Thursday, May 31, 2018

Tony Perkins does "persecuted" about as well as anyone else

The two hate group leaders, Mat Staver and Tony Perkins
Earlier today I wrote about the subpoenas that Liberty Counsel objects to in the transgender military service case, Karnoski v. Trump. Liberty Counsel is representing itself, another hate group — Family Research Council — and Arkansas preacher Ronnie Floyd in order to object to the subpoenas.

In a further display of angst, Tony Perkins and Mad Mat Staver gave interviews to CBN. CBN's piece is titled: LGBT Activists 'Harass and Bully' Christian Leaders with Subpoenas, Including Tony Perkins. Oh the poor dears.

This is all just flatulence because Liberty Counsel has already sent objections. Objections to a third party subpoena put the subpoena on hold until a judge can rule on the matter or the two sides reach an agreement. So what the hell is all of this blather about? If a judge rules in favor of the plaintiff then they can feign outrage.

Oh that lovable homophobic Dinesh D'Souza

Dinesh D'Souza
That tweet from conspiracy theorist and history fictionalizer Dinesh D'Souza was posted in the aftermath of the Pulse Nightclub shooting. D'Souza could have remained silent or he could have offered condolences. D'Souza could have even offered the frustratingly inadequate “thoughts and prayers.” D'Souza, however, is a an anti-LGBT bigot so he blamed the victims of a mass shooting.

Oh the poor persecuted fundamentalists

Mat Staver
Mad Mat sees LGBT enemies everywhere
Hate group leader Mat Staver (Liberty Counsel) is, once again, very upset with subpoenas to produce documents in connection with Karnoski v Trump (challenging the trans military service ban). Staver's consternation extends to others who have been subpoenaed. According to an email  from Staver, Liberty Counsel now represents Arkansas preacher Ronnie Floyd. It has previously objected on behalf of Family Research Council.

What is most interesting about this saga is Staver's level of derangement. It is really quite impressive just how utterly unhinged Staver can become. Organizations and lawyers supporting the right of transgender people to serve in the military are Staver's and Christendom's enemies. According to Mad Mat, LGBT activists, his enemies, are everywhere:

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Queers-to-go: Our mid-year recruitment and indoctrination drive

Peter LaBarbera
I often wonder if Peter LaBarbera and the rest of the bigot brigade actually believe the rubbish that they spew. It's all relatively harmless until parents buy into the bullshit. Then their words do violence to gay and trans children.

VCY (Voice of Christian Youth) America/Crosstalk hosted Porno Pete for a round of Christian Information Radio and a good time was had by all. Tuesday's broadcast was headlined: The Results of LGBT Indoctrination. Do tell.
Crosstalk has been warning about indoctrination of youth by the LGBT agenda for a long time. Efforts have been made to indoctrinate the Boy Scouts, 4-H, the YMCA and schools across America.

No Mr. Brown: NOM has little to do with a case before the Supreme Court

Brian S. Brown
Who could possibly think that is the face of a con artist?
Brian S. Brown will make any claim, no matter how misleading, if he thinks that it will cause people to donate to National Organization for Marriage. The lies are necessary because NOM has no track record.

Today's email money-grub is titled any day now. It refers to the fact that the Supreme Court is likely to rule on Masterpiece Cakeshop v Colorado sometime between now and late June. According to Brown:
…Masterpiece Cakeshop v Colorado Civil Rights Commission, deals directly with marriage and could provide the protection from persecution we've been fighting to achieve for many years.

ADF's fraudulent money-beg

Barronelle Stutzman's fate will be determined by a case already before the Supreme Court — Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado. Continuing to raise money off of Stutzman is illegitimate.
Tuesday, Zack Ford covered the video. Wednesday we have the email from Alliance Defending Freedom (an anti-LGBT hate group) asking for money. The email is titled: Have you heard this gentle woman’s story? They are referring to Barronelle Stutzman. Stutzman is the Washington State florist who claimed to have a vested interest in where and how the flowers she sells are used. This led Stutzman to refuse to sell flowers to a same-sex couple in defiance of state law.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

How about some reparative therapy crackpottery?

