Friday, February 8, 2019

The latest from Brian S. Brown requires little more than one graphic

Brian S. Brown asks people to donate money to National Organization for Marriage. Brown claims that NOM will do something with those funds that NOM is incapable of doing (it never has). Here's the latest:

Brown does not like some questions that Senator Cory Booker asked federal appeals court nominee Neomi Rao. What does Brown suggest that NOM can do about it? It is comparable to me asking for money to stop (crazy) Louie Gohmert from being the bigoted anti-LGBT schmuck that he is. In the alternative I could request money to stop Steve King from being the malevolent racist maniac that he is.

Actually it is not comparable. Gohmert and King really are bigots. Cory Booker is not. Brown is dishonestly claiming that Senator Booker is a bigot for the sole purpose of asking for money.

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