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While getting most of the facts wrong ex-gay abets a scam

Doug Mainwaring
LifeSiteNews employs Doug Mainwaring to defend the faith. Mainwaring is utterly lost when it comes to the SPLC.
I am sometimes amused by ineptitude. Incurious and dumb people are intellectually lethal. Doug Mainwaring is not terribly bright. He is also not terribly curious. Because he is neither smart nor curious, Doug Mainwaring has made a mess. I do not think that he intended to aid a scam but that is precisely what Doug Mainwaring seems to have done.

I will get back to Mr. Mainwaring but first let's explore the probable grift. It involves Maajid Nawaz who Southern Poverty Law Center has included in its media guide: Field Guide to Anti-Muslim Extremists.
Maajid Nawaz is a British activist and part of the “ex-radical” circuit of former Islamists who use that experience to savage Islam. …
Actually, they use that experience to make a living. SPLC notes that he has told conflicting versions of his story and they go on to quote Nawaz in his own words.

Maajid Nawaz now claims that he is going to sue SPLC which is litigation that would probably be DOA. It is an impossible burden and he has not specified what facts SPLC got wrong. His beef is limited to: “This list has smeared my name and possibly put me in physical danger.”

That hasn't stopped Nawaz from raising money off the supposed potential litigation. On his website he claims to have raised $25,000 for a “preliminary legal analysis.” Now he is seeking “a further $125,000 for the pleading and pleading challenge phase.”

Mr. Nawaz seems wed to the proposition that everyone is as stupid as … Let's get back to Mr. Mainwaring.

Mainwaring writes (at LifeSiteNews): Liberal law center removes ‘Field Guide to Anti-Muslim Extremists’ after lawsuit. Stop right there. Nawaz has not sued SPLC and the guide has not been removed. As I said, Mainwaring is incurious.

He drones on:
The SPLC’s action in response to Nawaz’s lawsuit has wide-ranging significance because it demonstrates that organizations mislabeled by SPLC as “hate groups”––whether politically conservative, pro-life, pro-conjugal marriage; or religious, from Christians to Muslim reformers––can fight back and win against what many view as SPLC’s oppressive, sometimes dangerous tyrannical tactics.
What makes this even funnier is that Mainwaring provides a link in his piece to the material that he claims has been removed. As I said, Mainwaring is not terribly bright. Equally stupid is the fact that Mainwaring provides a link to Nawaz's website where it is clear that he has not sued SPLC.

Later on:
The SPLC, which serves as a tool of the Left by mislabeling mainstream conservative organizations and leaders as “haters” and “extremists,” is one of the best funded politically-oriented non-profit groups in the world. SPLC's 990 IRS filing for 2015 reported $58,176,499 in total revenue, an astonishing amount for a politically-oriented non-profit.
Just astonishing. Were Mainwaring more curious he might know that the right-wing version, Alliance Defending Freedom, reported revenues for the year ended June 30, 2016 of $52 million. I am astonished.
Moreover, SPLC self-reported an endowment fund of more than $319 million in its 2016 annual report, also unheard of in the world of non-profit organizations dealing with “culture war” issues. Another troublesome issue is the SPLC’s shifting in recent years of millions of dollars to offshore accounts (the Cayman Islands), a bizarre practice for a tax-exempt organization. Tech giant Apple, Inc gave SPLC $1 million last year.
SPLC has been at this for a number of years and has a large endowment. So what?

Then  there is that offshore account nonsense. Those who lack wit parrot. In point of fact 4,320 charities (not including private  foundations) have offshore accounts. Of the 25 largest charities (by asset size) 22, or 88%, have offshore accounts. Many, if not most, of those are in the Cayman Islands. With interest rates very low, charities are seeking more productive vehicles for investing their assets such as hedge funds. Cayman Islands is host to many hedge funds because it provides a tax pass-through. Investors pay taxes in their locale but none to the Cayman Islands. Finance 101.

Poor Dougie is just lost.
The Yanking of the Field Guide: Just Getting Started

Nawaz announced the removal of the “Field Guide” Wednesday night while making a guest appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience, a podcast hosted by comedian Joe Rogan.
Click on your own damned link you moron. Nothing has been “yanked” (except Doug's chain).
“We have retained Clare Locke,” said Nawaz. “They are writing to the Southern Poverty Law Center as we speak. I think they’ve got wind of it — the Southern Poverty Law Center — and as of yesterday, or the day before, they’ve removed the entire list that’s been up there for two years.”
Megan Lambert Meier, a Clare Locke partner confirms that they are representing Nawaz. They are a small firm in Alexandria, VA. The firm had some success representing University of Virginia plaintiffs vs. Rolling Stone but there the publisher was demonstrably and grossly negligent in reporting a supposed gang rape and the plaintiffs were not public figures. New York Times v. Sullivan would seem to prevail which is why anti-defamation suits by public figures are almost never successful.

Writing a letter is not suing SPLC. Suing a legal group with a huge endowment when one has a seemingly impossible burden does not sound like a very good idea.

Just one more passage for fun:
Additionally, in a boasting Facebook posting, Nawaz declared:
I’m coming for you Southern Poverty Law Center and “you got nowhere to ruuun to bayybyy... no where to hiiide” You F*c**d with the wrong “anti-Muslim” Muslim. Supporters can back my case here Let me reiterate: I’m only just getting started. My case is ongoing. I will see justice.
I am certain that the lawyers at the SPLC will be just terrified. Mainwaring fails to grasp the obvious that this is less about the SPLC than it is about raising money to support Mr. Nawaz while, at the same time, raising his profile. Of course an ex-gay for religious reasons is not my idea of intellectual horsepower.

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