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Another Day - Another Crackpot MD

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Dr. Terry Trudel holds himself out as a psychiatrist in Pendleton, Oregon. However, he is not board certified. Trudel has decided to weigh in on gender-affirming surgery with a letter to his local paper, Peninsula Daily News. I have asked for consent to write a rebuttal (regional newspapers tend to only publish letters from residents). Behold:
Transplant recipients often reject organ donations when the immune system performs its natural function by sending cells or antibodies to destroy what is foreign.
What happens when an XY tissue receives XX hormones?

It is just as helpless as the donated organ being attacked by the immune system.

Even worse is the body that is subjected to gender reassignment surgery.
I edited out a significant amount of blovation but the bottom line is that this guy disapproves of gender-affirming surgery for religious reasons. Dr. Trudel mentions hormone therapy but he is not an endocrinologist and his opinion is at odds with the Endocrine Society, the professional peer organization.

Later on:
Dr. Miroslav Djordjevic, a sex reassignment surgeon, has reported many men who transitioned to women regret having the procedure in “Doctoring the truth about male and female” published Oct. 25 (
The piece at Family Research Council — an anti-LGBT hate group — is dishonest hyperbole. Dr. Djordjevic's clinic has seen six such patients over five years. That is not many men. These people have come from around the globe and we have no idea how they were evaluated.

In the United States most surgeons require someone to live as their gender for at least a year before undergoing the procedure. During the year they are also required to undergo continuous psychological counseling.
In Sweden, the suicide rate for people who identify as transgender is 19 times higher than the general population.
Apparently Trudel does not know the source of that information. It is based on a 2011 study which included individuals who have had surgery 40+ years ago.

The conclusions of that study are to provide better counseling in contrast to questioning gender-affirming surgery. Trans suicides are attributable to the Minority Stress Model. Perhaps Dr. Trudel has a mirror handy.
Get good information at, click on videos and scroll to “Joseph Backholm Speaks to Gender Revolution.”
Backholm? Seriously? Roarpa is a conservative Christian (possibly Catholic) site. Among its editors:

Then there is this on the home page:
A Brief History
By Terry Trudel
The impetus for creating R.O.A.R. came from decisions made by the Port Angeles School Superintendent and school board Re: Sex education and how to handle transgender students in the school system. You can find a brief history of the decisions that effect [sic] our students here in Port Angeles, and what you as tax paying citizens can do about what is happening here.
Trudel also writes:
Beginning in Matthew 26:6 the narrative informs of a time shortly before his crucifixion when Jesus was staying in Bethany at the house of Simon the Leper. A woman came to Jesus …
You get the idea. Trudel is entitled to his opinions. However, he offers them as a medical doctor when, in point of fact, he is providing them as a conservative Christian. He has been dishonest.

By the way — and totally unrelated — the Canadian Anti-Hate Network is picking up steam. Check out their website.

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