Josh Sabey
Josh Sabey circa 2014
At The Federalist (of course) Josh Sabey writes: Why Psychologists’ Selective Opposition To Gay Therapy Undercuts Their Field. The subtitle reads:
Psychologists oppose reparative therapy with religious fervor while using just as ineffective and possibly dangerous methods to treat a host of other more common issues.
Sabey was actually useful for a paragraph or two, suggesting that therapists should be consistent. If they oppose reparative therapy then they should oppose other ineffective treatments. Sabey should have left it at that but he decided to promote conversion therapy and oppose California's conversion therapy ban.

David Lane - An angry bigot promoting misinformation

First Amendment
Religious conservatives see ambiguity where none exists
David Lane is profoundly upset with the First Amendment. He is even claiming that an earlier version of the First Amendment is the one that was ratified. Mr. Lane is very confused and extremely anti-LGBT. Lane seeks to find a way to get his deity into the classrooms of public schools.

Tuesday, Lane writes:
How did America arrive at the place where God is barred from public schools and sex and aberrant sexual practices are promoted?Someone must be held accountable.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Robert Knight on "homos," hardware and Starbucks too

Robert Knight
Robert Knight via YouTube circa 2012
Even the Washington Times should be embarrassed to provide a forum for Robert Knight. Sunday evening Knight writes: No handy tool for gender-bending which doesn't have much to do with gender. Those Moonie cultists who run the Washington Times are immune to embarrassment.

Robert Knight has been a professional anti-LGBT activist and propagandist for decades. Knight has worked for several hate groups. These include Family Research Council, Coral Ridge Ministries and Concerned Women for America.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Publix issues a statement but they just make matters worse

I have been calling attention to Publix, the supermarket chain, for several years now. To the best of my knowledge they do not employ a single gay manager and they are certainly hostile to the gay community. I would speculate that the company does not employ a single transgender individual in any capacity. It's all perfectly legal in the state of Florida.

However, Miami-Dade County has a nondiscrimination ordinance and Miami Beach has a nondiscrimination ordinance. Some of Publix' actions could very well be illegal. Publix has three stores in South Beach alone. I am working on something locally but that is going to take some time.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Dueling money-begs and a possible IRS violation

Brian S. Brown
I have two simultaneous money-begs from Brian S. Brown. One for International Organization for the Family claiming “we're still behind and running low on time” which refers to a matching funds scam.

Brown, by the way, claims to be Moldova in preparation for the next World Congress of Families event. In the past, WCF has been funded by Russian oligarchs “off the books.” In other words their money goes directly to the event without first going to Brown's organization. I think that they are violating the tax code. I am trying to get an answer from the Service using a hypothetical. If an event is under their auspices then the contributions and expenses might have to appear on Howard Center's ledgers.

David Ermold lost his Rowan County primary

David Ermold
David Ermold is a courageous guy. He demanded a marriage license from Kim Davis. More recently Ermold, an English teacher, sought to oppose Davis in November in her quest for another term as Rowan County Clerk.

Ermold's sexual orientation was never a campaign issue. Democrats advanced a candidate, Elwood Caudill Jr., who they thought had the best potential to oust Davis (a former Democrat) and then serve as an effective county clerk. Caudill is a 20-year employee of the county's property valuation office and a fourth-generation Rowan County resident. He received 54% of the vote to Ermold's 25%.

No - A trans woman did not sue a spa over refusal to wax her genitals

Hate-site LifeSiteNews has an ongoing effort to shame and smear LGBT people. The folks at LSN see themselves as Defenders of the Faith and Warriors for Christ. Why else would their Lianne Laurence run a story tiled: Trans ‘woman’ sues spa over Muslim woman’s refusal to wax his genitals?

