Friday, September 28, 2018

Kids should not die in order to conform science to religion

Hart: “I will continue to respond to the onslaught of false information promoted by religious groups.”
Hate group leader Michelle Cretella (American College of Pediatricians) in concert with American Family Association to misinform and mislead parents.
image via YouTube
Friday, American Family Association, with some help from another hate group publishes Transgender movement taking advantage of kids. AFA and American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds) are anti-LGBT hate groups. They are claiming that LGBT activists are influencing young people to be transgender.

Sure. Some boy is going to wear his sister's dress to school because he is fond of the inevitable derision and he enjoys the risk of violence towards him. Apparently that makes perfect sense to AFA's Charlie Butts and ACPeds' president, Michelle Cretella.

Polemicist: "Pederasty is endemic to gay culture"

Maureen Mullarkey
Image via The Federalist
Friday, Maureen Mullarkey writes: Pedophilia Isn’t The Main Problem With Catholic Priests, Homosexuality Is. Included in this diatribe is this (it is the only part that I will quote):
With few exceptions, sexual abuse by priests has been visited overwhelmingly upon pubescent boys, and young men, most often teenagers. This is pederasty, not pedophilia. And pederasty is endemic to gay culture. (For an unsparing indictment of that culture by a gay man, read Jason Hill’s “Loveless, Narcissistic Sex Addicts” in The Federalist.)
No, pederasty is not endemic to gay culture

Has Blowhard Bill Donohue ever been to Mardi Gras

Bill Donohue
Image via The Catholic League
Friday, Bill Donohue of the Catholic League wants to embarrass gay men with the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. According to Donohue:
Every year, San Francisco celebrates the Folsom Street Fair, traditionally held the last weekend in September. It is a mass gathering of naked homosexual men, some of whom submit to beating each other in the street with chains and other metal devices. This is regarded as a demonstration in tolerance.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

To oppose research religious conservatives personally attack one of the researchers

Jane Robbins
Jane Robbins
Image via American Principles Project
Jane Robbins is attempting to denigrate an ongoing study of transgender youth with an argument ad hominem. Robbins has written: Tax-Funded Researcher Studying Trans Children Is Married To Trans Woman; Both Profit From Child Mutilation.

Jane Robbins, a Georgia lawyer, is a fellow with the American Principles Project. APP, founded by Robert P. George, has a considerable anti-LGBT advocacy record. Ms. Robbins is obsessed with attempting to marginalize transgender people, presumably on behalf of the Catholic Church.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Apparently AFA sees some advantage to calling it 'the H-agenda'

Alex McFarland
Alex McFarland insist that others employ his phony PhD
Image via YouTube
According an an American Family Association blog post: Christian university warned about caving to the H-agenda. The anti-LGBT hate group should come right out with the Homosexual Agenda™. After all that is the official name for things that religious conservatives disapprove of due to sexual orientation.

According to Anita Bryant the Homosexual Agenda™ described the supposed obsession of gay men to rape young boys. The FBI disagrees and I digress. Getting back to AFA:

The Kavanaugh sample and the lack of a moral standard from the religious right

Image via The Nation
I aggregate RSS feeds from the religious right. From the application I did a search on “Kavanaugh” and then opened the 20 21 (I intended to open 20) most recent posts from today in my browser. It is really eye-opening. From these folks who are obsessed with sanctimony there is not a single expression of concern about Kavanaugh. Reading through these, every article assumes that Kavanaugh's accusers are dishonest.

It is an adventure in hypocrisy. All of these sites routinely expresses bigotry towards LGBT people. We are evil yet there is not an iota of concern that Kavanaugh might be an alcoholic who is guilty of sexual assault. We did not choose to be LGBT. Kavanaugh, it seems, made choices for his behavior.

