Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Where is the religious conservative distress?

Something is missing from conservative Christian concern.
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Every day I read what seems like a massive amount of conservative religious content. I have aggregated hundreds of (RSS) news feeds and I receive a comparable amount of Google News alerts every day.

In reading through this morass every day I encounter a substantial amount of anti-LGBTQ content. Much of that text involves the feigned, dishonest concern for children. Christian hate groups like Liberty Counsel, Family Research Council, American Family Association and others use the imagery of “innocent” children as currency to denigrate LGBTQ people:
  • Supposedly, the self-righteous set is consumed with concern for “same-sex attracted” children seeking reparative “therapy” banned by local statute.
  • Supposedly, the self-righteous set is consumed with concern for “gender confused” children seeking reparative “therapy” banned by local statute.
  • The sanctimonious set presumes to be profoundly concerned for the privacy and safety of children who might be exposed to 0.5% of classmates who are transgender or gender nonconforming.
  • These same pompous and greedy people routinely assert that LGBTQ people pose a threat to children. Gay men, in particular, are often portrayed as child molesters.
  • These pious hypocrites suggest, in defiance of medical science, that just the knowledge that LGBTQ people exist can turn children gay or transgender.
I could continue this litany at some length but you get the idea. With all of this counterfeit concern for children I cannot find much worry for the many innocent children who have been separated from their parents at our southern border.

The inspector general for the Department of Health and Human Services revealed last month that thousands more immigrant children were separated from their parents under the Trump administration than previously reported and it is unknown if they have been reunited. Essentially, we have lost track of  children in the system. I cannot locate a peep of apprehension from the same self-righteous people who project their bigotry through children.

This is not about questionable government contracts, bad record keeping, bureaucratic excesses or lost inventories. This is about real people; children. Some of these children are infants and none of these children have done anything wrong.

In addition to a lack of concern for children, there is a complete lack of anxiety for people seeking asylum; something that they have a legal right to do. Some of these people are fleeing extreme violence.

Trump has turned immigrants into campaign fodder. The wall and harsh immigration policies have nothing to do with keeping America safer. The religious right have become accomplices to the degradation of human beings for political gain.

For the record, it appears that Catholic Charities has done great work in caring for separated children. The Catholic Church has criticized the Trump administration in regards to immigration policies. In spite of that, conservative Catholics have routinely demonized LGBTQ people without comparable concern for families destroyed by Trump's policy.

The religious right has become the Republican right. Republicans have disgraced themselves by pandering to the religious right and in doing so both parts of the amalgamation have become corrupt. Part of the deal is not to criticize the Trump administration.

These religious conservatives portray themselves as the good people; the decent people. The truth is that people like Tony Perkins, Mat Staver and Tim Wildmon are nothing more than indecent political hacks.

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