Every day people at LSN attempt to hurt others who have done them no harm in order to assert the validity of their religious dogma. Intentionally harming other people is inexcusable. At least it should be. It is also irrational which often means that people feel threatened. The threat is confirmation that the world does not conform to those ancient texts. Most of us have already figured that out, usually when we were children.

It is important for the folks at LSN to use incorrect pronouns and smear quotation marks when referring to trans people. It is their petty way of demonstrating disapproval. As in:

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Must hate group personnel be so damned stupid about gender?

Tim Wildmon
Hate Group Leader Tim Wildmon - American Family Association
According to the blog of American Family Association (an anti-LGBT hate group): Another study refutes LGBT argument:
A new study proves once again that the transgender movement is scientifically wrong and is denying the Hate Group Leader Tim Wildmontruth.
How can one fucking sentence be so wrong in so many ways? It is not a new study. It was published in February, 2017. Being transgender is not part of a movement and the study has no bearing on either gender dysphoria or gender affirmation. A link to the Israeli study is in the AFA piece. Author Charlie Butts did not have sufficient curiosity to click on the very link that he formatted. If he had then he would know that it is not a new study.

Hate group back on Target fetish

Target Corporation store in Miami.
It should be obvious by now that Target has no intention of changing an LGBT policy that AFA does not like.
American Family Association has sent out an email: Stay 'Off Target' for Summer Shopping. Target, by the way, reported a small earnings miss this morning. However, revenues beat estimates which means that AFA's silly two-year boycott is a dismal failure.

A boycott is an economic lever. The objective of a boycott is for the targeted company to change behavior or policy. AFA wants Target to stop allowing customers to use restrooms consistent with their gender identity. Target Corporation has basically told the mullahs at AFA to assume that impossible anatomical position. The boycott is, as I said, a dismal failure. However, it is impossible to convince Hate Group Leader Tim Wildmon of the obvious.

Bigoted Notre Dame law prof laments that he is "cannot hide" from marriage equality

Gerard V. Bradley
Notre Dame law professor Gerard V. Bradley has some interesting ideas about the value of his approval and effect of his disapproval
Wednesday, Notre Dame law professor, Gerard V. Bradley writes: Learning to Live with Same-Sex Marriage? The outlet for this tirade is Witherspoon Institute's blog and Bradley is a senior fellow at that ultra conservative Catholic organization.

Apparently Mr. Bradley is unable to live with marriage equality. The very existence of married gay couples is profoundly offensive to him and he is struggling with the reality. I doubt that he understands just how offensive he is. The lawyerly language cannot mask some appalling bigotry. I'll get there but first —

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Corrupting youth

Hannah Borchers is an intern at Family Research Council, an anti-LGBT hate group. Poor young Hannah is a done deal — incurious and incapable of real critical thinking and FRC is likely to reinforce Hannah's inadequacies. Hannah has decided to do a book report. Her subject is Ryan T. Anderson's idiotic tome regarding transgender people.

Mr. Anderson has no training or experience to weigh in on human sexuality. Real thinkers form a hypothesis and then subject it to tests to determine its validity. Anderson is a religious zealot. He starts with the assumption that Catholic dogma represents truth. Rather than subjecting it to tests Anderson employs selective observation to bolster what he uncritically accepts as valid regardless of its actual validity.

Bigoted Oregon HS principal canned as part of ACLU settlement

Bill Lucero
Former North Bend
High School principal
Bill Lucero
ACLU-Oregon reached a settlement on Monday that removed a misfit from his position as principal at North Bend High School. Principal Bill Lucero was determined to be responsible for the verbal and physical abuse of LGBT students.

In addition to firing Lucero, the school district has agreed to work with the ACLU to develop policies and provide training that will (hopefully) prevent this kind of discrimination from reoccurring.

Some "ex-gays" are terribly upset with California's conversion therapy bill

Eight supposedly ex-gay people appear in a video attacking California's pending AB-2943. Their claim is that the measure banning conversion therapy as a commercial service means that they are frauds. Well, according to the science, conversion therapy — at best — teaches people how to pretend that they are heterosexual. Sexual orientation is simply not something that can be changed. There is no peer-reviewed research published to a mainstream scholarly journal that says otherwise.

