Friday, September 7, 2018

Brian S. Brown claims that marriage equality was "a cheat and stolen"

Brian S. Brown
I received an email Friday from one of my heroes — Evan Wolfson. Evan is campaigning for marriage equality in Taiwan. Evan wrote: “If you thought the National Organization for Marriage disappeared once we won the freedom to marry in 2015, think again.” In response Brian S. Brown of National Organization for Marriage sent out an email titled: “Thanks, Evan!” In his painfully verbose money-beg Brown writes:
NOM is not only the leading advocacy organization in the United States fighting to preserve and defend marriage, but globally: people do look to us and our strategies for inspiration in waging their own defense of marriage and family.
If NOM was involved in Ireland or Australia, for example, then they failed again. I do not know if they are meddling in Taiwan politics. Katy Faust is but I find nothing connecting Faust to NOM.
Where Evan goes wrong in his desperate, shrill fundraising missive is his alternate version of history where he claims he and his colleagues "defeated" NOM's "Prop 8-style playbook" here in the US and that they're prepared to do it again in Taiwan. What Evan and his cronies actually did was use the courts to make an end-run around the democratic and political process, and invalidate the votes of over 50 million Americans in a majority of states!
Brian S. Brown should never criticize the fund-raising processes of any other organization. Never! Brown's daily requests for money constitute the BS du jour. Brown dishonestly manufactures a reason to send NOM some bucks. As for using the courts, that is not an end-run on anything. Historically, civil rights successes are won at the courts because they are sought by a minority group. Nevertheless, in 2012 there were five marriage initiatives on the ballot and we ran the table.

Furthermore, at this time about two-thirds of our citizenry support marriage equality. I suspect that most of the one-third who are opposed are actually indifferent. That schmuck baker in Colorado is an uncommon exception. None of NOM's scare tactic predictions have materialized.

Later on after a donation link:
Evan is scared, you see, because he knows this "victory" in the US was a cheat and stolen. He is worried that in other countries the democratic process might be allowed to work as it is supposed to work, and that he and his friends won't be able to manipulate the courts to finally do their bidding.
Marriage equality advocates have been doing pretty well at the ballot. The United States victory is characterized as “a cheat and stolen” because Brian Brown does not approve of gay people because the Catholic Church does not approve of gay people. Brown has the curiosity and critical thinking skills of sauerkraut.

On a related note, there is no point to panic if Kavanaugh is confirmed. He personally opposes same-sex marriage but he has demonstrated independence in his rulings. The hope, of course, is that he will respect the precedent established in Obergefell v. Hodges.

In some respects Kavanaugh's mentor was Justice Anthony Kennedy who lobbied hard for Kavanaugh's nomination to the Court (Kavanaugh clerked for Kennedy from 1993 to 1994). It would seem improbable that Kennedy would be an advocate for someone who would then overturn a landmark decision with Kennedy's written opinion for the majority. There are other issues as well. Without a second of hesitation Gorsuch said that Obergefell is settled law. Then there is the matter of Article III standing.

Getting back to Mr. Brown who claims extensive skills in mind reading:
He is also scared - or he should be - that here at home the court has undergone some drastic changes under President Trump's administration. At every level - from local district courts through the Circuit Courts of Appeals, right up the Supreme Court - true constitutionalist jurists have been filling vacancies left by activist judges... and this doesn't bode well for the future of such wrongly-decided verdicts as Obergefell.
Lower courts are bound by Supreme Court precedent. Moreover, the longer the process takes, the harder it will be to claim that same-sex marriage has damaged anyone.

I have a prediction: The organization that has never accomplished anything will continue to shamelessly ask for money:

The inevitable:
So, you see, this is why it is crucial that NOM continue fighting. Our opponents, those who foisted a redefinition of marriage on the United States and are now exporting their ideology across the world, know that we are a formidable threat to their radical agenda! Will you re-commit today to standing with us and making sure that we continue to present such a challenge to that agenda?

Every dollar you donate today will be instantly matched, so there really couldn't be a better time to make such a re-commitment.
Sure Bri. Sure.

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