Wednesday, August 22, 2018

As Tim Wildmon lies to supporters on Wed. Target shares hit an all-time high

“In spite of AFA's efforts, Target Corporation just posted its best comparable sales growth in 13 years — a 6.5% increase in the second quarter of this year.”
Tim Wildmon
Hate group leader Tim Wildmon continues to mislead supporters
Tuesday, according to an email from Tim Wildmon (American Family Association):
As the nation prepares for the back-to-school season, Target still hasn’t learned its lesson.

Earlier this summer, a voyeur was caught taking pictures of two sisters in a Detroit-area Target changing room. This frightening incident is not the first to happen at Target because of its dangerous and misguided restroom and fitting room policy—and it won't be the last.

Does this guy look like a transgender woman?
American Family Association's transphobic attack on Target stores is reliant upon people pretending to be transgender in order to prey on women. It simply never happens. Peeping Toms are prevalent throughout American retail. Their presence has absolutely nothing to do with Target's policy of accommodating transgender customers and staff.

Tiny Tim continues:
What was Target thinking when it proudly announced to the world in April 2016 that it allows men to use women's restrooms and changing areas in its stores? Certainly not that voyeurs and predators are looking for places where they can victimize women and children, otherwise, the retailer would have never made such a perilous business decision.
The sanctimonious Tim Wildmon doesn't seem to care about “bearing false witness” when it serves his purposes. Target (like most department stores) permits people to use facilities consistent with their gender identity. That means that transgender women may use women's facilities. Target's policy has nothing to do with the conduct of voyeurs. Many retailers, by the way, have unisex changing rooms.

But there is more BS:
Just days after that announcement, the American Family Association initiated #BoycottTarget, a movement that has brought together American families who have said "enough is enough." More than 1.5 million people have signed the boycott pledge, vowing not to shop at Target until the company reverses its politically correct but potentially dangerous policy. These families—and AFA's boycott—have had a significant effect on both Target's foot traffic and sales.
Wildmon is outright lying to supporters. More than two years later, this has had no effect on Target Corporation. Target shares made an all-time high on Wednesday and continue to surge on reports of increased foot traffic and online sales. In spite of AFA's efforts, Target Corporation just posted its best comparable sales growth in 13 years — a 6.5% increase in the second quarter of this year.

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