Monday, January 14, 2019

Heritage staffer compares trans people to people who think they are animals

Ken McIntyre has a pretentious academic title at Heritage Foundation. He is also the senior editor of the organization's blog, Daily Signal. Monday, McIntyre is airing emails or letters that Heritage supposedly received about the woes of Peter Vlaming, a Virginia teacher who was dismissed for refusing to conform to school district policy.

Vlaming was an effective and popular teacher. Unfortunately he is enslaved by Christian belief which he felt required him to misgender a transgender student. Vlaming was subjected to progressive discipline due process and refused to agree to obey school district policies. Eventually the school board terminated Vlaming with a unanimous 5-0 vote. What Vlaming wanted amounted to Christian Privilege. He wanted a special exception to established policy.

I must assume that McIntyre agrees with the letters. The first includes:
Looking at the warped psychological reasoning of the school board in firing teacher Peter Vlaming reminds me of the story “The Emperor’s New Clothes”: Don’t believe what you know you see, but believe what you’re told to see. This is the same old well-used method of unethical powermongers throughout history.
I doubt that Mr. McIntyre or the author of the letter — Bonnie McGuire — have an advanced degree is psychology. Neither is in a position to assert how transgender people should be treated. “Warped?” According to the American Psychological Association:
Use names and pronouns that are appropriate to the person’s gender presentation and identity; if in doubt, ask.
In the real world, gender-affirmation is considered what is best for trans youth. In addition to the APA that is the recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatrics. This is not some grand conspiracy of liberal organizations. It represents the overwhelming consensus of medical science.

Of greater importance is the fact that Mr. Vlaming is not authorized to change policies. Employers have an absolute right to establish conditions of employment. If an employee cannot cannot conform to the employer's expectations then he or she should resign.

McIntyre should have had the good sense to edit out the following imbecility:
Kind of like if I dress up like a dog because I want to be a dog, and you’ll be punished if you don’t acknowledge I’m a dog. It’ll hurt my feelings, so you’re bad and need to be punished.
No it is not comparable. There is no condition recognized by science requiring people to identify as an animal. People are transgender because they have a condition called gender dysphoria which has been documented in medical literature for 75 years or more. Gender affirmation relieves the symptoms of gender dysphoria which include depression and anxiety.

Trans youth are particularly fragile and vulnerable and deserve to be treated in accordance with the proverbial Golden Rule. With affirmation they are able to function quite normally. When people misgender trans kids they are doing violence to those children. Religion is no excuse for obtuseness, ignorance and bigotry.

Mr. McIntyre has another missive on this matter. This one from someone named Dahn Carey. Carey writes:
Young people are buying into the LGBT agenda and the lemming-like mentality of school administrations that believe these measures put in place by unelected officials are legitimate. This is nothing short of an attack on the mental and physical well-being of our youth.
The findings of medical science are not an agenda and, by the way, I presume that the school board which terminated Vlaming is comprised of elected representatives (not that it makes a difference).

The author of the letter or email is just an uninformed idiot. Repeating highly offensive, inaccurate and ignorant propaganda makes Ken McIntyre complicit in spreading hate and bigotry. Treating trans kids according to the recommendations of medical science is “an attack on the mental and physical well-being of our youth?” Seriously? Forget the author. Does Mr. McIntyre believe that being LGBT is contagious?

Why is Heritage Foundation promoting intolerance and misinformation?

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