Friday, June 22, 2018

Ms. Hemingway is lying and lacking a moral compass

Mollie Hemingway
Friday, Mollie Ziegler Hemingway writes: Trump’s Immigration Policies Are Actually Pretty Popular. To which I say:
  1. Bullshit and;
  2. Morality is independent of public opinion.
Hemingway is a cheerleader for the Trump Cult. She is totally divorced from both reality and intellectual honesty. She writes (you can assume that she is waving pom-poms):
Media coverage of the Trump administration’s policy of arresting people who illegally cross the border has been almost uniformly negative. Some has been downright hysterical. A new Economist/YouGov poll shows, however, that the vast majority of Americans polled support either President Trump’s executive order, the initial enforcement of the law that resulted in family separation, or something even stricter.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

In a plea for donations LIfeSite reminds us of its anti-Semitism in addition to LGBT hate

John-Henry Westen
John-Henry Westen, co-founder and editor-in-chief of
Wednesday, according to LifeSiteNews: Liberals viciously attacked this GOP official for sharing a LifeSite story. Will you stand with her? The post was written by John-Henry Westen who is a co-founder of LifeSiteNews. The purpose for the post is to ask for donations. Apparently, giving money to the hate group is to support a politician. LSN's tax status is also an issue of interest that I will address at the end of this article.

Westen explains (emphasis per original):
Recently we saw an example of one cultural influencer, Republican official Vicki Kissack, using our reporting on LGBT issues to reach her wide sphere of influence. She instantly became a target of left-wing attacks simply because her sharing of our article on Facebook was having a significant influence that cultural Marxists could not tolerate.
Kissick’s sin was nothing more than shining a light into darkness with truth - truth that was recognized as having great power.

In a racist rant AFA decries renaming a public school for President Obama

President Barrack Obama reminds us that, in contrast to his successor, some very decent people have occupied the Oval Office. Some of his critics are lacking in morality.
The anti-LGBT hate group, American Family Association, is extremely distressed that a public school in Virginia was renamed for President Obama. It had previously been named for Confederate General J.E,B. Stuart. The black guy replacing the Confederate “hero” is more than they can handle. AFA's writer creates a tirade of anger that builds to a bigoted conclusion expressing their every grievance.

Never mind that Stuart was a traitor who fought to preserve slavery:
The school board’s decision comes in the wake of the attack on the South’s preservation of its Civil War history, which erupted last year in various locations across America.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Mark Regnerus allows his biases to affect his analytical judgment

Mark Regnerus
Dr. Mark Regnerus, Defender of the Faith™ has taken to the blog of Witherspoon Institute with: Scientists Have Unwittingly Revealed that the Obergefell Decision Did Nothing to Diminish Sexual Minority Distress.

Regnerus doesn't seem to understand that, in the aftermath of the ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges, some states were determined to allow public accommodations and even government employees to deny service to gay couples. One of the tactics that has been used is preemption which nullifies municipal nondiscrimination laws.

Pink News & Media Matters err in response to #dropTheB

Bisexual people have our unconditional acceptance for good reasons.
Part of the disingenuous campaign that originated in far-right, anti-LGBT space
I respect both outlets. Pink News and Media Matters are highly valued resources. Having said that I have some issues with their response to the right-wing effort to divide us with #droptheb which is reminiscent of a faux 2015 campaign to drop the T. I say faux because these things do not originate in the LGBT community.

On June 15, Pink News ran with What is #droptheb and why should you care? The piece includes:

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

An answer to Jon Del Arroz re transgender people and mental illness

Jon Del Arroz, who apparently writes fantasy novels, has also written what is probably a defense of the faith. Tuesday, according to his piece at The Federalist, Jon Del Arroz has been victimized: After I Said Transgenderism Is A Mental Illness, Twitter Blocked My Account.

I do have a mental illness! I suffer from acute PTSD, a result of being ambushed and shot point-blank with a .45 to put the brakes on an audit. My disorder is resistant to treatment. I take a number of medications; an interesting assortment of different sizes shapes and colors. They are to cope — not to cure. To go to the store I have to don earphones and listen to music, otherwise I am overwhelmed. Oh, and I am useless on the telephone. A side-effect of the meds is aphasia. People on the other end might as well be speaking in Urdu.