Wisconsin AG tried to hide participation at hate group conference

There are approximately 250,000 Christian-oriented non-profit organizations in the United States. Other than the Klan, only 49 Christian organizations are listed as hate groups.”
Brad Schimel
Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel attended an Alliance Defending Freedom conference last July. ADF payed his (and his wife's) travel including airfare, hotel and most food to attend a five-day “religious freedom” summit at a luxury Southern California resort. The only reason that we know anything about this is that details surfaced in Schimel's financial disclosure report this month. In an email to department aides last June, Schimel wrote:
Since the conference is personal/political travel not in any way funded by tax payers, I do not plan to have any portion of it become public information. When I get an agenda, I do not plan to have it become an official document.

Monday, May 21, 2018

An open letter to George Clooney re: SPLC via Witherspoon

Chuck Donovan
Chuck Donovan doesn't like the Southern Poverty Law Center. Not one bit. I am not sure why and he doesn't really tell us why in a rambling polemic at Witherspoon Institute's blog. Donovan is the president of the Charlotte Lozier Institute which seeks to effect Christian doctrine on public policy. It is not a federally tax-exempt entity. It is also not terribly intellectually honest. On abortion they write:
Science has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that each human life begins at conception. From this point on, the developing being is a unique, irreplaceable member of our human family. Sound public policy must reflect this definitive scientific consensus safeguarding the right to life for every human being at every stage of development irrespective of his or her age, health, or utility to others.

The economics of LGBT hate and NOM's daily pleas

NOM World Headquarters
Brian Brown purchased this home at 6463 Drexel Road in Philadelphia for 565,000 in August, 2011
Boy how the economics of hate have changed. It is nearly seven years since Brian S. Brown bought a house in Philadelphia. His mortgage would have been dependent, in part, on National Organization for Marriage's finances and the prospects for continued employment.

Monday Brown writes: we're behind. It's the usual daily money-beg. Today's premise is that not enough people have fallen for Brown's BS:

The Pope has Sent the Far Right Into Meltdown

Doug Mainwaring
Doug Mainwaring doesn't seem to have aged very well since his days as a NOM poodle, schlepped from hearing to hearing to express internalized homophobia.
A victim of the Chilean clergy abuse crisis who met privately with Pope Francis told a Spanish news source that the Pope told him to accept himself as gay because God made him that way. If that is the case then I am not “objectively disordered.” If the Pope actually said that he is also dismissing the prominent mythology that the individual is gay because of the sex abuse he endured.

It is worth noting that in incurious conservative Christian circles some people believe that most gay men are gay because they were abused. Science disagrees but the Christians know more than the scientists,

Friday, May 18, 2018

Catholic Archdiocese sues Philadelphia over adoption

Along with nominal plaintiffs (individual citizens), Catholic Social Services (under the auspices of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia) has sued Philadelphia in federal court, claiming the City Council unconstitutionally stopped placing children in its foster homes because of the church’s opposition to marriage equality. They further claim that the city is “prioritizing political grandstanding over the needs of children.” The sophistry is both arrogant and intellectually dishonest:
The City is penalizing Catholic Social Services, in violation of its contract and state and federal law, because the agency has Catholic beliefs about same-sex marriage. Catholic Social Services serves and places children regardless of their race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, source of income, familial status, genetic information, or sexual violence victim status. Even though no LGBT couple has filed a complaint against Catholic Social Services, and the agency would not stand in the way of any couple who wished to foster a child in need, the City has decided to penalize the agency because the City disagrees with its religious beliefs. But even more importantly, the City is penalizing both the foster parents who wish to continue working with Catholic Social Services and the children they would serve

Connecticut DCF encouraging LGBT people to adopt children

While some states are trying to limit adoption and foster care opportunities for prospective LGBT parents, Connecticut is reaching out. There are currently about 4,300 children in the state's care. There are approximately 100 LGBT adoptive families in the system. The goal of the state is to increase that to 250.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Brown has lost all touch with reality

Brian S. Brown
Brian S. Brown has become a shameless liar to mislead donors
Brian S. Brown, president of the anti-LGBT National Organization for Marriage continues to solicit funds with demonstrably false appeals.

