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In a plea for donations LIfeSite reminds us of its anti-Semitism in addition to LGBT hate

John-Henry Westen
John-Henry Westen, co-founder and editor-in-chief of
Wednesday, according to LifeSiteNews: Liberals viciously attacked this GOP official for sharing a LifeSite story. Will you stand with her? The post was written by John-Henry Westen who is a co-founder of LifeSiteNews. The purpose for the post is to ask for donations. Apparently, giving money to the hate group is to support a politician. LSN's tax status is also an issue of interest that I will address at the end of this article.

Westen explains (emphasis per original):
Recently we saw an example of one cultural influencer, Republican official Vicki Kissack, using our reporting on LGBT issues to reach her wide sphere of influence. She instantly became a target of left-wing attacks simply because her sharing of our article on Facebook was having a significant influence that cultural Marxists could not tolerate.
Kissick’s sin was nothing more than shining a light into darkness with truth - truth that was recognized as having great power.

Numerous cultural influencers, like Kissack, depend on your support of our mission to challenge the narrative of the progressive, cultural Marxist agenda. A gift of $200, $100, $50, or $35 today will ensure our mission continues!
So what was this all about? In late April, LSN decided to republish a piece by Lloyd Marcus. And just who is this acclaimed polemicist? LLoyd Marcus is a self-promoting crazy person. He usually posts pieces at American Thinker. At the end of each piece is a link to Paypal to donate to Marcus personally.

Lloyd Marcus
For the record, the Conservative Campaign Committee mentioned in the graphic isn't. It isn't a 501(c)4 nonprofit entity nor is it a 527 political organization or PAC. The reason for bringing this up is that LifeSiteNews did not care. They fully agreed with the message and that was all that counts.

The April 26 post is titled: Face facts: The LGBTQ movement wants to destroy Christianity. That would come as quite a surprise to the many LGBT people who are Christian.

The graphic in the original post
I am not going to quote from this rambling tirade of LGBT injustices supposedly inflicted on Christians. Marcus also devotes considerable keystrokes to demonizing Black Lives Matter. The entire post is an expression of insanity. LifeSiteNews was indifferent to the craziness.

What got the aforementioned Wyoming politician Vicki Kissack in trouble was quoting this part of the post on her Facebook Page:
Deception is a powerful tool to control people. Jews at Auschwitz passively marched into gas chambers to their deaths because the Nazis deceived them into believing they were being taken to the showers. Christians are passively allowing LGBTQ activists to steal the hearts and minds of their children, drive followers of Christ out of business, and threaten pastors with jail time for quoting the Bible. Deceived by the LGBTQ movement, Christians are passively marching to the death of Christianity.
Aside from comparing LGBT people to Nazis, Jews — including me — take considerable offense to trivializing the Holocaust by comparing it to other things. On this blog I have done so exactly once to convey my outrage over Trump's detention of children and dehumanizing language. Such comparisons are not only offensive but they are expressions of anti-Semitism — using dead Jews to make a political point. Furthermore, it is a myth that Jews were passive during the Holocaust. Mischaracterizing the history to make a political point is offensive. LifeSiteNews was indifferent to the offense. They even call it truth and claim that Kissack was shining a light.

Vicki Kissack is chairperson of the Campbell County (Wyoming) Republican Party. She received considerable criticism for sharing the post. None of that criticism was undue but Kissack decided to posture as a persecuted Christian.

To sum all this up:
  1. In April, LifeSiteNews published a highly offensive and poorly written post by a highly questionable author.
  2. LSN was indifferent to comparing LGBT people to Nazis and material that was highly offensive to Jews.
  3. Wyoming politician Vicki Kissack shared the post on social media and quoted its most offensive passage.
  4. Now, in order to raise money, LSN's Editor-in-Chief has linked to and drawn attention to the highly offensive post.
  5. Rather than evaluating the criticism that the post and Ms. Kissack received, he used the opprobrium as validation while portraying Kissack as a victim of LGBT militancy.
  6. Mr. Westen has also made the absurd claim that giving money to LSN serves the interests of the imbecilic Ms. Kissack.
— — —
Now let's delve into LifeSiteNews' (LSN) tax exempt status.

LSN is a Canadian operation. It claims to also operate out of space that is occupied by Human Life International, a Catholic organization in Virginia. Whether or not this is anything more than a mail drop is unknown.

LSN wanted United States tax-exempt status in order to make US contributions tax deductible. It received a ruling as an eligible 501(c)3 in 2007.

I have examined the 2016 tax return. It is incomplete which means that it was not filed correctly.

During the year it claimed 18 employees subject to US reporting. It is unknown where these people are based or how many hours each worked. Total compensation (including benefits) was reported at $436 thousand. The quick and dirty salary estimate is 80% which works out to about $19 thousand per claimed employee.

For all we know, these are all Canadians who have filed a form W8-BEN which alleviates withholding taxes. We have no way of knowing whether or not LSN actually employs anyone in the U.S.. There is only one salaried officer listed on the tax return and she received only $10,742. She, Clare Magaad, has worked for LSN since at least 2012.

LSN claims land and buildings at an original cost of $27 thousand. In a supporting schedule they list this amount as equipment, not land and buildings. Your interpretation depends upon your cynicism.

Click to enlarge
I have serious doubts about the veracity of this statement
Eventually I will pursue this matter. I expect to have a Democratic congressman next year. There is a real possibility that it will be David Richardson who is not only gay but also a CPA. Sometime towards the end of the year I will do a FOIA request and submit the analysis to my Congress critter. Referring matters to the IRS is pointless.

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