I will accept the Godwin

Whatever extended family I had in Europe went up in smoke. It started with dehumanizing Jews as vermin. It progressed to a series of laws that denied Jews German citizenship and it culminated in the systematic murder of six million people whose only offense was being of Jewish decent.

We are not murdering people but we are acting like Nazis. In our name our government is intentionally traumatizing and permanently damaging thousands of innocent children by separating them from their parents at the border. Eventually a kid or kids will die in one of the tents or substandard shelters.

CNA: "Questions on sexuality loom large ahead of youth synod"

Vatican City
Worldwide, about 2.1 people are Christian and nearly 60% of those are Catholic (Islam has about the same number of adherents). Centralized and hierarchical, the Vatican has enormous power over an enormous number of people. It is the source of much LGBT oppression. Dogma defines belief.

In advance of the youth synod, the Catholic News Agency cited the “official working document:”
On the issue of homosexuality, the document emphasized the need to be open and welcoming to everyone, including non-believers, those of other faiths, and also the LGBT community.

Robert Jeffress has been victimized (to his economic benefit) over billboards

“America is not a church where everyone should be welcomed regardless of race and background.”
— Robert Jeffress
First Baptist Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress is a caricature of a wealthy, powerful, dishonest and greedy preacher. He is a Christian Supremacist who is also a friend (or pawn) of Donald Trump. Actually, it is more like symbiosis. Jeffress claimed that evangelicals don't care if the orange creature had extramarital sex with a porn star.

Jeffress is an anti-Semitic (anti-everything) bigot who has claimed that gay sex is the equivalent of plugging a 110 volt television into a 220 volt outlet (perhaps we might explode). He has claimed that trans people are a bigger threat to religious freedom than ISIS. He also asserts that Trump has a good command of the facts regarding the important issues facing our country. In short, Jeffress is a Christianist schmuck.

Monday, June 18, 2018

We don't want your fucking wall!

Donald Trump
It's hard to get a handle on Trump because he is so erratic but it seems that we are mistreating children and their families so that Trump can bargain for his idiotic wall. Asylum seekers are also being systematically abused and they have done nothing wrong.

The basic premise for the wall is that brown people are taking something away from white people and that must STOP! This instant!. Hrumph! The premise is wrong and the wall will do nothing to prevent illegal immigration.

Uh oh: "British royal family to hold its first homosexual ‘wedding’"

Mazel tov!
According to those lovely people at LifeSiteNews, notable Calvin Freiburger:
Lord Ivar Mountbatten, third cousin once removed to Queen Elizabeth, has announced he will be “marrying” James Coyle, marking the first same-sex “wedding” in the extended British royal family. Ivar came out as homosexual in 2016, several years after divorcing his wife Penny Mountbatten. The couple had three daughters, who are currently 15, 20, and 22 years old. But despite their divorce, Penny told the UK Daily Mail she’s so supportive of her ex-husband’s current relationship that she’ll be the one to give him away at the ceremony.

Donohue Rejoices: "Pope Says Gay Couples are Not a Family"

Bill Donohue
"Pope" Bill Donohue (South Park)
Blowhard Bill Donohue (Catholic League) is in ecstasy. His religious leader has said that gay people's marriages are not really marriages.
Pope Francis says gay couples cannot be considered a family. The media know he said this but, with few exceptions, they refused to run this story. The blackout, it is easy to prove, was intentional.
Uh, this is an unlikely conspiracy because this is not news. The Catholic Church has invested heavily in preventing gay couples — of all faiths — from entering into legal civil marriage. Blowhard Bill supports the Church's efforts to impose its beliefs on everyone by force of law.

AFA blames drag queens for turning kids gay

Ru Paul
Apparently Ru Paul poses a threat to children
According to American Family Association (an anti-LGBT hate group), exposing children to drag queens could turn them from straight to gay. I sent AFA an email inquiring how much drag exposure is required and how much time (on average) is necessary for the kid to become gay. They have not blessed me with the courtesy of a reply. Perhaps hate group leader Tim Wildmon is consulting religious texts for answers. As a kid I watched plenty of John Wayne and it didn't turn me straight. The mechanics of conversion must operate like a one-way valve.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Tea crackpot claims that Pride Month is fascism in America

Judson Phillips
Judson Phillips promotes LGBT stereotypes
Judson Phillips, part time lawyer, part time Tea Party organizer and part time writer for the Washington Times will never be acclaimed as a deep or critical thinker. Thursday evening he wrote: Gay Pride Month colors fascism in America—There's no room for alternative viewpoints. Presumably, that “alternate viewpoint” is based on religious belief which amounts to: “LGBT people should not be proud of being LGBT.”

