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A rather bizarre polemic from Brian Camenker

Brian Camenker
Hate group leader Brian Camenker (MassResistance)
Image via YouTube
Brian Camenker is very upset with the Southern Poverty Law Center, supposedly for reasons other than the fact that the SPLC has designated Camenker's MassResistance a hate group. Camenker, who is Jewish, takes to a fundamentalist Catholic site to author: See how the liberal SPLC is the true hate group. Some selected passages from Camenker's diatribe:
More than ever, in this age of Trump, the Left simply cannot defend its ideas or positions with rational discussion. It must rely on the most extreme vitriol in the form of lies, distortions, disinformation, and dishonesty. This is something that most conservatives would never think of doing, but it is part of the Left's mindset.
It is worth noting that “the Left” is ill-defined by Camenker. I suspect that includes anyone who thinks that he and his little hate group are repugnant. Camenker provides no examples of the above which renders it pointless hyperbole. Nor does he tie any of the harangue to the SPLC.
The SPLC's aim (which they have often admitted) is to destroy those who disagree with them. By any rational definition, the SPLC itself is a hate group. They see themselves as the ideological weapon that the mainstream media, corporations, and social media can use to crush conservatives.
The aim of the organization might be to destroy hate groups. Hate group leaders are fond of saying that the SPLC attacks people who disagree with them. There is no evidence of that. Disagreement is about opinions. The SPLC's concern is actions. Camenker is free to believe anything. He can promote the sanctity of Fluffernutter for all I care. It is his promotion of hate that gets SPLC's attention.

There is evidence that MassResistance is intent on marginalizing LGBT people. There is evidence that MassResistance promotes hate based on misinformation.

Hate group leaders are also fond of promoting the false narrative that they are being attacked because they are conservative. No. They are being scrutinized because they are hate groups.
The SPLC lists 51 anti-LGBT hate groups. According to the IRS there are 1,667,512 nonprofit entities in the United States. What are the odds?
The SPLC has published its criteria and it has stood by that criteria for decades. If Mr. Camenker doesn't like being treated as a hate group then he has only himself to blame. Camkenker controls how his group is treated.

Another hobby of hate group leaders is to claim, as Camenker does, that the SPLC is the real hate group. That narrative seems exclusive to the 51 anti-LGBT hate groups. There is no evidence to support that claim. Again. it is 51 out of tens of thousands of religiously conservative organizations.
We're used to it. For example, for years the SPLC has used completely phony quotes to paint me as a kind of Holocaust denier – even though I'm Jewish and three of my four grandparents were born in Eastern Europe. They have touted some MassResistance chapters which don't even exist as dangerous "hate groups." I could go on and on with their lies.
The only reference that I can find to Camenker and the Holocaust via the SPLC:
During legislative testimony supporting the amendment, Camenker falsely claimed that no homosexuals died in the Holocaust and that the pink triangle the Nazis forced imprisoned gays to wear actually signified Catholic priests. The amendment did not pass.
That has nothing to do with Judaism and its not an accusation of Holocaust denial except as that denial applies to gay people. It is on the record. It was legislative testimony.

Camenker doesn't identify falsely named MassResistance chapters that he accuses the SPLC of misidentifying.

Oh, poor us:
But last month the SPLC really outdid themselves. They published an attack against MassResistance that is bizarre even by their hideous standards.

Titled "California chapter of anti-LGBT hate group MassResistance gets a white nationalist member," the article is a vicious attack on our California MassResistance leader Arthur Schaper, a wonderful activist – and also, of course, on me.
The above is immediately followed by this:
The latest epithet-du-jour of the Left is "white nationalist" which replaces "bigot, hater, homophobe," etc., for the time being. Unlike the Leftist group Black Lives Matter, which exemplifies hatred toward police in particular and white people in general, the term "white nationalist" seems to encompass almost anything the Left doesn't like. (At a so-called "white nationalist" rally in Boston last year - so labeled by the Boston Globe - the main speaker was a black man. But why let that get in the way of the Left's narrative?)
Not one word of that verbose paragraph has anything to do with the SPLC, much less anything to do with MassResistance getting a white nationalist member.

As a result of the SPLC's piece I tried to dig a bit deeper into Schaper and the alleged white nationalist, Kenny Strawn. The result was rather comical.

I noted that MassResistance, California is not authorized to do business in California. Moreover, that “wonderful activist,” Arthur Christopher Schaper, is an unemployed resident of Torrance. Schaper is so abrasive that the Republican Party revoked the charter of Beach Cities Republican Club, of which he is president.

