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Katy Faust is a victim opposing marriage equality - Oh, the poor thing

Katy Faust
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Katy Faust has authored one of her usual anti-gay polemics for Witherspoon Institute's pseudo-intellectual blog. It is laden with bigotry, self-victimization, self-pity and non sequiturs. The post is self-righteously titled: It’s Time to Put #ThemBeforeUs: The Global Movement for Children’s Rights. Behold the very first paragraph:
I started writing about why marriage is a children’s rights issue in 2012 following President Obama’s “evolution” on the subject of gay marriage when it seemed that everybody, especially the media, finally felt free to play the “bigot” card. Like many supporters of traditional marriage, I have friends and family that I love who are gay and lesbian, so the accusation of bigotry stung. But even worse was the media’s complete disregard for the reality that, historically, marriage has been the most child-friendly institution the world has ever known.
Katy Faust is not a “supporter of traditional marriage.” Katy Faust is an opponent of same-sex marriage. Faust may love those friends and family who are gay but if they have any sense at all, any self-esteem, they have distanced themselves from a homophobic bigot. Furthermore, the media was quite eloquent that marriage is a “child-friendly institution.” It remains child friendly when gay couples are wed.

If Katy Faust would stop the spin, she would get less criticism. We all support traditional marriage. Otherwise, none of us would be here. Furthermore, gay couples have children. That is a fact. Those kids are better off if they have married parents. All this noise before we even get to anything relating to the topic of her post. But there is more:
Unfortunately, in 2015, the Supreme Court redefined marriage for the entire country, transforming an institution that used to bring together the two people to whom children have a natural right into just one more vehicle of adult fulfillment.

Three years later, the concerns I raised in my original Public Discourse article—that redefining marriage will redefine parenthood—have come to fruition. In early 2018, Washington state passed the Uniform Parentage Act (UPA), which deems any adult the parent of a child created through reproductive technologies, regardless of whether or not the intended parents are married or unmarried, male or female, are single, coupled, throupled or quadrupled.
The above is dishonest drivel. The first paragraph completely ignores the fact that gay couples were raising children long before Obergefell v. Hodges and United States v. Windsor. The second paragraph is similarly dishonest because Washington's UPA has nothing to do with marriage equality. Ms. Faust unintentionally confirms this by noting that is applies to married and unmarried people. Furthermore Washington's legislation simply conforms the state to nationwide legislation that began in 1973. Uniform mean uniformity of state laws.

The act provides a uniform legal framework for establishing paternity of minor children born to married and unmarried couples. That's it. The language was amended in 2002 and again in 2017. Again, it has nothing to do with marriage equality. Ms. Faust is utterly dishonest in claiming that her fear mongering came to fruition.

Three states have adopted the uniform act, California, Washington and Vermont. However every state has a means of determining parentage.

As for surrogacy, the measure (and I don't want to go through the entire thing) relies upon court decisions regarding the enforceability or unenforceability of surrogacy contracts. It then provides guidance that the courts must follow to determine parentage. Some gay couples use surrogacy. However it is overwhelmingly a heterosexual enterprise. Ms. Faust is a bigot. She only sees this as a same-sex marriage issue which it is not.

Roughly 40 states (including most of the Bible Belt) either outright permit surrogacy or have no applicable law but courts that are generally favorable. On the other hand, Blue New York prohibits surrogacy. Virginia is not included in the 40. While it permits surrogacy, the applicable law is so convoluted and complicated that I eliminated it.

Later on Faust writes:
The UPA will make my home state a global hub for baby manufacturing, legislated in the name of “equality” for adults. Justice Kennedy claimed to be so concerned about the children, yet his Obergefell decision has contributed to their ultimate commodification.
That is completely dishonest. Aside from the roughly 40 states that permit surrogacy it is not a tourist endeavor. Parentage is established through a petition to the courts. That petition will, for example, fail in New York for a child conceived in Washington.

The rest of Faust's fantasy involves why opponents to marriage equality failed and how to do it better in the future. Aside from the fact that marriage equality is not subject to a re-do, don't expect more honesty from Faust. I'll quote introductory bits from her various topics:
During the marriage debate, many traditional marriage supporters thought that appeals to studies, logic, and tradition would be enough to convince our neighbors that children needed marriage.
I admit that the dishonesty of calling herself a “traditional marriage supporter” gives me intense National Organization for Marriage queasiness. Okay, it pisses off me and most gay people. The research supported the established fact that gay couples raise kids who are secure and happy (and straight).

Tradition is irrelevant (or should we cancel women's rights to vote?). Logic? Opposition to marriage equality was entirely driven by religious conservatives. What could possibly be more illogical than litteralist theology? Religion is a belief system based on faith. Faith has no logical requirements and is often (perhaps usually) illogical.
In the gay marriage debate, adults were framed as victims. While it’s true that many LGBT adults have experienced struggle and loss, the real victims of the marriage and family battle are children. Too often, victories for adults cost children their fundamental rights.
Ms. Faust is an adherent to victimhood theology. Once again she is ignoring the basic fact that many gay couples were raising children prior to marriage equality. Those children are unquestionably better off with married parents. Other than crazy people like Dawn Stefanowicz and Robert Oscar Lopez, there does not seem to exist an uprising of kids claiming that their gay parents made them neurotic. Where are all these screwed up and screwed over children?

Here she is nutty but honest for a change:
Many who passionately opposed gay marriage were silent when it came to the billion-dollar fertility industry (which is often used by heterosexuals to separate children from half of their genetic identity) and no-fault divorce (which affects a child’s physical and emotional health for life). Family injustice for children did not start with gay marriage, and LGBT activists are not responsible for the abysmal state of the American family today.
So why then is Katy Faust so consumed with gay people and marriage equality? We are a small percentage of the population and a small percentage of people who employ reproductive technology. Consider how much of this screed, this diatribe, this tantrum is associated with Katy Faust's problems with gay people.
Taking these lessons to heart, we have launched a nonprofit, Them Before Us, aimed at defending children’s rights in the family. Them Before Us insists that children’s rights come before adult desires. We use story to highlight the true victims, and we critique all practices and policies that prioritize adult desires above children’s rights.
It seems that Faust's organization is obsessed with gay people raising children. It is part of her personality disorder.

Skipping over a great deal of dissociative rhetoric:
It means that if we experience same-sex attraction, we don’t force a child to conform to the family structure that reflects our romantic inclinations. Instead, we conform to the family structure that respects our child’s need for both maternal and paternal love.
Only a die-hard bigot uses the phrase “same-sex attraction.” It was conceived so that religious conservatives did not have to say “homosexual people.” Faust is also denying the overwhelming consensus of science that children raised by gay couples are just fine.

As Dr. Michael Rosenfeld, a prominent professor of sociology at Stanford University, explained:
“Research…has developed a scholarly consensus that shows that children raised by same-sex couples are at no important disadvantage.” He went on to say, “There is a noisy fringe of academics who claim that children raised by same-sex couples are in disastrous peril,” a view that “has little or no credibility within academia.”
That “noisy fringe” are defenders of the faith. They are the very few academics who place faith above evidence-based science. They are willing to proclaim something as true simply because they want it to be true in order to conform to dogma and to please their god.

I often conclude similar posts by saying that someone needs a new hobby. Ms. Faust is well beyond that. Katy Faust needs a reality adjustment and a commitment to facts established through evidence. She has gone from “Ask the Bigot” infamy to a concentration on the evils of surrogate parenting. The reality is that she hasn't left Ask the Bigot behind. She has simply re-tooled it for opposition through children. When one weighs her post against the title of her post it clearly an anti-gay tirade.

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