On Thursday Mr. Brown writes:
The case of Masterpiece Cakeshop v Colorado Civil Rights Commission is a huge case, and NOM has played a key role in it. As you know, the case involves Christian baker Jack Phillips who has been targeted by gay activists because he refused to be an active participant in a same-sex 'marriage' which would violate his Christian beliefs about the true nature of marriage.

$300 million in revenues and CBN cannot get its facts straight

Pat Robertson
Pat Robertson is chairman of the board of Christian Broadcasting Network. Perhaps that explains, in part, the outlet's blatant disregard for the truth.
Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network had revenues, for the year ended March 31, 2017, of $308 million. During the same year it had nearly 1,500 employees plus another 220 independent contractors. You might think that, with all of that, they could get the facts right. You would be wrong.

Consider this headline: 'Jesus Died...for Those Who Are in Pain': Why California May Ban This Message of Hope for Gays.

Michael Cohen's SARs are missing

This is explosive, Turns out that payments to Michael Cohen were sourced from SARs filed with the Treasury Department. A SAR is a Suspicious Activity Report filed with Treasury by a bank. Apparently a number of SARs associated with Michael Cohen have gone missing; perhaps purged from the computer system. A Treasury investigator with a long history in law enforcement leaked what remains to prevent them from also going up in smoke.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Disney provides more opportunities for the self-righteous set

Last month I wrote about Disney's Pride Mickey Mouse ears. Now the entertainment company has launched its full line of LGBT Pride merchandise as the Rainbow Mickey Collection.

It seems inevitable that religious conservatives will characterize a tee-shirt as some form of child abuse and those children will be “innocent.” I'm no prophet. I've just seen this boring, offensive movie before.

"Oklahoma Bishops Praise Protections for Adoption Agencies" - Of course they do

Oklahoma's Catholic bishops are very pleased with themselves because, due in part to their advocacy, Governor Mary Fallin signed SB-1140. SB-1140 is a nasty bit of bigotry. It allows taxpayer funded adoption agencies to discriminate. It permits, for example, Catholic Charities to presume that any opposite-sex couple is a superior parental choice over any gay couple regardless of things like education, income, parental experience/outcomes and marital stability.

The bottom line is that children will not be placed in the best available homes. Furthermore, LGBT children could be placed in particularly stressful situations.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

In his other gig Brian S. Brown offers a corpse

Brian S. Brown
Hate Group Leader Brian S. Brown
In addition to National Organization for Marriage, Brian S. Brown is president of International Organization for the Family aka World Congress of Families aka Howard Center for Family Religion and Society aka a hate group according to Southern Poverty Law Center.

My title for this piece might be in poor taste. Raising money off of dead people is undeniably crass:

Family Research Council hires Liberty Counsel

Hate group leaders Mat Staver and Tony Perkins
Will they unite in holy wedlock?
Hate Group Leader Mat Staver has been having a hissy fit over subpoenas issued in regards to Karnoski v. Trump challenging the Trump administration's ban on transgender military service. On December 11, 2017 Judge Marsha Pechman, United States District Court Western District of Washington, issued an injunction, enjoining the administration from enforcing the ban.

Liberty Counsel and Family Research Council both received subpoenas:

A bipartisan bill to help charities will aid miscreants like Peter LaBarbera

Peter LaBarbera hopes that people will assume that his nutty little hate group is tax exempt
Today marks the three year anniversary of the revocation of tax-exempt status for Americans for Truth About Homosexuality. Peter LaBarbera must be so proud that he lacks the organizational skills to submit required reports to the IRS.

