Monday, June 11, 2018

Has the time not come for NOM to be designated a hate group?

Brian S. Brown
Monday, Brian S. Brown's latest missive on behalf of National Organization for Marriage is titled: The sad case of Jazz Jennings.... I say on behalf of National Organization for Marriage but, in reality, this is on behalf of the Vatican. Despite a mountain of scientific research to the contrary, the Church stands by its position that transgender people do not really exist.

Brown writes:
You may have heard of Jazz Jennings, a gender-confused boy who has chosen to live as a girl. Born to Jewish parents and apparently named Jared, the boy exhibited signs of gender dysphoria at a young age, telling his parents that he felt like he was a girl. At the extraordinarily young age of five, he was diagnosed as gender dysphoric. His parents encouraged him to pursue his feelings and facilitated him living the outward appearance of a girl.

The above is reasonably accurate. I am not sure what Jennings' religion has to do with anything. I can almost live with the male pronouns at this point.
But Jazz and his parents took things further, actively seeking publicity about his situation. An interview with Barbara Walters aired. He became a YouTube star. More media exposure followed. Soon the young boy with the appearance of a girl was a celebrity. Eager to use him as an icon of the LGBT movement, the boy was fĂȘted as a champion by gay activist groups. The TLC cable channel produced a "reality" television series starring the young celebrity called, "I am Jazz." A book of the same name was published and pushed by LGBT activists into the schools. Both the show and the book are intended to normalize transgenderism and develop public support and sympathy for those who claim transgender status, and the broader LGBT movement.
The wrong pronouns in the above paragraph are Brown demonstrating “I'll show you!” with childish glee. What he is demonstrating in actuality is his boorishness. Does he really think that being a religious extremist is admirable? Brown doesn't seem to have a mind of his own. As for the intentions of all involved, they were unashamedly to make money.

Being transgender is different. Most people are cisgender. That doesn't mean that it is not normal. Does Mr. Brown have some magic pill to treat gender dysphoria? To “claim transgender status” is a misdirection. If someone is transgender that is not some status. It is a fact of life. It remains the only known means of mitigating the harsh effects of gender dysphoria. Where is that pill Mr. Brown?

I wish that one of these super-Catholics would inform us all of the reasonable alternative.
To help prevent developing a masculine appearance, the boy was put on powerful hormones called puberty blockers. Later as he entered his teens and desired to obtain a more feminine look, his body was subjected to cross-sex hormones, tricking it into developing as if it were female. Because of the hormones, the boy grew breasts and took on other feminine physical characteristics.
Puberty blockers are not hormones. Puberty blockers are a fully reversible means of assessing one's comfort with their gender. I do not know what treatments Jazz has had (I am not obsessed with the details). When I first became acquainted with Jazz (I think through a video) I was astonished by her poise, eloquence, energy and smarts. I recall sending off a note to Nadine Smith, head of Equality Florida, because I was so impressed.

I see a smart, elegant young lady. The only thing that Brian S. Brown sees is her gender identity. Brown should fall to his knees and pray to his god that one of his children is anywhere near as forthright and intelligent as Jazz (which is highly unlikely). Jazz is special.
Over time public interest in Jennings began to wane. Though he had secured lucrative commercial endorsement deals, viewership of the television show was small and declining. But last week Jennings was back in the news with a sad and ironic announcement. He has decided to complete his "transition" and will undergo surgery to remove his male genitalia and have surgeons attempt to create a false vagina in its place. Always the LGBT symbol, the teen has announced that his surgery will take place on June 26th to mark the third anniversary of the US Supreme Court's imposition of same-sex 'marriage' on the nation in their illegitimate Obergefell ruling.
Whatever Jazz does next, she will probably be a success at. What is “ironic” (Brown clearly does not understand the meaning of the word) is Brown's use of the Obergefell ruling. Jazz is just starting her life and it is already successful. Obergefell was Brown's ultimate defeat. The organization that was founded to derail same-sex marriage failed miserably. It will never be reversed and if Brown had any class he would have folded up shop. Instead, to generate a paycheck, Brown keeps NOM alive to raise money to keep NOM alive.
In announcing his plans, Jennings also revealed the tragic news that the hormones he's been taking have apparently destroyed his sexual libido. “I haven’t experienced any sexual sensation,” Jennings said after the surgeon talked to him and his parents about that topic. “It is possible that hormone suppression has affected my libido. I don’t have the same signals coming from my genitalia to my brain and I don’t have those hormones driving me on.”
Meanwhile she has already had a successful career and is still a teen. Had she not transitioned, Jazz would have been suffering all these years according to the research. The only objection to gender affirmation is religious in nature. Objections are “grounded” in very ancient texts written by people who had little understanding of nature and medicine. This is not in debate in medical science.
How very sad. We’ve known for years that anyone who subjects himself to cross-sex hormones for any period of time will be forever sterile, but Jennings apparently may pay an even higher price for pursuing his desire to live as the opposite sex - denying himself one of the primal urges of the human condition.
How profoundly sad that a ne're-do-well adult is obsessed with the sex life of others.
NOM has been at the forefront of helping lead the fight to oppose attempts to normalize the transgender movement for several years… [Send me some money]
Same old shit day after day. Brian S. Brown making some idiotic excuse why people should sent him money. Eventually they will catch on. Brown is no different from the preacher raising $50 million for a personal jet. They are both grifters; greedy and dishonest.

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