Before I get any further I am not ashamed to say that not all points of view are legitimate. A view that underpins discrimination and oppression is not a legitimate point of view. So-called alternative views have been used to support racism, anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim rhetoric and, of course, transphobia and homophobia. That those views are the product of religion does not legitimize them.

Common sense and science prevail at Fairfax County School Board

Bill Donohue
Blowhard Bill was one of those objecting to proposed curriculum changes by the Fairfax County School Board
Today there is a single line entry at Highlights from the Jun 14, 2018 Regular School Board Meeting:
The School Board approved the recommended media and lesson objectives as reviewed and recommended by the Family Life Education Curriculum Advisory Committee.
Those recommendations from the FLECAC were the source of a conservative Christian shit fit. According to Blowhard Bill Donohue at Eurasia Review:
The list of changes reads like a page out of the gay rights agenda, so thoroughly out of touch with reality are they. Before assessing them, the most pressing issue for the Catholic League is the proposal to eliminate the clergy from the list of competent advisors to young persons who are confused about sexuality.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Equating homosexuality, bestiality, pederasty, necrophilia, incest and rape - Oh my!

“Claiming that a group is the enemy of the people and out to destroy Christianity and civilization as we know it has a very familiar ring to it.”
Today's absolute winner for the most offensive polemic is by Jesse Russell who claims to have a PhD. Perhaps he has an advanced degree in conspiracy theorization. The piece is titled: The Shape of Water: How Americans got duped into accepting bestiality. Apparently he has solved the riddle of the LGBT agenda while investigating the duping of Americans.

For the record I liked The Shape of Water but not overwhelmingly. Nevertheless, with the help of some very imaginative lighting, it was scripted and directed as a lovely fairy tale with a sprinkle of horror. Many people have made the comparison to Beauty and the Beast. Both films are about the power of love and the importance of character.

The latest from The Aviator, Michael Brown

“Reducing people to their gender identity is to ignore their full potential.”
Michael Brown
I have said that Christian crusader Michael Brown has the same mindset as the crazy people who flew airplanes into buildings for their god. He is free of a terrorist's bloodletting but, in his own way, Brown does violence to LGBT people every day. Brown's shtick is to assert that he is not a bigot and then he proceeds to demonstrate appalling bigotry.

Thursday's offering is titled: “When Parents Push Back Against Transanity.” Give it a shot Mr. Brown:
We've been saying for years that there will be a pushback against LGBTQ extremism. And it's not because people are uncaring. Or intolerant. Or bigoted. Or unfair. Instead, the pushback comes as a rational reaction to the rising tide of transanity.

Arlene's Flowers v. Washington scheduled for SCOTUS conference today

Barronelle Stutzman
Barronelle Stutzman, proprietor of Arlene's Flowers flouted Washington's nondiscrimination ordinance
At the Supreme Court, Arlene's Flowers, Inc. v. State of Washington was distributed for conference today. This is the third time that it was scheduled. Arlene's Flowers is the store owned by Barronelle Stutzman who decided not to sell flowers to a gay couple for use at their wedding in 2013 in defiance of Washington's nondiscrimination law.

Alliance Defending Freedom filed a supplemental brief on June 6 claiming that, like the case of Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado, the state was openly hostile to religion. The state and respondents Robert Ingersoll and Curt Freed have filed responses. The ACLU, on behalf of Ingersoll and Freed, wrote:

Mad Mat and conversionists sue Palm Beach and Boca Raton

Mat Staver
Wednesday, hate group Liberty Counsel sued the City of Boca Raton and Palm Beach County on behalf of two counselors seeking to nullify respective bans on pediatric conversion therapy. The suit was filed in the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida. Liberty Counsel's “brief” is 238 pages in full.

