Monday, September 17, 2018

North Carolina warns Liberty Counsel for unlicensed practice of law

If you receive a letter from Liberty Counsel — please send me a copy.
Hate group leader Mad Mat Staver
Liberty Counsel
Liberty Counsel, an anti-LGBT hate group, subscribes to the entitlement of Christian Privilege. For IRS purposes, Liberty Counsel is a church auxiliary (it is not). Liberty Counsel engages in frivolous litigation and the group threatens people with crackpot legal theories. Hate group leader, Mad Mat Staver, could give Trump competition in the mendacity Olympics.

A very clever reader (who wishes to remain anonymous) has also discovered that Liberty Counsel indulges in the unauthorized (unlicensed) practice of law. Document #1, below, is one of Liberty Counsel's threatening letters with the boilerplate that we are accustomed to seeing (much of it nonsensical).

The missive is signed by Richard L. Mast, Jr. who claims to be representing employees of a state agency in North Carolina. There are two problems with that:
  1. Richard L. Mast, Jr. is not licensed to practice law in North Carolina and; 
  2. Liberty Counsel is not authorized to do business in North Carolina. 
In response to a complaint, Liberty Counsel asserted that it should get a pass as defenders of the First Amendment.

Liberty Counsel also tried to BS its way out of the problem by claiming that the ACLU and NAACP engaged in the same behavior.

Liberty Counsel's drivel might work at a right wing blog but the North Carolina State Bar wasn't having any of it. As you can see, in document #2, they issued a warning to Mr. Mast and Liberty Counsel. As for the NAACP and ACLU, the State Bar corrected Liberty Counsel by noting that those organizations used local and properly licensed attorneys. Should Liberty Counsel engage in this behavior in the future, the North Carolina State Bar is likely to commence legal action.

Lawyers are reluctant to make complaints like this … but I'm not. If you receive a letter from Liberty Counsel, refer it to your attorney and then please send me a copy. I am more than happy to pursue the matter. Much of Liberty Counsel's correspondence is posted to their website (thank you very much).

Even in a very conservative state like North Carolina, the bar association was more concerned with the law than conservative Christianity. The individual who made the complaint in North Carolina has had other successes and some failures. The reaction varies from state to state. Nevertheless, it is worth a first class postage stamp and a call or two to identify the proper recipient for a complaint.

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