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Christian nationalist defines hypocrisy

David Lane
While denigrating LGBT people David Lane (left) lays hands on then North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory.
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David Lane writes: How the Left Wants to Harvest Your Vote and Take Over the Country. Mr. Lane is a Christian nationalist and tax cheat. Mr. Lane is also a shady Republican operative whose aim is to take over the country by effecting a Christian theocracy. Needless to say, Mr. Lane is rabidly anti-LGBT.
Lane offers the usual Christian nation mythology:
As the beneficiaries of God's marvelous works, followers of Christ acknowledge how infinitely beyond measure He is. Yet, over the last century American Christianity has adopted a model strongly deviating from the Christian Founding Fathers' original design for America. Because Christians have been in large part absent from the public square over the last hundred years, religious secularists now domineer America's cultural mountains of influence.
Yeah, well the “original design” was of a secular nation. For his part, Mr. Madison seems to have described it best in the First Amendment to the Constitution. Government will neither obstruct religious exercise nor endorse religion. The Establishment Clause means precisely what it says:
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion
Later on, proforma victimhood:
Although we have in modern America ever-present Christian radio, Christian television, and Christian press broadcasting God's majestic works, Christians have hardly more than an itty-bitty stick to swing in the contemporary culture of religious secularism. The pertinent corrective takes shape in Jesus not only having paid the price for our souls and eternal salvation…
That supposedly “itty-bitty stick” is a great deal larger than it should be. Christian Privilege is a prominent feature of our society. Lane will not be satisfied until we look like Iran. Presumably he would be a high mullah.
Eventually we get to “harvesting:”
With that in mind, the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board opinion piece of Jan.19, 2019, is worth studying: "Harvesting Democratic Votes, Liberals want to impose the California voting model on all 50 states."

"Democrats in Congress are making election reform their top legislative priority, and we've criticized it as a majority protection act. To understand why, consider that Democrats are trying to do for the country what they've done with election laws in California.”
Lane goes on at considerable length quoting from the Wall Street Journal. What he fails to do is to quote what this is really all about. Lane's link is to the pay wall. My link is to the full article. Here's what he doesn't want people to read:
Can’t be bothered to register? California does it for you, automatically adding to its rolls any person who has any interaction with its Department of Motor Vehicles. The system is already a threat to ballot integrity, with the DMV acknowledging in September it had incorrectly registered 23,000 voters.

In 2016 California passed the Voter’s Choice Act, which allows counties to mail every voter a ballot. Lots of Californians use mail voting, though previously they had to request it. Now ballots arrive automatically, whether voters want one or not. Thirteen million California voters received ballots in the mail last year, compared to about nine million in 2014.
In other words, efforts to get every eligible voter to actually vote are evil. According to the California Secretary of State, there are 25,176,403 eligible voters of which 19,086,589 are registered. The 23,000 errors are not acceptable but it is an error rate of only 0.12%. Moreover, incorrectly registered does not mean that they were ineligible.

The mistakes included changes in party affiliation, vote-by-mail options and language preference. In some cases, voters who didn’t complete a registration form were registered anyway. The DMV said none of the cases involved non-citizens who were not eligible to vote. Mr. Lane does not seem to be interested in that clarification.

Republicans depend upon voter suppression to succeed. They have openly admitted it. We should all want every eligible voter to vote in order to be a truly representative democracy. We do not decide policy. We decide who decides. David Lane would like those who do decide to be Protestant pastors. He trains pastors to run for public office. Therefore, his objective is to put a thumb on the registration scale so that conservative Christians are over-represented.

I am hoping that, in 2020, we gain control of the Senate and the Oval Office. Election day should be a national holiday. Although unlikely, I think that voting should be compulsory (as it is in Australia, Belgium, Spain and other countries). Voting is an obligation of citizenship just like paying taxes. We have a law in Florida that makes it virtually impossible for the League of Women Voters to register people. I wonder which party is responsible for that little tweak to the system.
Lane finds it impossible to refrain from bigotry:
And why wouldn't religious liberals—who champion abortion, euthanasia, same-sex intercourse and marriage, transgenderism and coercive redistribution of wealth—want to impose the California model on all 50 states? That model is part and parcel of their belief system and in a democratic republic somebody's values are going to reign supreme. It is Politics 101 to understand that evangelical and pro-life Catholic Christians, by staying home on Election Day, empower religious liberals to rule and codify legislation into law.
Lane wants fewer people to vote so that conservative Christians have more power. He also wants to ignore the fact that religion is not supposed to affect governance.
“Illegals” are voting and tipping the scales:
…as we work through the process of dealing justly with illegal immigration, human lives and secure borders, it seems fair to say that those breaking laws should not be entitled to cast ballots or exercise an opinion influencing governmental policy.
There is no evidence that unauthorized immigrants are voting. It is just common sense that registering to vote would pose a further risk to the status of those people. We cannot get eligible people to vote. They are afraid of having to serve jury duty and other myths surrounding showing up at the polls. Imagine the paranoia of someone who is unauthorized to even be in the country.

David Lane wants to scare people into believing that ineligible people are casting votes. Mr. Lane thinks that he is very slick. He is just another dishonest religious conservative with the critical thinking skills of a field mouse. He is persistent, he is ambitious and he is determined. That makes David Lane dangerous.

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