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Oh the poor dear - It must be genetic

Walker Wildmon
In March, 2017 Walker Wildmon (sounding a bit like Gomer Pyle) was in a melt-down over Disney's inclusion of a gay character in the remake of Beauty and the Beast. “Homosexuality is unnatural, unhealthy and not to mention unbiblical.”|Via CBN
Nonprofit organizations are not supposed to be family businesses. Nevertheless, American Family Association, a hate group, has many family members at the tax-exempt trough. Walker Wildmon, Tim's son and Don's grandson is in the gaggle of the intellectually inept.

By the way, Don Wildmon is still on the payroll. The old prick doesn't do anything but he does collect tax-deducted dollars. Some system, huh?

Getting back to Walker…
The Wildmon family is heavily invested in dinging Target Corporation. They have not made a dent — not even a scratch — but they continue to claim that they have. Over the years, AFA has been unsuccessful with its silly boycotts. They fail and then claim to have succeeded despite evidence to the contrary. It is an article of faith.

On their blog, AFA is running with: Target deserves Christmas coal, not customers, says AFA.
A major retailer deserves some Yuletide scrutiny for publicizing a store policy that is endangering women and girls during the busy Christmas shopping season, says a pro-family group.

"Target is defying common sense, they're defying public safety, and they're ignoring even the will of their own customers," says American Family Association spokesman Walker Wildmon.
The will of their customers? Young Walker needs a business education. In the first half of the fiscal year, Target's same-store sales are up almost 5%. Walmart barely squeezed out 2% gains. Third quarter results and guidance will be released on Tuesday. I am expecting a strong showing. The smart play for Walker would have been to shut up until after the earnings release. However, these people are not terribly swift. My guess is that Walker Wildmon doesn't know the difference between EPS and UPS. (One is green and the other is brown.)

Common sense? Tell us oh wise one. Where should the two women below pee?

(L-R) Transgender women Janet Mock and Laverne Cox
Image via GLAAD
Can you imagine if either of these women walked into a men's room?

AFA's Chris Woodward wrote the piece including:
Other major retailers have a similar transgender policy for their store restrooms, too, but Target is known for its LGBT-friendly policies and reminded the public about the policy at the same time North Carolina lawmakers were battling over a "bathroom bill" in the state.
So what? What is the point? Why don't they just admit that they do not approve of transgender people because these Calvinists are unable reconcile the existence of trans people against some ancient texts?
AFA, meanwhile, has repeatedly warned Target that the liberal policy meant to appeal to the LGBT community will draw straight men into Target stores, and publicizing the policy only attracts molesters and peeping toms since no man will ever be stopped by store employees.
Does that sentence make any sense at all? Have they given up on cisgender men pretending to be transgender in order to access women's restrooms? All this fear mongering and it just hasn't happened. Like all retailers, Target has had a few peeping Toms. In most cases they were suspects for activity at other stores as well. These are not linked to Target's policy.
The lie that they continue to repeat:
Most recently, a man approached a 10-year-old girl in the women's restroom in a Woburn, Massachusetts store, where he offered her candy, commented on her clothing, and reportedly tried to get into the stall that the little girl was using.
Actually it involved a transgender woman and police say that it was just a misunderstanding. No report was created. Boston 25 News, which originally reported this story, deleted it because, after speaking with police, they knew it was inaccurate. I have statements from both the police chief and Boston 25 News. Usually, these things are parental overreactions.

The AFA folks are hypocrites and liars. They know that there is nothing to this story. However, they are willing to be untruthful if it serves their bigoted agenda. As for Walker Wildmon, he needs to find a real job before it is too late to do so.

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