Wednesday, June 13, 2018

NOM - The hate group

Brian S. Brown
Hate group leader Brian S. Brown
Tuesday, Brian S. Brown authored some bigotry to generate donations to National Organization for Marriage. While this is about the Ts it could just as easily be about the LGBs. We are all in the same boat and we are obliged to support each other. At the moment trans people just happen to be an easier target for denigration. That changes rapidly when some schmuck is sanctioned for refusing to provide services to a gay couple.

Brown writes:
Help NOM Push Back Against the Assault on Gender!

Everything about the transgender movement is a lie, reminiscent of the tale by Hans Christian Anderson called, "The Emperor's new clothes." In the fable, the Emperor purchases a suit of clothes, but is told by the weavers that only people worthy of their position can see the suit. It will be invisible to those who are unworthy. Of course the reality is that the Emperor is wearing no clothes, but the townspeople are too captured by political correctness to say anything, too afraid of being labeled "unworthy" because the suit is invisible to them. Finally, a young child in the crowd cries out the obvious, "But he isn't wearing anything at all!"
That first sentence is a link to a donation landing page. Where are the limits on hyperbole-for-money? Where is the boundary across which civility and compassion no longer exist? NOM is a proxy for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. Where are those prelates to rein in NOM on its abuse of people it knows nothing about in order to chase donations?

Brown is marginalizing a very vulnerable minority group with lies and distortions. That depicts a hate group. I do not know if Brown is a cynic, ignorant, stupid, a religious robot or some combination of the four. It does not matter. the simple fact is that he is claiming that transgender people do not really exist and that is outrageous.

Tell that to some teen who is certain that his (or her) gender is different from his natal sex. Desperate for relief from misery—at the point of self-harm—he affirms his gender and finds some measure of respite, Now comes the hard part. To obtain a reprieve he has to get approval and help from his parents. The peer-reviewed research is clear and compelling. Just using the kid's chosen name reduces depression and suicide. But along come Brian S. Brown with his bullshit. He knows better.

If the kid transitions, he has another rough road ahead in the form of school. Does anyone with a working cerebral cortex actually believe that he (now she) is a volunteer? Along comes Brian S. Brown and other hate groups. They share a perceived religious duty to marginalize this child. Some are true believers. More are just greedy for money and power. They attack!

Even if the hate groups do not succeed in limiting access for trans students they have deteriorated the standing of those students. They have licensed derision by other students and teachers and they know that they have done so. What kind of human beings are these people? Are they even human?

What about transgender adults? Does Brian S. Brown consider for a moment their plight when it comes to employment or even housing? Could anyone possibly believe that trans people are so because they are part of a political “movement?” Is their existence as their gender a lie? Brian S. Brown does violence to LGBT people every day through his invective.

The Catholic Church is wrong about LGBT people. The pope, who made a hobby of gender denial is wrong. The science says that they are wrong. There does not exist peer-reviewed science published to a respected journal that says they are right. Being a robotic repeater of a provably false narrative is wrong. Doing so is immoral. Brian S. Brown fails this test of morality. He is a hate group leader with or without that designation by the Southern Poverty Law Center. This blog will treat Brian S. Brown and National Organization for Marriage accordingly.

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