Another Chitchat With God Reveals Brett Kavanaugh's Character

Apostle Jonathan Stidham
Apostle Jonathan Stidham
Image via YouTube
It amazes me that some conservative Christians believe that a few other conservative Christians are able to Chat-With-God. According to Jennifer LeClaire:
Apostle Jonathan Stidham contacted me about a vision he had that I feel is important to share with the body of Christ right now. Here is his account:

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Christine Hallquist, VT's Transgender Gov Candidate Is Getting Death Threats

“Early on when our team assembled I said ’the more successful we are, the more vitriol and threats we are going to receive. It’s kind of a natural outcome of our divided country.”
Christine Hallquist
Image via Christine Hallquist
Tuesday, Vermont’s transgender gubernatorial candidate, Christine Hallquist, says that she has been receiving a steady stream of death threats and other personal attacks. These started when her candidacy began to draw national attention.

Hate group is gleeful that people might lose their jobs

Tim Wildmon
Hate group leader Tim Wildmon
Image via American Family Association
American Family Association, an anti-LGBT hate group, is ecstatic that Starbucks (Nasdaq:SBUX) is closing some stores. The rubes at AFA, lacking curiosity, do not grasp the economic fundamentals. According to AFA: After PC controversies, Starbucks closing 150 stores. “PC controversies?”
In the wake of Starbucks’ numerous politically correct controversies – from hiring 10,000 refugees, to “gay holiday cups,” to its plastic straw ban, to closing 8,000 stores nationwide for a day for racial bias training – the popular coffee franchise’ is planning “significant changes,” including layoffs and closing 150 stores.

Another pretentious pseudo-intellectual outburst from Glenn T. Stanton

“Gender theory? Enough with this BS. It is a scientific fact that in some people gender and natal sex do not coincide.”
Glenn T. Stanton
Glenn T. Stanton is a poseur who is unable to differentiate between medical science and Christian dogma
Image via YouTube
It's Tuesday and Glenn T. Stanton wants you to know that: Washington Post Celebrates The Ignorant Delusion Of Letting Toddlers ‘Choose’ Their Sex. Stanton, who has some amorphous job with Focus on the Family, goes on to write:
A recent Washington Post column tells of an almost-three-year-old Naya, whose parents have taken the wonderfully enlightened approach of letting the child decide her own sex.

Brian S. Brown is indecently raising money off of victimized women

“Whatever integrity Brian S. Brown might have ever had has vanished.”
Image from Brian S. Brown's email
National Organization for Marriage's president, Brian S. Brown, assumes that his donors are suckers. Why else would he send out an email to supporters asking them to send in money to help Brett Kavanaugh get confirmed to the Supreme Court? Better yet, what specifically does NOM propose to do with donated funds to help Kavanaugh's confirmation?

Mr. Brown seems to believe that allegations of improper sexual conduct against Kavanaugh are part of a Democratic conspiracy to keep him off the bench. In the email, which is titled; They are relentless:

Monday, September 24, 2018

Denise Shick is upset that trans youth can get treatment

Denise Shick
Image via YouTube
Monday, Denise Shick writes: California Passes Law Allowing 12-Year-Olds To Get Tax-Paid Transgender Treatments. The subtitle of this intellectually challenging treatise reads:
In the nation’s most progressive state, you only need to be 12 years old to privately seek and consent to treatment for gender transitioning.

Yes, Mommy forgot to lock up her computer

Graphic via Vincent C. Cannon
There was a flood of inappropriate comments. A kind reader took the time to alert me and they have been eliminated. The offending account has been blocked.

I have no problem at all with opposing points of view. In fact, I welcome them. I have learned more from people with whom I disagree than from those who agree with me. Cartoons about dying from AIDS are not meaningful discourse.

ACPeds returns to its roots with anti-trans screed

ACPeds has released a statement in conflict with the public statements of its president.
American College of Pediatricians
"Best for Children?" This hate group's primary concern is conservative Christianity.
Late Sunday the American College of Pediatricians group released a statement titled: Sex Change isn’t Child’s Play. The intent is to cast doubt on the benefits of gender affirmation for children with gender dysphoria. This comes on the heels of a statement from the real professional peer group, the American Academy of Pediatrics, recognizing the importance of gender affirming care.