In an email Thursday, hate group leader Mat Staver writes:
Liberty Counsel represents Dr. Robert Otto, LMFT, Dr. Julie Hamilton, LMFT, and their minor clients. These counselors provide life-saving counsel to minors who desperately desire to conform their attractions, behaviors, and gender confusion to their sincerely held religious beliefs.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Jonathon Van Maren has a fondness for denigrating LGBT people

Jonathon Van Maren
Jonathon Van Maren, Defender of the Faith and conspiracy theorist
Jonathon Van Maren is a hypocrite. I will get to that shortly. First, however, Van Maren's latest polemic features a gay freelance columnist who says that he is boycotting the Pride Parade. According to Mr. Van Maren:
The media and progressive politicians like to gang up on conservative politicians and demand that they show up and frolic with the crowds or be damned as unforgivable bigots, despite the fact that these events now regularly expose children to male adult nudity and simulated sex acts, something that progressives seem to collectively ignore.

Pence's anti-gay legacy lives on in Indiana's GOP platform

Mike Pence
As hate group, American Family Association points out, the Indiana Republican platform continues to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman. A delusional party ignores the legal and constitutional reality that marriage includes the unions of same-sex couples. That toothpaste isn't going back in the tube.

According to AFA:

What a surprise - LaBarbera to host Walt Heyer

Walt Heyer
Walt Heyer will keynote for Porno Pete
Peter LaBarbera's little hate group, Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, is having a “banquet” in October. Perhaps they are celebrating more than three years since AFTAH's nonprofit status was revoked. Perhaps it is a celebration of limited intellect or religious zealotry. Apparently the keynote speaker will be Walt Heyer. Heyer makes a living as someone who reversed gender-affirming surgery for religious reasons.

Heyer had the surgery relatively late in life and decades before current methods of evaluating and treating people with gender dysphoria were perfected.

Victim Alert - Probably en route to a pro bono legal group

Music teacher John Kluge with an unidentified lawyer
via NBC News
John Kluge was a music teacher at Brownsburg High School in Brownsburg, Indiana. Kluge claimed that he had a religious duty not to abide by the policy of the school district requiring teachers to address trans students by their chosen name. Personally, I have a religious duty to hang a dead cat from my terrace which is less harmful than Kluge's perceived obligation but the City of Miami Beach disagrees.

You'll do! I have to off you first

NOM - The hate group

Brian S. Brown
Hate group leader Brian S. Brown
Tuesday, Brian S. Brown authored some bigotry to generate donations to National Organization for Marriage. While this is about the Ts it could just as easily be about the LGBs. We are all in the same boat and we are obliged to support each other. At the moment trans people just happen to be an easier target for denigration. That changes rapidly when some schmuck is sanctioned for refusing to provide services to a gay couple.

Brown writes:

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

"Ex-gay" nut job uses Pulse anniversary to push pray-away-the-gay BS

Janet Boynes
Janet Boynes - Turning hate into an income
Janet Boynes thinks that the anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub shooting is the perfect time for gays to repent.
One might think that the carnage and heartache that occurred in that brief moment of time would have prompted individuals enchained in a lifestyle of homosexuality to turn from their sin and run to God's mercy. Sadly, instead, militant LGBT activists have capitalized on this unthinkable act of violence to promote their godless agenda—and to emphatically denounce all who challenge them with the truth of God's Word.

Jennifer Roback Morse: Behold our three heroic fags

Jennifer Roback Morse
Hate group leader Jennifer Roback Morse (Ruth Institute)
Ruth Institute is having an awards dinner. They are holding out three self-loathing gay men as heroes (photo below the fold).
Our keynote speaker, Dan Mattson, was interviewed along with two other same-sex attracted men who discovered there was no joy for them in the gay lifestyle. Read more about it in the article below.

On the 2nd anniversary of the Pulse massacre I have nothing profound to say

SIG Sauer MCX - One of the two guns that Omar Mateen used to murder or maim over 100 people. 
I am a gay man who is a survivor of gun violence. I suppose that I am obligated to offer some meaningful prose about the second anniversary of the Pulse nightclub massacre.

The bright side to our national problem is that the Parkland kids, through their enthusiasm and energy accomplished something that I never thought possible. They engineered a gun safety measure in Florida. It is just a start and, to my displeasure, it arms some school personnel but they beat the NRA. Nevertheless the bill would not have prevented Omar Mateen from purchasing or using his WMD. Yet Rick Scott signed a gun safety measure into law. Hell must have frozen over.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Has the time not come for NOM to be designated a hate group?

Brian S. Brown
Monday, Brian S. Brown's latest missive on behalf of National Organization for Marriage is titled: The sad case of Jazz Jennings.... I say on behalf of National Organization for Marriage but, in reality, this is on behalf of the Vatican. Despite a mountain of scientific research to the contrary, the Church stands by its position that transgender people do not really exist.

