Tuesday, August 7, 2018

"Family Research Council Urges HHS to Revoke Any Contract with Baby Body Part Traffickers"

“Soylent Green is people!”
Oh my. Where oh where do they get those parts? I should not be such a smart-ass but I never understood this objection. Naive fetal tissue can be used in research that saves lives. Burying it or otherwise disposing of it serves no logical purpose. The fact that fetal tissue is being used does not mean that babies die or fetuses are killed.

Yet, according to Family Research Council:
This afternoon it was reported that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) "signed a new contract on July 25 to acquire 'fresh' human fetal tissue to transplant into 'humanized mice' so that the mice will have a functioning 'human immune system.'"

Cathy Ruse, Family Research Council's Senior Fellow for Legal Studies, made the following comments:

"It is difficult to imagine anything more shocking or upsetting than the U.S. government soliciting bids from traffickers in the remains of infant victims of abortion. Every part of this transaction is a tragedy. A woman is driven to abort her baby, too often by coercion or abandonment, and there in the shadows is a government contractor waiting to tear apart the baby's body to deliver pieces in exchange for payment.

"The House Appropriations Committee recently approved a Labor/HHS bill with a provision that restricts HHS from funding fetal tissue research using aborted babies. We agree with that restriction, and do not believe that HHS and the FDA should approve research of this kind. The FDA owes the American people an explanation as to how such a contract could have been approved. Americans demand to have a more ethical government--one that does not traffic in the remains of human beings," concluded Ruse.
Ms. Ruse does not approve of abortion. I get that. She is entitled to her opinion. If obtaining fetal tissue caused more abortions I could understand her position. However, I do not see the connection. In fact, isn't this doing something good out of what Ruse considers bad?

I concede that I even get the squeamishness. Scientific experiments are not always pretty. However, our discomfort should not influence public policy. We should not be interfering with legitimate science.

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