Friday, August 17, 2018

Warning: WNDR4700 and OpenWRT 18.06

The available upgrade bricked my beloved router. The WNDR4700 is unique because it can house an internal hard drive.

In the way of background my ISP provides a router with WiFi. I was using a WNDR4700 (with a 2 TB ext4 internal hard drive) as a NAS. I exposed the hard drive to Kodi with a Linux NFS share.

For about a year I used LEDE 17.0x as the O/S on the WNDR4700. It worked splendidly. I was amazed at just how snappy it was. Since then LEDE has merged with OpenWRT and 18.06 was introduced about a month ago.

From the change log, I expected even more splendor. I now own a doorstop. One of the six icons is flashing so I might be able to use it as a night light. It is a shame because Netgear no longer makes these and they are very hard to find.

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