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AFA is offended by its accurate depiction

Hate group leaders Tim Wildmon (American Family Association) and Tony Perkins (Family Research Council)
American Family Association, an anti-LGBT hate group, is very upset with remarks made by Vice President Joe Biden at the Human Rights Campaign.
Former Vice President Joe Biden bashed Christians opposing the homosexual agenda as “forces of intolerance” and “virulent dregs of society” at a recent LGBT event, and a prominent pro-family group used his rant to alert Americans about what a leftist takeover in the nation’s capital would mean for believers.

Who could ever be criticized for “opposing the homosexual agenda™?” I have not checked a transcript but Mr. Biden's remarks sound about right to me.

There are 1,667,512 tax-exempt entities in the United States. 50 of those (0.003%) are deemed to be hate groups by the SPLC. Add one more to that for Peter LaBarbera's Americans for Truth which is not tax exempt for a total of 51.
“Biden addressed the Human Rights Campaign’s (HRC) annual dinner in Washington, D.C., [and] spoke about the fight for LGBTQ rights and the need to treat everyone with dignity,” CSPAN reported. “He criticized President Trump as being an ally for the ‘forces of intolerance’ and using the White House as a ‘literal bully pulpit.’”
That also rings true given the number of odious homophobes and transphobes that Trump has appointed and his (failed) efforts to ban transgender military service.

We cannot assume that the following quote is accurate given the source (Todd Starnes):
"These forces of intolerance remain determined to undermine and roll back the progress you all have made,” Biden proclaimed during his keynote address at last weekend’s LGBT fundraiser, as reported on Todd Starnes’ show. “They are a small percentage of the American people – virulent people – some of them the dregs of society."
Biden is right yet again. They are noisy and obnoxious but small in number. They are the dregs of a society that finds equality virtuous.

Be afraid:
Beware of LGBT takeover …

A warning was soon sent out by a Washington, D.C.-based Christian organization that persecution is coming if conservatives fighting for biblical values are displaced by LGBT activist politicians on Capitol Hill.

“[According to the Family Research Council (FRC),] Biden's 'dregs' slam [is] a reminder of [the] 'hostility' Christians face,” WND reported.
AFA manages to find agreement from another of the 0.003% (three out of 100,000) that are hate groups. Of course these people define persecution as something which prevents them from discriminating against LGBT people. And these folks are not fighting for biblical values. They are fighting to impose those opinions on everyone else.
“Biden's insults are revealing about the hostility that conservative, Christian citizens and others who oppose their radical agenda will be subjected to if the left succeeds in their goal to reclaim power here in Washington and in state capitols around the nation,” Perkins’ Washington Update warned.
That sounds like political campaigning to me. That is prohibited by a 501(c)3 nonprofit entity. The only thing “radical” are attempts by the leaders of FRC and AFA to make American look like Iran and they are the presumed mullahs. In America, there is nothing radical about equal protection and due process.
Biden did not just give lip service as a keynote speaker to the LGBT community in his vow to push for more LGBT privileges – often masqueraded as “LGBT rights,” – as just last month, he launched his “As You Are” LGBTQ family acceptance campaign.
There they go. The proponents of Christian privilege and Christian Supremacy calling equal protection “privileges.” Well, not here. Not in America. Besides nobody really believes that hackneyed BS. They might even say it but they know that it is BS.
A major focus of his radical campaign is to share personal stories given by LGBTQ youth, parents and educators in order to convince and force others to accept and embrace alternative lifestyles as something to be celebrated – not avioded [sic].
No reason to wonder why this is designated a hate group. They are portraying sexuality as an alternate lifestyle. And just how does one avoid being L, G, B or T? Or are they saying that sexuality is a choice?
Biden’s message that parents should support their children’s LGBTQ lifestyles is supported by numerous pro-LGBT groups, such as the one led by The Trevor Project CEO and Executive Director Amit Paley.
Parents are morally obligated to support the sexuality of their children. The message from AFA is that kids should be rejected based on a sexual orientation that parents disapprove of which, in turn, is based on ancient texts spiced with ignorance.

It is hate that is immoral. Family Research Council and American Family Association actually advocate for the imposition their hate on one's own children! FRC and AFA are both immoral. All the hosannas in the world and self-righteousness are not going to make immoral people moral.

I dare you to make sense of this bit:
The facts actually do stack up against those who practice LGBT behavior.

“According to a recent study from the University of Chicago, LGBTQ youth experienc[ing] homelessness are more than twice as likely [to] experience homelessness than their straight peers,”’s Casey Quackenbush informed.
Right because ignorant sanctimonious morons continue to kick kids out when they come out. Shame on all of these self-righteous fools.

The potential future 2020 Democratic presidential candidate has been busy at work indoctrinating American youth and adults alike that the LGBTQ lifestyle is the new “civil rights” movement, and he is still doing all he can to put the pressure on Trump to push forward more pro-LGBT legislation – as former President Barack Obama did during his two terms in office.
This tirade was written by AFA's Michael F. Haverluck. I have only quoted about half of it. It is as if he has gone out of his way to prove that Biden is correct. These rubes are on the fringes of American society and the margins keep getting smaller. Americans are becoming better educated about LGBT people they increasingly do not support the kind of bigotry that American Family Association regularly promotes.

As is often the case, the offended are offensive!

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