Wednesday, April 3, 2019

I never dreamed ...

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The results are in. Chicago mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot kisses her wife in celebration.
As a gay kid (I am now 70) I never dreamed that it would be possible for gay person to become the mayor of Chicago. If someone told me that she would turn up at the post-election celebration with her wife I would have questioned that person's sanity or drug consumption. Lori Lightfoot has done just that by becoming the next mayor of the Windy City.

Even better is the fact that the press is uniformly reporting as its headline that the city has elected its first African-American woman mayor. Lightfoot's sexual orientation was minimized by the New York Times and others.

The last time I wrote about Ms. Lighfoot it was “business as usual” for me. Someone was distributing homophobic fliers around African-American churches. Chicago resoundingly rejected the appeal to bigotry as Lori Lighfoot has apparently won all of the city's 50 wards.

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