Tuesday, June 19, 2018

CNA: "Questions on sexuality loom large ahead of youth synod"

Vatican City
Worldwide, about 2.1 people are Christian and nearly 60% of those are Catholic (Islam has about the same number of adherents). Centralized and hierarchical, the Vatican has enormous power over an enormous number of people. It is the source of much LGBT oppression. Dogma defines belief.

In advance of the youth synod, the Catholic News Agency cited the “official working document:”
On the issue of homosexuality, the document emphasized the need to be open and welcoming to everyone, including non-believers, those of other faiths, and also the LGBT community.

Some LGBT youth who participated in the online questionnaire or offered contributions through social media, the document read, said they want to experience “greater closeness and greater care on the part of the Church.”

In their responses, bishops conferences also questioned how to respond to young people who have chosen to live a homosexual lifestyle, but who also want “to be close to the Church.”
I am not Catholic and no one has solicited my opinions. Nevertheless:
  1. It is impossible to be “open and welcoming to everyone” when some of the everyone are, according to church doctrine, objectively disordered.
  2. LGBT youth don't need or want phony compassion. The only reason that they might need any emotional support is due to the teachings of the religion that they still want to be a part of. Their desire to align with the Church is remarkable.
  3. Never, ever, refer to a sexual orientation as a lifestyle. Aside from the fact that doing so is factually incorrect, it is well understood code for disapproval. It creates a mixed and confusing message: “We want to be more open and welcoming to evil little perverts.”
  4. Perhaps some scientist is capable of instructing the pope that gender dysphoria is not “gender ideology.” The pope's terminology is inaccurate and offensive.
  5. It would also help if Catholic schools would stop terminating people whose only offense is TWG (Teaching While Gay). Consider the message that sends to LGBT students.
I doubt that the Church is capable of doing any of these things. The antiquated embrace of dogma is coupled with palace intrigue. Every now and then then pope slips by voicing a kernel of truth whereupon legions of the faithful try to convince everyone that the pope did not say what he said and that, if he did, it doesn't mean what it means.

We will continue to have people influenced by the likes of Ryan T. Anderson who is unqualified to opine on human sexuality. His scribbling is designed to conform reality to the teachings of the Church by torturing truth, science and logic. For people like Anderson, “truth” is whatever the Church says it is and he is busy recycling toxic BS about LGBT people. His is an uncompromising view shared by many millions of people.

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