The American College of Pediatricians is a small hate group with an annual budget around $100,000. While the group's leader, Michelle Cretella, has been very outspoken on LGBT matters (among other things she promotes conversion therapy), the group has been trying to pose as a legitimate medical organization.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

The disgraceful McHugh crew

At VVS two physicians mislead and misinform on behalf of the Church
Listening to Paul R. McHugh are (L-R) Peter Sprigg of Family Research Counsel, (Activist Mommy) Elizabeth Johnston and Hate Group Leader (American College of Pediatricians) Michelle Cretella.
Washington DC: On Saturday, the Values Voter Summit assembled a panel to discuss the harms caused by “gender ideology.” Perhaps they want to confirm the fact that the prime sponsor of VVS, Family Research Council, is an anti-LGBT hate group.

Neither Peter Sprigg nor Elizabeth Johnston know anything about juvenile gender dysphoria. Sprigg's training is as a Baptist preacher. Johnston is just a Facebook celebrity.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Weekend fun with 2ndVote

Dana Loesch is probably compensated for this ad and she is not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer. She is still "funding progressives."
Saturday, an email from 2ndVote is highlighting this weeks scores. They have decided to trash Verizon. I couldn't care less what they think of Verizon. It's the intent that counts.

2ndVote attempts to steer consumers away from progressive companies and towards more conservative organizations. They have an entire section on the Human Rights Campaign listing every sponsor and every company with a score of 100. Those are all deemed to be evil, evil, evil.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Brian S. Brown complains of dirty tricks re: Kavanaugh - Solution: Send him $$$

Brian S. Brown
Friday, Brian S. Brown of National Organization for Marriage has sent out an email to supporters titled: Same old dirty tricks… (Brown likes three ellipses in his titles).

Brown is shameless. It seems that anything and everything can be crafted as a reason to send NOM some loot in spite of the fact that those donations will never be used for the stated purpose. It is called dishonesty but it's okay if one is a conservative Christian. Apparently that can be found somewhere within scripture.

Maine preachers banning banned LGBT books not really banned or, ...

Some Christian clerics in Rumford, Maine are displeased over the Rumford Public Library's promotion of Banned Books Week, September 23-29. Included in the local display are a number of LGBT themed books. Apparently the mere presence of such material  threatens to corrupt children or encourage them to become gay or trans.

Personally, as a child, I only read books with heterosexual characters. It didn't work.

The anti-LGBT bus tour

A promotional photo from the 2016 Values Bus tour
Tony Perkins has announced that Family Research Council's “Values Voter Bus Tour” will commence immediately. The bus will travel across a dozen states between now and Election Day to energize religious conservative voters.

Family Research Council is an anti-LGBT hate group.

Elton John and David Furnish win libel suit

No, it's not for what you think. In London, Elton John and his husband, David Furnish, have accepted an apology and undisclosed libel damages over a newspaper report that their dog severely injured a child while on a playdate.

Defendants in this case were News Group Newspapers which owns The Sun and Sun on Sunday. The Sun claimed in February that the dog inflicted “Freddy Krueger-like injuries.”

Thursday, September 20, 2018

By the way, the MassResistance website got whacked

Suspended sometimes relates to an unpaid bill.

A rather bizarre polemic from Brian Camenker

Brian Camenker
Hate group leader Brian Camenker (MassResistance)
Image via YouTube
Brian Camenker is very upset with the Southern Poverty Law Center, supposedly for reasons other than the fact that the SPLC has designated Camenker's MassResistance a hate group. Camenker, who is Jewish, takes to a fundamentalist Catholic site to author: See how the liberal SPLC is the true hate group. Some selected passages from Camenker's diatribe:
More than ever, in this age of Trump, the Left simply cannot defend its ideas or positions with rational discussion. It must rely on the most extreme vitriol in the form of lies, distortions, disinformation, and dishonesty. This is something that most conservatives would never think of doing, but it is part of the Left's mindset.