On a related matter, the Charitable Giving Tax Deduction Act was re-introduced in the House of Representatives on May 11. In short strokes the bill moves charitable deductions “above the line” to reduce adjusted gross income. This means that people can take charitable deductions without itemizing.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Brian S. Brown caught red-handed in a lie

Brian S. Brown
Monday, Brian S. Brown on behalf of National Organization for Marriage and has sent an email titled Critical Mid-Year Matching Membership Drive Is Underway. NOM claims to be lobbying Congress for passage of the First Amendment Defense Act. He presumes that NOM's donors are stupid because NOM hasn't done any lobbying since 2015. I'll get to that but first:
As you know from our various communications, NOM is hard at work fighting for marriage, religious liberty and the truth of gender in Congress, state legislatures, the courts and the court of public opinion. We’re fighting for legislation, pro-marriage judicial nominees and presidential actions to protect marriage and the right of people to live out the truth of marriage at work and in their daily lives. But our success is dependent on the enthusiasm and support of our members, and that is why it's essential that we grow our membership base.

Uh oh - Apparently turning straight kids gay again

World headquarters of 4 Winds Christian Athletics at 1360 Regent Street in Madison, Wisconsin
“Sports minister” Steve McConkey (4 Winds Christian Athletics) is terribly distressed over Major League Baseball and Pride days. According to McConkey:
Steve McConkey
Steve McConkey
Gay people will be shown on “kiss cams.” Massive rainbow flags will be displayed. Rainbow-themed baseball merchandise will be for sale. Homosexuals and transgenders will throw out first pitches before games. Young kids will be exposed to the sin of homosexuality.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

The pretentious Mr. Stanton exports his BS

“Were Stanton really concerned for the best interests of children raised by gay couples then he would stop trying to marginalize their parents.”
Family First New Zealand, a conservative Christian organization, hired Glenn T. Stanton to write a report titled Why Mothers Matter for Mother's Day. With one exception that I will point out, it is not an anti-gay treatise. Despite the efforts of Family First New Zealand, marriage equality came to New Zealand in 2013. To the best of my knowledge they have not endured any frog rain, locusts or plague over the last five years.

Presumably with boilerplate supplied by Stanton, he is described as follows:

Friday, May 11, 2018

Factually challenged you-know-who has returned to Proposition 8 to raise money

Brian S. Brown
The initials are perfect: B.S. Brown
Brian S. Brown's greatest accomplishment with National Organization for Marriage was the enactment of California Proposition 8 in 2008. Proposition 8 was deemed unconstitutional in 2013 when the Supreme Court ruled that the sponsors of the measure did not have standing (they could not demonstrate how they had been harmed by same-sex marriage). This validated the 2010 ruling of Judge Vaughn Walker. Of course, Brian S. Brown has it all wrong:
The only thing that has happened to Prop 8 and all the other pro-marriage laws in states around the country is that they are not being enforced because of the illegitimate, anti-constitutional ruling by the US Supreme Court in the Obergefell case imposing gay 'marriage' on the nation.

Minnesota anti-LGBT group violates the law

John Helmberger
John Helmberger leader of the anti-LGBT group Minnesota Family Council and advocate of Christian privilege.
John Helmberger of Minnesota Family Council has sent out a lengthy, rambling solicitation for funds (below the fold). The stated purpose is to elect a sanctimonious Republican governor in Minnesota. MFC claims to have matching grants up to a total of $200,000.

Minnesota Family Council (MFC) is a 501(c)4 entity. While that makes MFC a tax-exempt organization, donations to MFC are not tax deductible. When exempt organizations ask for money that is not tax deductible they must conspicuously indicate that in the solicitation. Here is the rule:

Allow me to answer Tony Perkins' idiotic question

Tony Perkins
Hate group leader Tony Perkins (Family Research Council) writes: Title X's and No's. It begins (emphasis added):
Why bother with elections at all? If Democrats get their way, America will be run entirely by the courts. Like a kid running to mom when dad says no, liberals insist on taking the president to court for policies that are entirely his prerogative to set. Like the world's worst re-run, we've seen this strategy play out over and over again -- from military and immigration policy to HHS funding rules and school privacy. At some point, someone needs to remind the Left that voters set a new direction for the country in November 2016.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

As expected, a reaction to Outsport's MLB Pride article

Few quotes are necessary from a LifeSiteNews piece titled: With great ‘Pride,’ 23 Major League Baseball teams to host pro-homosexual nights. The author is Calvin Freiburger.
Pride nights have also come under fire for exposing children to same-sex kisses via stadium “kiss cams.” Last year, the Pittsburgh Pirates held their pride night on the same day as their weekly Kids’ Day, which offers special games and merchandise to children ages 14 and younger.