Brown writes:
You may have heard of Jazz Jennings, a gender-confused boy who has chosen to live as a girl. Born to Jewish parents and apparently named Jared, the boy exhibited signs of gender dysphoria at a young age, telling his parents that he felt like he was a girl. At the extraordinarily young age of five, he was diagnosed as gender dysphoric. His parents encouraged him to pursue his feelings and facilitated him living the outward appearance of a girl.

CrossFit might not really be an ally and a terminated executive is no victim

“Tweets in reaction to a storm of criticism that might damage their brand does not mean that the company is at all supportive of anything more than their bottom line.”
By now most of you are familiar with the recent CrossFit scandal. Instructors at a CrossFit affiliate in Indianapolis organized a Pride themed workout to celebrate Indy Pride. The owners of the gym cancelled the workout and sent out an email to members which read, in part, “We believe that true health forever can only be found within humility – not pride.”

Russell Berger, a CrossFit executive wrote tweets supportive of the Indianapolis facility. In one he wrote that celebrating pride is a sin. That is a religious conviction that can be interpreted several ways. I could give that a pass. However, he also wrote: “The Intolerance of the LGBTQ ideology toward any alternative views is mind blowing.” That is rank bigotry.

Mad Mat is content to never be accepted by civil society as he condemns trans kids

Bigots and liars forfeit a seat at the adult table. Trans kids are already fragile and vulnerable without Mat Staver's religious gibberish.
Mat Staver
Mat Staver does not approve of LGBT people. The subject of trans youth drives him into a rage
Monday, according to an email from hate group leader Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel: California Bill Assaults Foster Children!. That is a lie. The hyperbole is proffered because Staver does not approve of transgender children. He does not offer alternatives to mitigate the symptoms of gender dysphoria because his disapproval is based on scripture, not medical science.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Tony Perkins and Trump employ the same strategy

Tony Perkins and Donald Trump have both created cults. They both try to solve their problems by attacking ad hominem their critics.
Late Friday, according to Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins, Social Media Giants 'Friend' Extremist SPLC. Apparently some pinko-liberal conspiracy is afoot because Family Research Council is being persecuted and victimized. FRC's primary antagonist, the SPLC, is an organization that Perkins has been at odds with for some time. After all, he did have direct ties to the KKK and David Duke.

Donald Trump's enemies are the mainstream media (which sometimes has the audacity to tell the truth) and the Justice Department which has refused to cooperate with Trump's efforts to obstruct justice by stopping an investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Post-Masterpiece here they come

Aaron and Melissa Klein (Sweet Cakes by Melissa) are hoping to thwart Oregon's nondiscrimination law.
In  the aftermath of the Supreme Court's ruling  in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado, other discriminatory public accommodations are queuing up in hopes of sustaining their bigotry regardless of local law. Barronelle Stuzman's Arlene's Flowers and Gifts is already in the Supreme Court pipeline waiting to see if the Court will hear the case.

Hoping to join Stutzman are Aaron and Melissa Klein who own Sweet Cakes by Melissa. They are represented by Mike Berry of First Liberty Institute, a law firm reflecting the personality disorder of Kelly Shackelford.

An uproar over "Drag Queen Story Hour" should concern all LGBT people

Once again religious conservatives are promoting the smear that LGBT people pose a threat to children.
Drag queen Xochi Mochi entertaining some children
Some Minnesota parents are in terrible distress, in an uproar over … Come to think of it I don't really understand why they are in hair-on-fire apoplexy — but I do know who ignited the blazes.

Around the country, Drag Queen Story Hour has become immensely popular; probably because it gets children interested in reading, learning and their library. As the New York Times explained in May, 2017:

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Get out your barf bags - We are "pushing transgenderism on children"

Two fundamentalist Catholic activists are on a mission to invalidate transgender children to defend Church teachings.
Dr. Kristina R. Olson is one of the most respected researchers in the country on the subject of trans and gender nonconforming children.
The headline at The Federalist reads: Feds Send $1 Million To Study Designed To Push Transgenderism On Children with the subtitle:
The National Science Foundation has made a $1 million grant for a longitudinal study of gender-confused children. It appears designed to reach conclusions more political than scientific.

