Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Anatomy of self-manufactured victimization for fun and profit

Jeff Myers
Jeff Myers, Summit Ministries claims that California AB-2943 affects his religious conferences. Mass conversion therapy?
According to the blog of a hate group, American Family Association:
A Colorado-based ministry has been forced to cancel summer conferences for young adults in California because of legislation there that would ban biblical views on sexual identity.
Rubbish. Either these people believe their own bullshit or they are feigning belief because they enjoy being artificial victims so much. There is nothing in California AB-2943 that even remotely bans biblical views on sexuality. Being stupid is still not illegal as much we might want it to be from time to time.
AB 2943, a measure currently working its way through the California legislature, would make it illegal, under fraud laws, to sell books or counsel someone or have a conference speaker who affirms the possibility that one can lessen or get rid of same-sex attraction. There look to be few roadblocks to keep it from becoming law – but even though it's not even law yet, it appears to already be having an effect on a Christian ministry.
The author of this tripe, Steve Jordahl, needs to extinguish the flames coming from his pants before he becomes gratuitously sterilized. Come to think of it, restricting breeding might not be a bad idea in Jordahl's case. The law bans a commercial transaction of gay conversion therapy for money. The rest is all feigned persecution.

They repeat the same crap so often that they become unable to distinguish between what is true and what is political hyperbole. In spite of all this, AB-2943 is going to become law. If people want to cancel religious events having nothing to do with the measure, we should welcome that as a societal benefit. One less opportunity to dumb people down with ancient mythology recited as if they have captured the magnitude of string theory.
Dr. Jeff Myers, president of Summit Ministries, describes AB 2943 as "the most blatant chilling of free speech in America in my lifetime" – and says it leaves him with little to say to a young person who comes to one of their courses and is experiencing sexual confusion.
Hyperbolic much? And what exactly is “sexual confusion?” And what are Myers' qualifications in regard to human sexuality? He has a PhD in philosophy from University of Denver. How does that lead someone to ascertain that someone is sexually confused? Or does that mean that anyone who is LGBT is confused?

Add “liar” to ignoramus. Hypocrite too if we are to take bearing false witness seriously:
"They ask us all the time, How does my faith work with this?" he shares. "And we'd essentially have to say the state of California forbids us from allowing a biblical ethic – embraced by billions of people for thousands of years – to inform our answer to your question."
Who asks what “all the time?” Myers is ambiguous.
"We're suspending our programs in California – and then [we're] taking all of those students and flying them to our other locations to be with us this summer throughout the United States," he informs. The two conferences were scheduled for June 10-23 and June 24-July 7.
Could it be that he wants attention? Is this feigned stupidity just a PR gimmick?
Myers says he hopes someone challenges the law, but it can't be him because it's not his life that could possibly be derailed. "I just can't do that to the young staff members I have," he explains, "and I want to be able to promise parents that when [their] child comes to us we will have a safe environment."
This has already been challenged. The legal issues are the same regardless of whether the intended marks are children or adults.

The level and amount of abject stupidity is astonishing:
OneNewsNow spoke with Pastor Manuel Gonzales of Calvary Chapel in Winnetka, near LA. He might be the one to challenge the law.

"We are going to purposely record a sermon about God's view of homosexuality and human sexuality," he offers. "And my plan is to send one of these CDs to the people who have sponsored this bill – and I'm also going to include a gift card to Chick-fil-A to say thank you to them."
Send me one too! You can skip the Chick-fil-A card as I never eat fast food. I have no idea what the point is unless he wants to alienate people with his moronic self-righteousness. He is certainly not going to create a case for challenging the law. Jordahl seems to think that Gonzales will be arrested or something. Who the hell knows? These people are all batshit crazy.

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