As for Kenny Strawn, well, he is just an idiot. He was claiming that a publicly held company (Facebook), by virtue of being publicly held, is not a private company. Therefore, Facebook has a First Amendment obligation to Freedom of Speech (which applies only to the state). The certitude is amazing. It is so nutty that I found it all quite amusing.

Camenker continues:
This SPLC rant is a breathtaking read. Pretty much every sentence is a lie or absurd distortion of some kind. One almost thinks it was written by a group of middle school students.
It would be helpful if Camenker would point out the lies or “absurd distortions.” He tries:
It freely breaks rules of common logic. For example: If you're at an event and someone else (possibly a Leftist) shouts something, the SPLC tags you with it. [ad hominem / guilt by association] This kind of thing is done throughout the article.
Camenker again lacks specifics. He might be referring to this:
At the [city council] meeting, a woman sitting with MassResistance reportedly shouted at a 14-year-old girl, who is gay, when the girl began to cry. “Fake tears!” the woman shouted.
So let's see, a woman seated with bigots shouted some homophobia and it wasn't associated with the bigots she was seated with? Very compelling. After a shabby argument ad hominem, Camenker continues with this:
No real journalist could write this stuff. If you oppose illegal immigration, you are "anti-immigrant" and a "nativist extremist." If you debate someone you disagree with, the SPLC paints you with the other person's "bad" views. The SPLC fumed because someone "sitting near" Arthur "reportedly" shouted something bad at a meeting. How absurd!

The article is littered with half-truths (or outright lies) about Arthur and his activities. It repeats the distortions in other far-left publications and local left-wing media. There's not a single "fact" in this article that you can trust at face value.
I would bet that the unhinged woman was sitting with the unhinged Mr. Schaper. Where are all the other “half-truths (or outright lies)?” We never find out. After some disjointed gibberish about Nazi propaganda:
If there's any humor here it's the fact that they do include a few direct quotes which are accurate, but will horrify liberals. Arthur actually did write:
... homosexual behaviors and transgenderism are not normal albeit eccentric behaviors, but destructive and immoral practices which harm children, destroy families, and undermine a sound and cohesive culture.
Nothing, of course, remotely compares to the violence and disgusting profanity which conservatives regularly endure from aggressive leftists, SJWs, Antifa, etc. No comments from the SPLC on any of that.
The quote might be accurate but it defies medical science and even the views of most conservatives (when they are not pandering to the religious right). In fact, the quote is just an expression of profound ignorance. Adding the “poor us” does nothing to improve upon Camenker's lack of a coherent narrative.

Camenker wrote: “Pretty much every sentence is a lie or absurd distortion of some kind.” So far Camenker points to one sentence that he claims is incorrect (I suspect he is wrong or lying). Where are all the other lies and distortions he claims are in almost every sentence? Where are all the phony quotes that Camenker is complaining about? We are coming to the end of this disjointed treatise so don't expect any answers.
What should this tell conservatives?

It means we are getting to them. Extremists like the SPLC don't react like this if a group poses no threat to their agenda and ideology. It shows that we are doing the right thing, and we need to keep doing it.
“Oh say can you see how important I am?” Mr. Camenker's merry little band of crackpots is going to be deemed a hate group in perpetuity if he thinks that he is doing the right thing with his anti-LGBT campaign.

By the way, the same logic would apply to Camenker. His unglued rant must mean the the SPLC is really getting to him which means that they are doing the right thing.
The truth is, the liberal reporters who constantly use the SPLC to demean conservatives in their articles know full well what a fraud it all is. They keep doing it because they're liberals themselves and there's generally no push-back from our side. Well, we've been working on that, too. We'll show you in an upcoming MassResistance article!
Camenker doesn't speak for conservatives. His “side” is composed of people who traffic in hate. This all started with extreme homophobia on Camenker's part in the 1990s. He doesn't seem to have a religious objection. That narrows it down to a personality disorder or insecurity. People like Camenker contribute nothing. Fortunately they have not been successful in stopping advances in LGBT equality.

At the end of the day Mr. Camenker is simply not a very smart guy. There is evidence of hate and emotional disturbance but no sign of intellect.

Bigots like Brian Camenker are increasingly at the fringes of society because they contribute nothing. All they offer is paranoia, attempts to marginalize a minority group and science denial and those are not contributions. They do not make life better for a single soul on planet Earth.

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