Monday, December 17, 2018

AFA's latest "perversion" rant

Tim Wildmon
Monday, hate group leader Tim Wildmon of American Family Association has sent out an email to supporters with a familiar theme:
The LGBTQ socio-political agenda seeks to replace God’s truth about human sexuality with perversion as the societal norm. It has overtaken virtually every major American institution. The entertainment world, corporate America, education, and government have all been infiltrated by this rebellion against God. While they have been wildly successful in these institutions, they will not be satisfied until they have conquered the last one, the church.
So LGBTQ people are pernicious perverts who pose a threat to Christians. Nice. And the Southern Poverty Law Center has it all wrong. Uh huh.
Though they have penetrated many mainline churches, their objective is not yet complete. In many churches we have seen church discipline become a thing of the past. We have watched churches — though some with good intentions to evangelize — totally ignore the biblical mandate to equip the saints for ministry and God's unchanging call to holiness for Christ followers. The love of God has been twisted to manipulate the church into embracing all manner of wickedness. Yet, the Scripture tells us that God's love does not delight in evil, but He rejoices in the Truth.
We are evil for good measure. AFA's problem is that, to accept the reality that sexuality is not a choice, means that their god created LGBT people as they are. Therefore, they cannot accept what is a scientific certainty. Other Christians prefer to make sense of dogma as it relates scientific fact. Many theologians believe that scripture reflects the times in which it was written. Homosexuality meant the rape of young slave boys by Roman and Persian patricians. That further means that homosexuality was understood as the conduct of heterosexual people. That, indeed was a choice.
Along with other groups, AFA is working to restrain the perversion of sexuality pushed by the LGBTQ agenda. …
This goes on at some length. The intent is to present AFA as a solution which is then used to plead for money. This is a projection of hate. The fact that it is based on religion is irrelevant to its toxicity. Religious belief does not excuse the odious promotion of ignorance and bigotry.

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