Friday, September 21, 2018

Brian S. Brown complains of dirty tricks re: Kavanaugh - Solution: Send him $$$

Brian S. Brown
Friday, Brian S. Brown of National Organization for Marriage has sent out an email to supporters titled: Same old dirty tricks… (Brown likes three ellipses in his titles).

Brown is shameless. It seems that anything and everything can be crafted as a reason to send NOM some loot in spite of the fact that those donations will never be used for the stated purpose. It is called dishonesty but it's okay if one is a conservative Christian. Apparently that can be found somewhere within scripture.

Brown writes:
When I wrote to you last week about our focus on securing the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court, I said that the radical left and their allies among Senate Democrats were determined to stop him at all costs and I feared that we hadn't seen the last of their shenanigans. Just a couple of days later, right on cue, came the dirty trick they are hoping will derail or at least delay Kavanaugh's confirmation, the infamous "sexual assault" allegation against him from his time as a high school student!
Of course NOM's “focus on securing the confirmation” consists of nothing more than emails referencing Kavanaugh and asking for money. Brown suggests that bad behavior as a high school student shouldn't count. Whether or not that is a reasonable argument is now irrelevant because Kavanaugh has denied the allegation. Therefore, what is really at issue is Kavanaugh's truthfulness. He has already taken some liberties with the truth.

Anita Hill was a liar as well:
This is so predictable. They did the same thing against Clarence Thomas when he was nominated to the Supreme Court decades ago. They tried to use this against President Trump in the 2016 presidential election. And now they are using it against a supremely qualified nominee, someone who is a devout believer in Jesus Christ, who devotes himself as a volunteer to the less fortunate, who dearly loves his wife and family and who has gone out of his way to promote and mentor young women who wish to pursue a career in the law.
Anita Hill was truthful and Thomas never should have been confirmed. Brown seems to be vouching for Trump's integrity. That is probably a very bad idea given all that we know about Trump. The man is a sociopath and pathological liar.

If Kavanaugh is a devout Christian that is irrelevant both to his nomination and his character. I would remind Brown that perhaps the worst traitor in United States history, Robert Philip Hanssen, was a self-righteous member of Opus Dei.

The obligatory dishonest gimme:
We are determined to fight this dirty trick and redouble our efforts to confirm Judge Kavanaugh. Will you help?

>>> I will give $15 to fight for Judge Kavanaugh

>>> I will give $25 to fight for Judge Kavanaugh

>>> I will give $50 to fight for Judge Kavanaugh

>>> I will give $100 to fight for Judge Kavanaugh

>>> I will give $250 or more to fight for Judge Kavanaugh
Not one dime of this will be spent to affect Kavanaugh's confirmation. It is a scam!

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