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We are reminded of just how dangerous trans people are

Jonathon Van Maren is obsessed
with the sexuality of others
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Tuesday, Jonathon Van Maren writes: Trans activists demand everyone be pro-LGBT – at the expense of reality. Oh joy. Another conservative Christian ignoramus who thinks that gender identity is a philosophy or that gender as a separate construct does not exist. Van Maren is an unhinged conspiracy theorist who specializes in disparaging LGBT people.

I have observed that the greater the denigration the more likely it is that the denigrator is in the closet.

Fear those who are different:
There are many things to say about the transgender movement as of late. They are increasingly totalitarian in their demands. They have declared war on all those who disagree with them. They pose a very real danger to children, who are declaring themselves to be “trans” in record numbers. And they are also extraordinarily self-centred.
Not only is gender identity not a philosophy, it is not a movement. If these right wing cranks would stop making such a fuss over where a few trans people can pee they might not imagine that every pediatrician who accepts the science is an activist. It would be rather civil of us to ensure that gender diverse people could enjoy things like workplace equality as well as being able to pee in peace. Suffice it to say that no single sentence in the above paragraph is factually correct.

Pee somewhere else:
There are multiple examples of this. The now infamous “bathroom wars” are one example, with biological males and biological females demanding access to the bathrooms reserved for the opposite sex – regardless of whether or not they have physically transitioned. Other exclusively female facilities – battered women’s shelters, for example – are also not safe from biological men claiming to be women and demanding access. The feelings of those who rely on these facilities are never considered.
The idiotic obsession with bathrooms as if people were running around with their genitals flapping in the wind. As a group, trans people are pretty harmless. They don't present a threat to anyone except those who have a religious problem. Van Maren's superstitions are uniquely his problem. One that he should not inflict on anyone else.

The gall of those people:
But things get even worse when trans activists begin to demand that medical institutions bend to their will. One transgender person even had the gall to complain on Twitter that breast cancer patients were getting life-saving mastectomies before self-identified transgender people could get their healthy breasts amputated due to gender dysphoria – despite the fact that for breast cancer patients, mastectomies can often be a matter of life or death.
It wasn't an “activist.” It was a young trans man, Toby Sinbad Walker, expressing some frustration:
Van Maren displayed an expected lack of empathy. By the way, Walker's own father succumbed to cancer.

In conclusion:
Many people have decided to ignore the transgender movement because they have assumed that it will not impact their lives in any way. As I’ve noted before, the transgender movement is genuinely dangerous, and if they have their way, they will transform the way our society – and every institution within our society, medical facilities included – sees gender. And they have already proven that they are perfectly willing to do this even if others must pay the cost.
I skipped over a large amount of boilerplate rhetoric to get to the end of this tirade (my patience is not endless). The very definition of hate is the assertion that members of a minority group are dangerous simply because they are a minority. The real danger is found in van Maren's hyperbolic bombast. Transgender people are already recipients of violence and efforts to marginalize their very existence. Derision based on religious disapproval should not be tolerated in a civil society.

Because Jonathon Van Maren is obsessed I am having a hard time understanding his concern. In other words, if he championed anything other than the disparagement of LGBT people then he might have some perspective. I am certain that no transgender person has ever affected his life. Why am I so certain? Because if Van Maren were so much as inconvenienced by a transgender person he would write a ten-page tantrum.

Transgender people are just that — people. They deserve dignity and respect. They deserve to be seen as a person who just happens to be transgender because their sexuality should be irrelevant to others. Has Mr. Van Maren ever so much as spoken with a transgender person? Has he made any effort to listen? To understand? Does he think that they all signed up for this?

The common denominator among religious conservatives is certitude. The absence of doubt is more dangerous to society than the sexuality of any LGBT person. Those conservatives are usually wrong about others but never uncertain.

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