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If Linda Harvey had even average intelligence ...

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Hate group leader Linda Harvey (Mission America) displays her usual lack of curiosity. Conservative Christians create many of their problems themselves. Their misadventures are often the result of a staggering lack of intellectual curiosity. Wednesday, Harvey, a rabid anti-LGBT bigot, writes: Here are the top 10 times liberals endorsed child abuse in 2018, and they’re horrifying.

It is the first item in her list which demonstrates my point perfectly:
10. Colleges are now recommending 4-year-olds engage in sexual activity. Yes, some UC Santa Barbara academics have advanced the idea that preschoolers should engage in “sexual play.” Hopefully law enforcement officials are checking these folks’ laptops for child porn links, and will issue the proper indictments.
There is a link in there to a piece by one Tom Ciccotta (??) in Breitbart titled: UC Santa Barbara Says 4-Year-Old Children Should Engage in ‘Sexual Play.’ Therein, there is a link to a page at which means that it is no longer online.

Harvey makes several claims that are false:
  • There is some relevance to 2018.
  • Something “horrifying” is being advanced by supposed liberals.
  • Colleges recommend 4-years olds engage in sexual activity.
  • Academics advocate for preschoolers to engage in sexual play.
If you look down at the bottom of the page, it was last updated 13 October, 2014. So much for 2018. Furthermore, according to the web page:
SexInfo Online is maintained by students from the University of California, Santa Barbara who have studied advanced topics in human sexuality.
So the University isn't recommending anything and the content isn't from academics. It is from students and they appear to be undergraduates.

Finally, if Ms. Harvey bothered to actually read the page, no one is encouraging prepubescent children to do anything. The point of the article is to point out that very young children are sexually curious which includes touching their genitals. It is quite normal and parents should not respond negatively. That is a far cry from advocating “sexual play.” Furthermore, this information isn't horrifying and it has no connection to liberals.

The bottom line is that Breitbart is full of crap and we can safely assume that the author, Tom Ciccotta, is stupid. Harvey should realize that Breitbart is full of crap and she should have had the discipline to at least read the page in question. It would save much embarrassment.

The rest of Harvey's tantrum is no better but you get the idea.

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