Friday, February 15, 2019

Poor you Mark Creech - We have a record of your vile bigotry

Mark Creech
Via Longleaf Politics
Mark Creech is so wonderful that he is huggable. Mark Creech is the leader of North Carolina's Christian Action League. To deflect from accusations that Creech is irrationally intolerant of LGBTQ people he has written a self-serving diatribe: I Admit It. I Am a Hater. It is incoherent. I will document some of the many instances of Creech's bigotry. First, perhaps this best captures the intent of the current tirade:
Hate can sometimes be the flip-side of love. If one truly loves God passionately, he will also passionately hate what God hates. Hate in this form can be a powerful force for good.
Just one more quote:
If you criticize someone LGBTQ, then you hate that person and the entire LGBTQ community.
The above constitutes a lie formed through deception. The sanctimonious Creech is an accomplished liar. We have a long documented history of Creech's bigotry. Mark Creech does not criticize LGBTQ individuals as he implies. Mark Creech wilfully denigrates the entire LGBTQ community.

Perhaps his bullshit sells in evangelical circles. We know better. When it comes to Mark Creech there is so much material to choose from. A sample:
  • Creech has claimed that “homosexuality is 'impure,' 'dirty,' and 'disgusting.'”
  • Creech has said: “America is presently the victim of an attempted sexual assault by the gay agenda — an attempted homosexual gang rape of our culture — the effort to sodomize our society!”
  • Creech expressed concern that, should Amazon choose North Carolina for HQ2 it would make the state too LGBT friendly.
  • According to Creech, nondiscrimination laws: “threaten citizens with penalties and liabilities for alleged "discrimination" based on purely subjective identities, and not objective, verifiable, and demonstrative traits.”
  • Creech claimed to be a victim of LGBTQ people: “Make no mistake. The principles of our Christian faith are under serious attack. Our right to practice our faith freely in the public arena is at stake in this election.”
  • On providing gender-appropriate access to transgender people: “Men shouldn't be allowed to use women's bathrooms. Women and young girls shouldn't be forced to undress or shower in the presence of men.”
  • Creech is also an accomplished liar while smearing LGBTQ people: “Contrary to the gossip and tale-bearing, the new law in North Carolina is not discriminatory. In fact, it established a state-wide anti-discrimination policy every bit as strong as the federal government's.”
  • And, of course, gay people pose a danger to children: “Grandmother is traditional marriage. The wolf is homosexual activism. Little Red Riding Hood is an unsuspecting public, and, in another way, children and their future.”
There is much — much — more. Mark Creech is a hater. He is a rabid and vile bigot.

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