Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Robert Jeffress has been victimized (to his economic benefit) over billboards

“America is not a church where everyone should be welcomed regardless of race and background.”
— Robert Jeffress
First Baptist Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress is a caricature of a wealthy, powerful, dishonest and greedy preacher. He is a Christian Supremacist who is also a friend (or pawn) of Donald Trump. Actually, it is more like symbiosis. Jeffress claimed that evangelicals don't care if the orange creature had extramarital sex with a porn star.

Jeffress is an anti-Semitic (anti-everything) bigot who has claimed that gay sex is the equivalent of plugging a 110 volt television into a 220 volt outlet (perhaps we might explode). He has claimed that trans people are a bigger threat to religious freedom than ISIS. He also asserts that Trump has a good command of the facts regarding the important issues facing our country. In short, Jeffress is a Christianist schmuck.

Jeffress purchased Christian Nation™ billboards to promote an upcoming event. In point of fact our founding fathers did everything but place the words “we are not a Christian nation” in our Constitution.

The Dallas Morning News ran two pieces the day after the billboards went up characterizing them as false, divisive and hateful. One piece quoted Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings noting that both of his grandfathers were Christian ministers. Rawlings did not like the billboards either.

Citing the News article the company that leased the billboards took them down and cancelled the contract because they violated the terms of service.

Jeffress stated to CBN:
Let's be very clear: We do not object to the billboard company's right to refuse to post our message. What we do object to is the city of Dallas, its mayor and any other officials indirectly interfering with our church's right to publish its own message.

Our question is simply this: Did the city of Dallas directly or indirectly in any way threaten the billboard company? If so, I think that is action that is illegal.
Jeffress is an idiot but he is shrewd. This feigned victimization has garnered a great deal of free publicity and most of the billboard images topping news stories have not been redacted (I have removed dates and contact information). People will  undoubtedly attend this event and lap up mythology as well as Jeffress' disdain for all but Baptists (he doesn't like Catholics either). These events have more economic than religious intent. Nothing fills coffers like telling religious rubes what they want to hear.

The fact that Trump has elevated this miscreant is telling. Trump would elevate anyone who massages his big but fragile ego. It is precisely what Trump did with North Korea's Chairman Kim, the most odious dictator on the planet.

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