Tuesday, January 15, 2019

AFA survey reveals much about its constituency and its immorality

“Support for Trump has become transactional insanity. People are willing to discard their fundamental moral beliefs.”
Immigration graphic via IVN
American Family Association — an anti-LGBT hate group — did some sort of “survey” regarding immigration. According to AFA they had 34,514. They also claim:
In the first three and a half hours the survey was live, over 18,000 responded. By the time the survey closed, some important findings were uncovered.
I have no idea what “live” means in this context. Nor do I know how the other 16,000 respondents answered the questions. Nevertheless:
First, nearly all respondents (96%) said they support President Trump’s plan for a physical barrier at the southern border. A very small number of respondents (3%) opposed the president’s plan. Respondents having no opinion on the president’s plan were few (1%).
For contrast, according to a Washington Post survey.
Overall, only 4 in 10 favor building a wall. Fewer than half our respondents were convinced by the argument that a wall would prevent potential threats from coming into the country and would strengthen U.S. borders. Nearly two-thirds, including 4 in 10 Republicans, were persuaded by the counterargument: Because migrants can always find alternative routes to crossing the border, there are better methods for deterring illegal entry.
“The most startling statistic is that an overwhelming majority (90%) of those we polled want President Trump to continue the partial government shutdown to force Congress to fund construction for the border wall,” Wildmon said. “Clearly, this group of vocal citizens is sending a loud-and-clear message to lawmakers in Washington.”
AFA does not disclose the source of that quote. Presumably they are referring to hate group leader Tim Wildmon. Again we go to a Washington Post-ABC News poll. Even among those who support building the wall, only 48% think that the shutdown should be extended. That extrapolates to about 80% of people overall opposing the shutdown.

I view Trump's immigration insanity as an extension of his white supremacist beliefs. AFA supporters just do not seem to get it. The wall is utterly useless — a waste of money to fulfill a moronic campaign promise.

The shutdown is an effort to eliminate the proper role of Congress, a co-equal branch of government. Trump has made it impossible for Democrats to relent because now they would be giving in to extortion. We cannot allow our president to do this. Yet, none of this is troubling for AFA and its supporters.

Furthermore, the position of AFA and its supporters does not seem very Christian to me (nor would it be Judaic). AFA's supporters are influenced by (and seek to please) American Family Association. Their consolidated views amount to support for Trump rather than a thought-through opinion on immigration. It certainly has no relationship to AFA's core culture which is supposed to be the support of, and advocacy for, Christianity.

In fact, Trump's views are inconsistent with established conservative belief. The views of the George W. Bush Presidential Center look like they were authored by Center for American Progress. (The link will suffice over quotes.) Support for Trump has become transactional insanity. People are willing to discard their fundamental moral beliefs.

Many of us will recall in the future that these Christian moralists at pressure groups like AFA and Family Research Council supported an amoral president in the hope of stopping some women from having abortions and making life more difficult for the LGBTQ people they disapprove of. It is a Faustian bargain.
Straying from AFA, I have another idea. One of our immigration problems is that people must enter the United States to apply for asylum. Wouldn't we relieve a great deal of pressure on the border if people applied for asylum at a U.S. embassy or consulate?

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