all sorts of mischief. I have better things to do with my time. A walk on the beach would be more productive.

I am at a loss to determine which of these hate group leaders is more unhinged. My vote goes to Camenker because he is Jewish which makes him a personal embarrassment. Neither of these cranks seems to be embarrassed by their own failures to simply follow the law.

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