Michelle Cretella and Defenders of the Faith respond to AAP

Michelle Cretella
Hate group leader Michelle Cretella (American College of Pediatricians) is predictably displeased that the real peer organization (the American Academy of Pediatrics) recommends gender affirmation for trans and gender nonconforming children.
Wednesday evening, Lisa Bourne, with the fundamentalist Catholic LifeSiteNews, wrote: American Academy of Pediatrics’ new guidelines support gender change for kids. The title is incorrect per se. Attempting to conform medical science to Catholic dogma confuses the people who are trying to confuse everyone else.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has released a lengthy statement regarding the care of transgender and gender-diverse youth. At the core of the AAP statement is the gender affirming care model. That is the direct opposite of Ms. Bourne's “gender change.”

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

AFA is offended by its accurate depiction

Hate group leaders Tim Wildmon (American Family Association) and Tony Perkins (Family Research Council)
American Family Association, an anti-LGBT hate group, is very upset with remarks made by Vice President Joe Biden at the Human Rights Campaign.
Former Vice President Joe Biden bashed Christians opposing the homosexual agenda as “forces of intolerance” and “virulent dregs of society” at a recent LGBT event, and a prominent pro-family group used his rant to alert Americans about what a leftist takeover in the nation’s capital would mean for believers.

American Academy of Pediatrics releases a statement on trans youth

The American Academy of Pediatrics has released a policy statement aimed at the parents of trans and gender diverse youth and the clinicians who care for them. The statement is available online and will be included in the October issue of Pediatrics, the organization's academic journal.

The AAP statement incorporates a 2012 statement by the American Psychiatric Association:

Hate group propagandist, whose life is structured around mythology, attempts to debunk scientific and social facts

“Scientists have found that transgender people have brain structures more consistent with their gender than their natal sex.”
Peter Sprigg
At the World Congress of Families anti-LGBT hate-fest in Moldova, Peter Sprigg lectured about gender identity. Sprigg's uninformed and illogical presentation has now been reduced to a blog post titled: Five Myths About “Gender Identity” . Gender identity is in quotes to suggest that it doesn't really exist.

Peter Sprigg has no training in medicine or psychology (he is a Baptist pastor). Sprigg, an anti-LGBT propagandist for Family Research Council — an anti-LGBT hate group — is claiming expertise in human sexuality. It is erudition that he simply does not possess. The idea that gender identity does not exist would come as quite a shock to the people who do have the requisite training and expertise.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Sprigg and six crackpot studies of conversion therapy

Peter Sprigg
Hate group troll, Peter Sprigg
Peter Sprigg works for Family Research Council, an anti-LGBT hate group. Sprigg is the author of a pretentious “issue analysis” which concludes that “evidence for the effectiveness of SOCE [sexual orientation change efforts] far outweighs the evidence of its harm.”

Sprigg bases his science-defying conclusion on six “studies.” Let us review them, oldest first:

FRC blogger advocates for Christian Privilege to advance anti-LGBT bigotry

David Closson
Hate Group Blogger
On Friday a federal judge ruled that plaintiffs have standing to sue in Dumont v. Lyon. The case challenges the constitutionality of Michigan's law allowing state-funded child placement agencies to turn away gay people from being foster or adoptive parents because of an agency's religious principles.

David Closson (a doctoral student at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) has twice authored blog posts on behalf of Family Research Council (an anti-LGBT hate group). The first of these, on August 31, decried the fact that Buffalo, NY had the audacity to enforce New York State and local nondiscrimination laws regarding adoption agencies. The second, on Monday, is about Dumont v. Lyon. Young Mr. Closson, it seems, is an advocate for Christian Privilege, a right to discriminate. 

Monday, September 17, 2018

Robert Oscar Lopez is terribly upset with Christians who oppose conversion therapy

Robert Oscar Lopez
Last week, Robert Oscar Lopez wrote: Christians Who Oppose Conversion Therapy Need a Reality Check. It is Lopez who needs the reality check — and a competent shrink. Lopez is an individual who is smart and well educated. He could, and should, be doing better.

