Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Leave it to Michael Brown to feign persecution

Michael Brown
Michael Brown is Jewish by birth. He really should know better than to construct a facade of persecution. We may be the “Chosen People” because we have been chosen for a great deal of trauma at the hands of others. But let us move on to Masterpiece Cakeshop and yesterday's ruling by the Supreme Court. Brown has written two posts about the decision. One that is very nutty and a second one that is more sober.

First Brown writes: The Supreme Court Pushes Back Against the War on Religion which presupposes that there is a war on religion.

Almost every day I see federal, state and local governments insulting the Establishment Clause with actions on behalf of conservative Christianity. The entire Planned Parenthood saga is all about the religious disapproval of abortion. The President of the United States has recently taken actions designed to punish Planned Parenthood for its abortion referrals in spite of the fact that abortions are perfectly legal medical procedures. In doing so (cutting off Title X funds) he is also punishing Planned Parenthood Patients and will probably increase the need for abortions by the collateral decrease in family planning.

Trump has also made a point of tapping conservative Christians for key cabinet positions in spite of their ability (or inability) to actually perform their job. Some have proved to be outright incompetent. The RAND Corporation, after intensive study on behalf of Defense, determined that transgender people should be able to serve in the military. A group of conservative Christians in the guise of DoD senior staff has issued a counter-memo as pretext for exclusion which Trump seeks to implement.

Throughout the Bible belt LGBT citizens and taxpayers are unprotected from discrimination. Is that because of the warmer weather or because politics are controlled by conservative Christians? There are countless ways in which conservative Christians are preferenced in our society. Even capital punishment reflects their “values” in certain states.

So do tell me about this so-called war on religion … and persecution too:
Today, the Supreme Court took an important step in recognizing that the First Amendment remains in force. It also confirmed what I have said for years, namely, that LGBT activism is the principle threat to freedoms of religion, speech and conscience in America. May the pushback against this extremism continue.

It would take many books to document the rise of anti-religious (specifically, anti-Christian) sentiments in America today. Suffice it to say that much of the anti-Christian bigotry comes from LGBT activists and their allies. They have successfully demonized Christian conservatives who hold to traditional (that is, biblical) values. (For extensive documentation through 2011, see here. And 2011 was a long time ago.)
In their decision, Justice Kennedy said repeatedly that LGBT people deserve to have the dignity of knowing that they will be served in public accommodations. Brown has just claimed that wanting that fair treatment is extremism. What the Court actually did, by the way, is to react to the lack of religious neutrality on the part of the Colorado Civil Rights Commission. Colorado's nondiscrimination law remains in full force and effect.

Brown is projecting. So-called anti-Christian bigotry is nothing more than a reaction to Christian bigotry pertaining to LGBT people. If those folks are demonized it is by their own doing for failing to draw the line at what actually affects them. Refusing service as a way of shaming LGBT people is unacceptable and most of the cases are just that. A government official, the elected county clerk of Rowan County, KY was possessed of the notion that she could decide which otherwise legal marriages she would license based on her own religious criteria. She was supported by Christianity, Inc. and Brown is upset with the reaction to that kind of insane bigotry. Give me a fucking break!

Mr. Brown has caused some of that reaction. He is consistently anti-gay and anti-trans. He is a guy with a PhD who always disagrees with medical science when it comes to human sexuality. He is someone who should know better.

Of course Brown has been victimized:
That's why, within the last 24 hours, I was associated with ISIS and the KKK simply for producing a video which explains what the Bible says about homosexuality.
If Brown's views about gay people are any different than those of ISIS or the KKK, he hasn't pointed them out. I suppose that, unlike them, he is not determined to murder us. Thanks a lot!

Add ADF to the pity party:
That's why, the ADF, which in recent years, has argued and won more cases before the Supreme Court than almost any other legal authorization [sic], can be labeled an extremist hate group. (In reality, as I have often argued, the SPLC is the truly dangerous hate group.)
I am still waiting for just one conservative Christian to say: “This is what SPLC says about ADF and this is why they are wrong.” Winning legal cases is not a counter-point to any SPLC metric. Michael Farris might have a low handicap as well. His ability to sink putts is also not a counter-point to anything that SPLC has determined about ADF. I would bet that Brown has not even bothered to read what SPLC has to say about ADF.

I am guessing that Michael Brown got some flack for his assertions which is why he authored a second post titled: The Bottom Line Is That Jack Phillips Won. That is true. Mr. Phillips did win his case with a lopsided 7-2 ruling.

Perhaps Brown got back on his meds:
There's a lot of discussion about Monday's Supreme Court decision which pitted religious freedoms against LGBT rights. Was the ruling really that significant? Since it was so narrow in scope, should Christian conservatives really rejoice? Did the justices merely kick the can down the road?
I do not really know the answer to those questions and neither does Michael Brown. We will not know until the next case comes along. That might very well be Arlene’s Flowers Inc. v. Washington. That petition is pending.

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