North Carolina GOPers just as nutty as ever UPDATED

Mark Harris
Christian Supremacist Mark Harris
Published May 9, updated May 10 (see below). In Tuesday's Republican congressional primary, Mark Harris ousted incumbent Rep. Robert Pittenger in North Carolina's ninth congressional district. Harris is a Baptist minister with the usual bigotry baggage. In 2012 Harris was the leader of the movement to effect the state's ban on same-sex marriage. Recently, Harris wrote on his campaign website:
One of the most devastating blows to the American way of life has been the breakdown <sic> the family unit. A marriage consists of one man and one woman. The Supreme Court, in a 5-4 decision decided otherwise. I would support the nomination of conservative Supreme Court Justices that would re-visit this decision as well as “Roe v. Wade”.

Smart guy - Dumb ideas

 David A. French
David A. French
David A. French writes: In the Transgender Debate, Conservatives Can’t Compromise the Truth. French is responding to a piece written by J.J. McCullough, also at The National Review. McCullough is best known as a cartoonist. His piece is best summarize by its subtitle which reads: “Cautious conservatives should work to preserve a peaceful and free social order.” McCullough's piece starts with his understanding of how gay people are treated by society. This serves as his template for how society should evolve regarding transgender men and women:

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Blowhard Bill Donohue demonstrates just how useless he is

Bill Donohue
Actually I want to thank Blowhard Bill, president of the Catholic League, for bringing this to my attention.
Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on a controversial message adorning a building at Columbia University:


Suit Filed in Texas TWG Case

Teaching While Gay remains perilous in red states. But Stacy Bailey is fighting back with a suit filed on Tuesday in the Northern District of Texas: Bailey v. Mansfield Independent School District (below the fold). Bailey, a popular and dedicated art teacher, always received exemplary performance reviews at Charlotte Anderson Elementary School. In fact she was twice named Teacher of the Year. Stacy Bailey has a passion for teaching kids about art.

Last August, at the beginning of the school year, Ms. Bailey did what many teachers do to introduce themselves to new students as a means of connecting with them. She showed the kids pictures of her parents, her fiance and her best friends. This was followed by slides showing school rules and expectations.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Glenn T. Stanton is trying to say something profound and scholarly

Glenn T. Stanton
Glenn T. Stanton explains his latest "Eureka!"
Glenn T. Stanton is a spokes-bot for Focus on the Family. He is also a poseur. Or do you find his intellect to be thoroughly startling? People forget just how profoundly homophobic Stanton is. In his 2004 book opposing marriage-equality and gay parenting Stanton asks a number of rhetorical questions:
  • Are homosexuals “born gay?”
  • Is homosexuality "normal and natural?"
  • Can homosexuals change their sexual orientation?
  • Do all homosexuals want to get married?

Monday, May 7, 2018

Go ahead Mr. Baylor - Sue Amazon/SPLC and see what happens

Gregory S. Baylor
Gregory S. Baylor is a fan of fact-lite argument methodology
Gregory S. Baylor is an attorney with the hate group, Alliance Defending Freedom. On Saturday Baylor was quoted at American Family Association's blog. AFA is also a hate group. The title of AFA's little tantrum is: SPLC at root of ADF's unjustified boot from charity program. AFA's outlet is supposed to be a news blog yet it seems that every article is an editorial. This one was written by Chris Woodward.
Alliance Defending Freedom says it was kicked out of the AmazonSmile program after Amazon used "discredited" information from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Oh the poor persecuted ex-gays and ex-trans folks