The guy is incapable of writing a paragraph without claiming that people are determined to persecute him (“Us” means R.O. Lopez.):
To be loving does not mean to be gullible. … We should love people, but that does not mean we should let them take advantage of us. Or fool us. Or trick us.

Porno Pete "isn't scared"

Peter LaBarbera
Hate group leader Peter LaBarbera
Americans for Truth About Homosexuality
Apparently Peter LaBarbera's hate-site was shut down for two weeks. You will forgive me for not noticing. Now the hate group leader (Americans for Truth About Homosexuality) has told another hate group, American Family Association, that he isn't scared.
The leader of a national organization devoted exclusively to exposing and countering the homosexual activist agenda is not afraid to challenge the infamous individual responsible for temporarily shutting down his website.
The implication is that LaBarbera should be fearful. According to AFA's Charlie Butts:

North Carolina warns Liberty Counsel for unlicensed practice of law

If you receive a letter from Liberty Counsel — please send me a copy.
Hate group leader Mad Mat Staver
Liberty Counsel
Liberty Counsel, an anti-LGBT hate group, subscribes to the entitlement of Christian Privilege. For IRS purposes, Liberty Counsel is a church auxiliary (it is not). Liberty Counsel engages in frivolous litigation and the group threatens people with crackpot legal theories. Hate group leader, Mad Mat Staver, could give Trump competition in the mendacity Olympics.

A very clever reader (who wishes to remain anonymous) has also discovered that Liberty Counsel indulges in the unauthorized (unlicensed) practice of law. Document #1, below, is one of Liberty Counsel's threatening letters with the boilerplate that we are accustomed to seeing (much of it nonsensical).

GLSEN's new trans youth PSA

GLSEN continues to be one of the most effective LGBT advocacy groups in the nation.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Gelded Christian literally claims that homosexuality is contagious

“Demonic forces” drive homosexual desires which are contagious.
Snip, snip!
Horses are gelded to make them more manageable. The Catholic Church has a similar objective when it comes to gay men. One of the gelded is Douglas Mainwaring. His latest post it titled: Former gay man: Christ’s cross has power to purge Church of homosexual corruption. I couldn't care less about the plight of the Church. However, Mainwaring's statements about gay people — which he knows to be false — are a source of concern.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Heritage Foundation adds to the transphobic noise

Friday, Heritage Foundation's Kelsey Harkness writes: The Alarming Findings of a New Study on Transgender Teens and Suicide. The intended inference is that teens should not be permitted to transition. In an email I received from Russell Toomey, the study's lead investigator, he called it “unfortunate” that the study is being used to promote a right-wing agenda.

According to Dr. Toomey's paper:
CONCLUSIONS: Suicide prevention efforts can be enhanced by attending to variability within transgender populations, particularly the heightened risk for female to male and nonbinary transgender adolescents.

If you don't like Facebook ...

Peter LaBarbera
This tax cheat wants the government to break up Facebook
Hate group leader Peter LaBarbera is only the latest conservative to complain about supposed Facebook “censorship.”

According to the right wing LifeZette: Jeff Sessions Drops the Hammer on Google, Facebook, Twitter — Investigation Looming.
Twitter, Facebook and Google could be navigating some choppy waters in the near future.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is considering an investigation of the companies.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

FRC continues its campaign to denigrate trans military veterans

Family Research Council, an anti-LGBT hate group, is strongly opposed to the VA providing treatment for gender dysphoria. They refer to the treatment as “gender alterations.” In point of fact treatments are just the opposite. They are gender affirming. In a blog post without attribution to an individual author:
Family Research Council has submitted public comments urging the Department of Veterans Affairs to retain a regulation that prohibits “gender alterations” (hormone therapy and gender reassignment surgery) from being funded by taxpayers as part of the VA’s medical benefits package.