Mat Staver counsels school district to defy a federal judge's order

How does Mad Mat retain his license to practice law?
If hate group American Family Association is correct in repeating Mat Staver's words then Staver should probably lose his law license. Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel (also a hate group), is asserting that the order of a federal judge should be defied.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

By now you would think that they would be embarrassed to use the term "homosexual agenda"

Jewish Agenda
Not relevant to the post but apparently Jews have a related agenda.
As a gay Jew it looks like I have much work to do.
The “Homosexual Agenda™” is a term coined by the Christian right to denigrate advocacy efforts on behalf of gay people. It is a close cousin to “special rights,” “gender confusion” and a range of other rhetorical devices that are intellectually dishonest. Most of those same Christians have now converted to “LGBT Agenda©” which is supposed to include the transgender people they disapprove of.

It is so hackneyed that most LGBT people find its use to be a source of sardonic amusement. But don't try to tell that to Calvin Freiburger who might think that an agenda (other than equal protection and due process) might actually exist. Mr. Freiburger disapproves of gay people. Mr. Freiburger also disapproves of for being inclusive. He writes:

Nearly three-quarters of Americans oppose businesses refusing to serve gay people

Neil Gorsuch
Justice Neil Gorsuch is completely out of touch with American society.
According to a new poll conducted by Reuters:
72 percent of respondents said business owners, because of their religious beliefs, should not be allowed to refuse to serve customers based on sexual orientation, while 14 percent said they do have that right. Another 9 percent said businesses have the right “only in certain circumstances” and 6 percent said they do not know.
In other words, Justices Gorsuch and Thomas (in particular) are out of step with society. They are part of that dismal 14%. It will only get worse because they are so insulated from reality.

A gay man's abhorrence of who he is for all to see

Doug Mainwaring
Self-detestation takes a toll
L-R: Doug Mainwaring circa 2012 and circa 2016
Doug Mainwaring might be coming to terms with the fact that his opposition helped to effect marriage equality. Propelled by self-hate, frustration and the presence of Pride Month, Mainwaring has authored an angry, poisonous anti-gay rant. Mainwaring lacks the introspection to understand that his tirade depicts how he feels about himself.

He is gay. The Church says he is “objectively disordered.” He knows better but he surrenders to the BS. He resides with his lesbian wife. He is miserable:
Let’s face it: The term "Pride Month" as used by gays is a euphemism, a ruse. June is more appropriately called “Sodomy Month,” because sodomy is the glue that holds the entire movement together and drives it forward. It’s the reason the LGBT acronym exists.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Leave it to Michael Brown to feign persecution

Michael Brown
Michael Brown is Jewish by birth. He really should know better than to construct a facade of persecution. We may be the “Chosen People” because we have been chosen for a great deal of trauma at the hands of others. But let us move on to Masterpiece Cakeshop and yesterday's ruling by the Supreme Court. Brown has written two posts about the decision. One that is very nutty and a second one that is more sober.

First Brown writes: The Supreme Court Pushes Back Against the War on Religion which presupposes that there is a war on religion.

A gaggle of hate group people unite to promote trans youth moronica

Intellectually dishonest conservative Christians demonstrate an inability to separate dogma and science.
Tuesday, at the blog of hate group American Family Association, they have posted: A 'flawed' study that only hurts more children.

A group of dependable transphobic characters are trying to denigrate large-scale peer-reviewed academic research because it conflicts with scripture. In the way of background, on March 30, 2018 a study was published to the Journal of Adolescent Health confirming that gender affirmation is beneficial for children with gender dysphoria:
Using chosen names reduces odds of depression and suicide in transgender youths

In one of the largest and most diverse studies of transgender youths to date, researchers led by a team at The University of Texas at Austin have found that when transgender youths are allowed to use their chosen name in places such as work, school and at home, their risk of depression and suicide drops.

That weird feeling when I agree with Robert P. George

Robert P. George
Robert P. George, one of our more notable antagonists, has an opinion piece in the New York Times titled: Colorado Made the Masterpiece Case Easy for the Court. He is correct. Rather than ruling in a way that would resolve the conflict between the competing rights of religious conservatives and gay citizens seeking freedom from discrimination, the Court was able to punt. The justices (seven of the nine) were able to seize on statements by the commission that suggested their animus towards religion and escape having to do their job.

