Tuesday, October 9, 2018

First Round of Brazil's Presidential Election Goes to an Anti-LGBT Extremist

John Oliver explains the bigotry of Jair Bolsonaro
Extreme right-wing candidate Jair Bolsonaro has won the first round of Brazil's presidential election. Bolsonaro will new be pitted against São Paulo Mayor Fernando Haddad in an October 28 runoff.

Bolsonaro supporters were quite effective at intimidating the supporters of his opponent into not voting. An already violent culture (65,000 murders last year) has become even more aggressive. Numerous LGBT people have reported being assaulted by gangs supporting Bolsonaro. Before a soccer match in São Paulo, people were chanting, “homos be careful. Bolsonaro will kill all faggots,” That threat is all too real.

Bolsonaro has stated that gay children should be beaten into submission so that they do not become gay adults. He has also stated that he and his wife are much too educated to ever have a gay child. However, if he did have a gay son, he would hope that the boy would die in an accident. Apparently they are not sufficiently educated to understand the basics of human sexuality.

The Trump-like demagogue won 46% of the vote to Haddad's 29% so he goes into the runoff with a considerable statistical advantage.

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