AFA: Expecting adoption agencies not to discriminate with taxpayer money is "intimidation"

American Family Association, an anti-LGBT hate group has again weighed in on discriminatory adoption agencies on their blog. Their quest is for Christian Privilege.
Faith-based adoption and foster child placement services in the U.S. are looking to the federal government to protect them from being forced to violate their faith.
Adoption agencies are contracted to do the work of the state with taxpayer funds. They are required to obey state and local laws regarding nondiscrimination. If they do not want to place children with LGBT couples no one is forcing them to be state-subsidized adoption agencies.

A conversion therapy proponent running for Congress from New Hampshire

Steven Negron
The bewildered Steven Negron
Republicans offer a difficult choice when it comes to LGBT views. Many are cynical panderers to the religious right in order to get elected. That doesn't excuse their abhorrent behavior — I am just exploring the taxonomy. Another group of GOPers are stunningly stupid. These are the incurious cranks and crackpots who have no interest in science.

New Hampshire Rep. Steven Negron is in the latter group. Negron is currently running for Congress to represent the state's second district. Democrat Annie Kuster is the incumbent and Negron's general election opponent.

Conservative site uses trans suicide rate to disparage trans youth

Brianna Heldt
The smirking Brianna Heldt is a science denier
According to Brianna Heldt writing for, young people with gender dysphoria should not transition due to the high suicide rate. It is potentially deadly advice. According to Townhall, “Brianna Heldt is a Catholic writer and blogger. She is a regular contributor at National Catholic Register …”

Heldt's piece is titled: Study Shows High Suicide Attempt Rate for Transgender Teens. She relies on a CNN piece which includes a bad link to the actual study. CNN does not include the study's conclusion and neither does Ms. Heldt. It reads:

Federal judge promotes "Christian Nation" mythology

Judge C. Ashley Royal in his Macon, GA courtroom
He seems to have his own portrait on the wall
A panel with the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a ruling ordering the removal of a cross from a public park in Florida, stating that they were “bound by existing circuit precedent.”

According to Christian News: “Good law—stare decisis—sometimes leads good judges to follow bad law and write the wrong order. That happened in this case,” lamented Judge C. Ashley Royal.
He said that Christianity was woven into the very fabric of early America, and that modern society has difficulty understanding that aspect of history.

"They are taking over"

No, that headline is not about gay people (although it could be). The full title on CBN is: 'They Are Taking Over': How Satanists Are Working to Stop Trump and His Evangelical Supporters.

They even have “ex-satanists.” (people who have learned how to craft an income from Christian conversions). As in: Ex-Satanist Radically Saved and Baptized. May I add “Hallelujah!!?” (I had the discipline not to add a gratuitous adjective between Halle and lujah.)

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

When religion becomes an anti-trans OBSESSION

Jane Robbins
Jane Robbins of American Principles Project presumes to have the knowledge and training of a medical professional
Wednesday, Jane Robbins writes: U.S. Doctors Are Performing Double Mastectomies On Healthy 13-Year-Old Girls. Ms. Robbins is a fellow with the American Principles Project. APP, founded by Robert P. George, has a considerable anti-LGBT advocacy record. Ms. Robbins is obsessed with attempting to marginalize transgender people, presumably on behalf of the Catholic Church.

The subtitle of Robbins' tirade reads:
Thirty-three of these girls were under 18 at the time of surgeries a taxpayer-funded researcher is studying to validate transgenderism. Two were only 13 years old, and five were only 14.

Research confirms what we knew all along - Transgender accommodations pose no dangers

According to the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law:
Conducted in Massachusetts, this study assesses the validity of claims that gender-identity protections lead to privacy and safety violations in restrooms

A new study by the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law finds that Massachusetts’ public accommodations nondiscrimination laws that include gender identity do not affect the number or frequency of criminal incidents in restrooms, locker rooms or changing rooms. In addition, reports of privacy and safety violations in these places are exceedingly rare.

California legislature condemns juvenile intersex surgeries

The California legislature has become the first in the nation to pass a resolution expressing opposition to non-consensual intersex surgeries. While resolutions have no effect on law or public policy they raise awareness and could lead to future legislation.

