Monday, May 13, 2019

Brian S. Brown refines his BS just a bit

The latest missive from Brian S. Brown, on behalf of National Organization for Marriage, is titled: HELP US STOP THIS BILL
The so-called "Equality Act" makes support for traditional marriage, and for many other values we hold dear, practically illegal. It is a threat to our basic freedoms, and it needs to be stopped. Add your voice today.
Three weeks ago Brown claimed that the Equality Act would make “support for marriage illegal.” Truth be told, it would not be “practically illegal” either.

That petition is not going to do much good. The extremely verbose text reads, in part:
This legislation would enact special legal rights in federal law for a class of people based on their sexuality and sexual practices. It is wrong to grant special rights to a narrow class of people that are not available to the rest of society.
“Special rights?” The above could have been penned by Peter LaBarbera. Freedom from discrimination is a special right? Need I say that this has nothing to do with practices?
It amounts to special legal rights being granted to a favored political constituency in order to advance a political agenda that many, if not most, Americans oppose.
Most Americans support the proposition that discrimination against LGBT people is wrong.
Back to Brown's email (emphasis per original):
HR 5 is the gravest threat we've faced since the onslaught against marriage in the courts.

Here is how you can help:
  • Sign our petition today.
  • Forward this email to your family and friends and encourage them to sign.
  • Make a generous contribution to NOM to help us spread the word.
We're counting on your help! Together, we can send a message to Congress that HR 5 needs to be stopped in its tracks.
It is the “generous contribution to NOM” that is the whole point of this exercise. Brown knows perfectly well that the Equality Act is going to pass the House regardless of what NOM does or doesn't do. The next round will undoubtedly be a petition to the Senate.

I seriously doubt that we have the votes in the Senate or that Trump would sign the Act into law but I have been wrong in the past. One thing I know to an absolute certainty is that Brian S. Brown is a cynic. This is just one more dishonest attempt to make NOM relevant and to ask for donations.

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