George goes on to write:

Monday, June 4, 2018

Archbishop Tobin needs a new diversion

Because this one is getting very old and very stale.
Photo credit: Boston Globe
Archbishop Thomas J. Tobin went unhinged when marriage equality became law in Rhode Island. That was five years ago this month. He urged parishioners not to attend same-sex marriages and not to even acknowledge that a gay couple is married. In other words he was encouraging adherents to be rude to friends and family. Tobin was willing to sacrifice familial relationships to demonstrate the disapproval of gay people by the Catholic Church. That is not just discourteous. That was sick.

Predictably, Brian S. Brown takes major credit for Masterpiece ruling

Brian S. Brown
It sure didn't take long for Brian S. Brown to generate a money-grub for National Organization for Marriage. Brown writes:
NOM played a significant role in this case, bringing critical public attention to Jack's plight by producing informative videos, sponsoring rallies in front of the Supreme Court, working with the media, and filing a critical legal brief in support of religious liberty and the right of marriage supporters like Jack to be able to live out their religious beliefs about marriage at work and in their daily lives. We even launched an entire communications offensive, called the First Freedom Initiative, to bring attention to this case and others similar to it.

A Witherspoon post about a trans "hate group" - I think

If Ryan T. Anderson is still editing Witherspoon's blog he requires adult supervision.
From the Facebook page of the Degenderettes
There is a new post on Witherspoon Institute's blog titled: The Degenderettes: The Transgender Hate Group Taking Aim at Women by Julian Vigo. The lengthy subtitle reads:
The San Francisco Library has allowed a group of misogynist males to take over public space in order to promote violence against women as an art form. To some radical trans activists, “TERFs”— a slur for females who critique gender ideology—deserve to be murdered for denying that someone with a man’s body can really be a woman.

Masterpiece v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission

I have now read the opinion in full and Ginsburg's dissent. It leaves me waiting for more information because I suspect that the justices have come to conclusions (and perhaps agreements) not expressed in the opinion.

The bottom line is that the Court found that the Colorado commission was hostile to religion. Yet the Court has delivered an opinion based more on compelled speech (expression). Meanwhile, Kennedy refers to the dignity of gay couples and their civil rights five times.

What ADF's email to Amazon re: SPLC does NOT say

In May, Alliance Defending Freedom was terminated from the Amazon Smile program. Amazon has a policy that hate groups identified by Southern Poverty Law Center are no longer eligible to participate. ADF is, in fact, an anti-LGBT hate group.

In the way of background, the Smile program donates a small percentage of Amazon customers' purchases to a charity chosen by the customer. Mine, for example, go to HRC. The program is administered by the Amazonsmile Foundation, which had revenues of about $24 million in 2016.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

They must do some weird stuff in Oregon bathrooms

Hate group leader Brad Dacus has announced that his group, Pacific Justice Institute, is suing a school district and a high school in southwestern Oregon. Dacus' client, known as T.B., was traumatized when a transgender boy used the bathroom while he was at the urinal. Traumatized mind you.

Dacus points out that the school has single-stall facilities. If T.B. is that sensitive then let him use that bathroom.

Allow me to explain the procedure. You enter the bathroom, approach the urinal to about a one-dick distance and unzip. You pull out your member, ready, aim and fire away. If there is a mint in the urinal I usually use that as a target. I have even been known to paint lazy arcs. When the stream has ended you give it a shake and return the equipment to its storage area. Zip. Wash. Exit. Where is the peril?

Friday, June 1, 2018

"Love, Simon" vs. reality

Nick Robinson as Simon
Everyone loves Love, Simon. It is an 8.0 on IMDB (The Deer Hunter gets 8.1). Over at the Tomatometer it is rated at 92%. The reviews are generally very good. It's a gay teen love story that keeps its audience very safe. The amalgamation of an after-school special with bubble-gum movie making is appealing and harmless enough. Nick Robinson (Simon) is adorable. Simon has understanding liberal parents a cute sister and they all live in a cute suburban home. Simon has good friends (they are all cute too). When he is outed his friends take exception to Simon's dishonesty rather than Simon's sexual orientation. Greg Berlanti, who is gay, directed the film and Simon is presented with no affect at all. Natasha Rothwell as an incensed drama teacher is superb.

In the end, love is everywhere.

Chances are, however, that a real Simon (gay or gender nonconforming) will be pretty miserable.