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Shame on you Virgin Atlantic for promoting the homosexual agenda

Virgin Atlantic Pride
Virgin Atlantic's planned Pride Flights have conservative Christians engaging in a shame-fest
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Someone named James Risdon writes: Airline to host exclusive homosexual ‘pride’ party at 38,000 feet with ‘inter-seat speed dating’. I can assure you that Mr. Risdon is not writing a promotional piece for Virgin Atlantic.

The first utterances of a conservative Christian toddler are neither “mama” nor “dada.” They are more likely to sound like “tsk, tsk.” Utterances of shame and disapproval are fundamental to religious fundamentalism. In all matters those religious conservatives are convinced that their approval is being solicited.

I do not care that they disapprove of me. The rank homophobia and bigotry is appalling.

It is true that Virgin Atlantic is offering Pride Flights between London and New York for World Pride 2019. It will be staffed (captain on down) entirely by LGBT people. Virgin Atlantic adds some campy details:
The flights will include special on-board entertainment including an on-board DJ, Drag Queen Bingo, a Judy Garland sing-along, inter-seat speed dating and special in-flight entertainment.
Apparently Mr. Risdon thinks that we should be embarrassed by the speed dating. In his mind (perhaps his fantasies) people are going to be blown in the aisles. That is not the case, I am not embarrassed and the collateral shame is moronic.

Risdon goes on to write:
Once in the air, the entirely LGBT-crewed flight will feature entertainment tailor-made for its homosexual, bisexual and transgendered clientele.
“Transgendered” is one of the newer words used to express disapproval of transgender people. Adding ed to an adjective is generally supposed to describe an emotion. Because of ancient chronicles and the pronouncements of ambitious eunuchs, medical science must be incorrect.

Mr. Risdon was just warming up:
But Christian activist Bill Whatcott says Virgin's Pride Flight is "a sad, sad commentary about [the culture’s] obsession with homosexuality."

"It's another manifestation of their new religion," said Whatcott. "They've replaced the God of Scripture with the fake LGBT god. They've been pushing to get into our schools and now they're going onto flights."
Whatnot Bill Whatcott is a notorious Canadian anti-LGBT bigot. Their answer to Peter LaBarbera; an unhinged whack job obsessed with everyone else's sex life. He has even been arrested for his activities. Bill Whatcott is also not terribly bright (as you can discern). Culture is not obsessed with LGBT people. It is Whatcott and his ilk who are obsessed with any sexuality that they disapprove of because of ancient texts and in spite of medical science.

Claiming that gay people have created a religion from their sexual orientation is simply idiotic. “… and now they're going onto flights?” I cannot even begin to explain the depths of the personality disorder that is on display due to that comment. Furthermore, is anyone forcing this nut to take a Pride Flight?

Whatnot needs to get a grip on reality. Unknown to him he interacts with LGBT people every day. He even sits with them in church. Extreme homophobia is often a reflection of insecurity. If Mr. Risdon is quoting someone that whacked out, what does that say about him?

Later on Risdon writes:
Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Holidays state that they have "long been champions of LGBT rights."
He then is urging his readers to contact Virgin Atlantic and he provides the personal email address of Craig Kreeger, the airline's CEO. Kreeger, by the way, is retiring at the end of the year. Exactly what are they supposed to write?

Perhaps they can regress to offer “tsk tsk.” I am sure that Mr. Kreeger will be motivated to change the airline's corporate culture.

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