Monday, May 14, 2018

Brian S. Brown caught red-handed in a lie

Brian S. Brown
Monday, Brian S. Brown on behalf of National Organization for Marriage and has sent an email titled Critical Mid-Year Matching Membership Drive Is Underway. NOM claims to be lobbying Congress for passage of the First Amendment Defense Act. He presumes that NOM's donors are stupid because NOM hasn't done any lobbying since 2015. I'll get to that but first:
As you know from our various communications, NOM is hard at work fighting for marriage, religious liberty and the truth of gender in Congress, state legislatures, the courts and the court of public opinion. We’re fighting for legislation, pro-marriage judicial nominees and presidential actions to protect marriage and the right of people to live out the truth of marriage at work and in their daily lives. But our success is dependent on the enthusiasm and support of our members, and that is why it's essential that we grow our membership base.

The only thing at which NOM seems to be “hard at work” is asking people for money with various pretenses. This is no exception. Marriage is settled. The sky has not fallen and the whims of the Catholic Church are not supposed to become public policy. Constitutional rights are not subject to Church approval.

Living “out the truth of marriage” means two things:
  1. Only marriages that the Church approves of are true marriages and;
  2. People should have the “right” to refuse service to gay couples.
The truth of marriage is that gay couples have a constitutional right to marry and this is unlikely to change. We will know how the Supreme Court feels about discrimination in defiance of state or local law by late June.
I am pleased to announce that we are beginning a 30 day mid-year membership campaign with the support of a donor who will match every membership contribution we receive up to a total gift of $50,000! Membership in NOM is a minimum of $35, and there is no limit on the amount someone may give. Can you take the step of making a membership contribution today knowing that whatever you give will be matched dollar for dollar?
It is not a membership simply because Brown is putting a minimum on donations. I doubt that donors get so much as a refrigerator magnet. Odds are that matching $50,000 is either complete fiction or has been donated and is not dependent upon other donations.

Then comes the real bullshit as Brown takes credit for stuff:
Together this year, we've won some remarkable victories. Earlier this month, we were able to rally thousands of NOM members to contact Senator Rand Paul to urge him to vote to confirm pro-marriage Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo.
I do not recall any email asking me to contact Rand Paul and he is only interested in the opinions of voters from Kentucky.
Because of the support of our members, NOM has played a key role in the pending Supreme Court case of Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission
That is another lie. NOM has played no role whatsoever in the Masterpiece case. None.
Right now we are fighting in Congress for legislation (the First Amendment Defense Act) to protect people of faith from governmental retribution for standing for the truth of marriage. …
There's that “truth” thing again. Truth is selective when you are a fundamentalist Christian. NOM did have a lobbyist (Brian Duggan) working on FADA in 2015. They have not had a lobbyist since 2015. Duggan was being paid $20,000 per quarter.
We're advocating for the confirmation of pro-marriage judges like Gordon Giampietro, a distinguished former federal prosecutor and devout Catholic …
After all, what could make a jurist more qualified than being a devout Catholic? Anyway, NOM has not had a Senate lobbyist since 2015. What does “advocating” mean? I have written about Giempietro. Aside from being homophobic he is unqualified.

It is amazing that donors do not see that they are being played. I guess anything goes in Christendom — including dishonesty — if you have a story that the masses want to hear.

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