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Prominent mormon reparative therapist guru is now ex-ex-gay and not apologetic

David Matheson co-wrote the Journey into Manhood Program and published the notorious ‘ex-gay’ book, Becoming a Whole Man.
David Matheson
David Matheson | via Facebook
David Matheson now admits to being gay. His lack of contrition for the harm he has done means that he is still a schmuck.

This from Wayne Besen at Truth Wins Out:
The nation’s most notorious conversion therapist, David Matheson, has reportedly quit the “ex-gay” movement and has announced he is seeking to date men. Matheson is the author and creator of several infamous “ex-gay” programs and bogus studies, as well as the director for the Center for Gender Wholeness. Matheson has been featured in ABC News and The New York Times.

Journey into Manhood’s director, Rich Wyler, revealed the news in a post to a private Facebook group obtained by Truth Wins Out. “David…says that living a single, celibate life ‘just isn’t feasible for him, so he’s seeking a male partner,” according to Wyler’s statement. “He has gone from bisexuality to exclusively gay.” TWO contacted Matheson on Sunday evening, and he provided a statement that was surprisingly unrepentant and failed to apologize for the grave harm he has caused many of his clients.
Matheson will not apologize for the harm that he has done. People who have undergone conversion therapy often have low self-esteem because they feel like failures for not having changed. Some of the victims pretend to have changed in order to meet expectations and then live a lie for a period of time. Eventually most admit to themselves the absolute truth of their sexual orientation.

If Matheson “treated” children he might have wrecked entire families. When the kid doesn't change he hasn't tried hard enough or prayed enough. The only recourse is to lie to parents and pretend to be straight. Eventually it all unwinds.

Recently reparative “therapists” have been claiming that they can convert gender identity; something that no psychiatrist has been able to do. We hear a lot lately (from the usual suspects) that children should receive talk therapy to align their sense of gender with their natal sex. What they are talking about is reparative therapy, often called conversion therapy. It does not work and it is toxic. It places gender dysphoric children at risk for self-harm

Parents need to know that conversion therapy is pseudoscience. It is not supported by any research published to a respected, peer-reviewed, academic journal. Some religious conservatives insist that conversion therapy is effective. They do so only to justify discrimination.

The Catholic Church's version is the Courage Ministry which treats sexual orientation like a drug addiction; subjecting adherents to a 12-step approach. The fallback is to create eunuchs; individuals who commit to celibacy in order to conform to Church dogma. Sexual orientation and gender identity that the Church does not approve of are not bad habits.

Our sexuality is at the core of who we are. It is organic and immutable. Gay and trans people are not broken. They cannot be fixed.

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