These surgeries are not medically necessary. Intersex advocates claim that they are often performed on teens without their fully informed consent. The procedures can be emotionally and physically harmful.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Tony Perkins has the balls to call President Obama a demagogue?

Tony Perkins
Monday evening hate group leader Tony Perkins (Family Research Council) wrote: Dialogue with a Demagogue. He is referring to President Barack Obama. It comes as no surprise given Perkins' historical connections to the Klan. I will defer to Wikipedia:
A demagogue … is a leader in a democracy who gains popularity by exploiting prejudice and ignorance among the common people, whipping up the passions of the crowd and shutting down reasoned deliberation. Demagogues overturn established customs of political conduct, or promise or threaten to do so.
Who does that describe? President Obama or Trump?

Apparently gay people are "R" rated

It is bigotry that should be “X” rated.
Western civilization has come to an abrupt demise due to a gay cartoon kiss. According to one Calvin Freiburger: Cartoon Network promotes LGBT agenda with lesbian kiss in kids show ‘Adventure Time’. The implication is that gay people are unsuitable in the presence children. Three possibilities come to mind. They are not mutually exclusive:
  1. Positive images of gay people will turn kids gay.
  2. Positive images of gay people make it more difficult to advance discrimination.
  3. Positive images of gay people suggest that they are the equal of straight people.

Monday, September 10, 2018

"Maybe the dead kid wasn't really gay"

Esther O'Reilly
Esther O'Reilly via Twitter
Esther O'Reilly writes: No, HuffPo: Dead Children Like Jamel Myles Are Not Gay Martyrs. The subtitle of this expressive masterpiece reads:
Jamel Myles’s blood is on his bullies’ hands, but it is not on their hands only. It is on the hands of every single tastemaker who is turning him into a martyr for their sexual cause celebre.
A “tastemaker” is someone who influences what is, or might become, fashionable. There is nothing fashionable about human sexuality. Moreover, sexuality is not something that anyone can influence. While most people are (or at least identify) as heterosexual and cisgender, it is an established scientific fact that both sexual orientation and gender are continuums (straight to gay and male to female). We are what we are.

Mad Mat Staver lost another one - shocking I know

“AFA introduces a lawyer who might be more moronic than Staver”
Mat Staver
Hate Group Leader Mad Mat Staver
Shurtleff v. City of Boston is not about LGBT people but it is about Christian privilege. Mr. Shurtleff is the president of a group called Camp Constitution. The City of Boston allows organizations to fly a flag on one of the three flagpoles at city hall.

Camp Constitution wanted to fly a “Christian Flag” on one of those poles for an event. The city denied the request because it does not permit religious flags in order to avoid the appearance of endorsing a religion in violation of the First Amendment.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Brian S. Brown claims that marriage equality was "a cheat and stolen"

Brian S. Brown
I received an email Friday from one of my heroes — Evan Wolfson. Evan is campaigning for marriage equality in Taiwan. Evan wrote: “If you thought the National Organization for Marriage disappeared once we won the freedom to marry in 2015, think again.” In response Brian S. Brown of National Organization for Marriage sent out an email titled: “Thanks, Evan!” In his painfully verbose money-beg Brown writes:
NOM is not only the leading advocacy organization in the United States fighting to preserve and defend marriage, but globally: people do look to us and our strategies for inspiration in waging their own defense of marriage and family.

Those shilling for conversion therapy are no better than Klansmen

This image appears on a press release from Christopher Doyle for Voice of the Voiceless. The source of the photo is Bethel Church in Redding California and includes some Bethel personnel. Bethel Church is a cult.
The comparison of ex-gay religious zealots to Klansmen is not hyperbolic. According to LifeSiteNews' Calvin Freiburger: Former homosexuals urge California Dems to give them a voice on reparative therapy ban. On Friday, Mr. Freiburger writes:
A group dedicated to representing those who struggle with and have overcome homosexual attractions is warning California Assemblyman Evan Low not to ignore those who left the homosexual lifestyle when attempting to revive his ill-fated ban on reparative (“conversion”) therapy next year.