Michael Brown
According to Michael Brown, ex-whatevers are the most persecuted group around.
Ironically, the group that can lay claim to being the smallest and most rejected minority in America today once was part of the LGBT community. They once identified as gay or lesbian or bisexual or transgender, but they no longer do. Today, they are "ex-gay" or "ex-trans."
Brown's purpose is to defend the very concept of people choosing not to be gay or transgender. As he later admits, the primary reason for promoting so called ex-gays and ex-trans folks is to justify discrimination.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Looks like the Freedom March attracted about a dozen people

It is difficult to determine just how many people showed up to march and to differentiate them from onlookers wondering “who are these very strange people?”
Nut job, “Activist Mommy” Elizabeth Johnston got in on the fun. She traveled from Texas to be in the company of a few “very strange people:”

Saturday, May 5, 2018

ADF gripes, LifeSite affirms and Mad Mat does the SPLC a solid

Mat Staver
Hate group leader Mad Mat Staver
There are literally hundreds of thousands of Christian nonprofit organizations in the United States. Only 51 organizations are deemed anti-LGBT hate groups. 49 of those are Christian. The percentage is minuscule.

Alliance Defending Freedom has found another reason to be displeased with its hate group designation. ADF has sent out an email to supporters titled: What happened with AmazonSmile. What happened is that those Christian supremacists at ADF are being persecuted by the SPLC. Oht those poor victims. The email reads, in part:

Friday, May 4, 2018

Hate group leader further exploits Pulse survivor to promote pray-away-gay

Luis Javier Ruiz
Real  indoctrination: Luis Javier Ruiz
According to Mat Staver, leader of the hate group Liberty Counsel: “Pulse Survivor is Free in Jesus.” This is all based on the fact that Christian zealots use the prayer “cure” to justify discrimination. The simple fact is that Luis Javier Ruiz admits that he is still gay. He is quoted in Staver's email admitting that he is gay:
I feel there still is temptation, and some days are tougher than others, but I feel free from it. I am not doing it on my own - I'm letting Christ guide me in that.
Ruiz, who is a preacher's kid, sadly doesn't realize that true freedom is the freedom to be yourself and now he is allowing others to exploit his shame. At 34 years of age Ruiz has probably felt the shame for most of his adult life. Ruiz has now decided to be a featured guest at Saturday's weird ex-gay/ex-trans event organized by the even weirder Jeffrey McCall.

It took the Kansas legislature until 2:00 AM this morning to discriminate

Welcome to Kansas
Kansas has passed the Kansas Adoption Protection Act, HB-2481. The bill passed the House by a vote of 63-58 Thursday night. The Senate approved it 24-15 just before 2 a.m. Friday. The bill permits adoption agencies doing the work of the state with taxpayer funds to refuse to place children with gay couples if they have a religious objection to doing so. Republican Governor Jeff Colyer has said that he will sign the measure into law. Of course he did.

The pretext for approving this bill was “religious freedom.” Religious freedom is supposed to pertain to belief — not to conduct. People are free to believe in the sanctity of bowling balls if that is their choice. The Kansas law will enable religious organizations — organizations that are tax-exempt — to impose their religious beliefs on public policy using public funds.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

This is rich - Staver complaining about frivolous litigation actions

Mat Staver
Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel is having a temper tantrum over a subpoena
Hate group leader Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel doesn't like a subpoena that his group was served with. According to Mad Mat: “This subpoena is one of the most onerous and frivolous Liberty Counsel has ever seen …”

This from the same guy who tried to intimidate Southern Poverty Law Center by frivolously suing Guidestar USA for trademark infringement. The case was thrown out of court. Liberty Counsel is appealing (of course). He is also the same guy who is frivolously trying to prevent the ACLU from receiving court-ordered reimbursement of legal fees from the state due to the fact that his client, Kim Davis, lost her case. (The delusional Staver insists that he prevailed.)