Thursday, May 16, 2019

From the batshittery: "Will everyday Catholics step up and save civilization?"

Michael Voris
Michael Voris | via
It is unclear who wrote this. Presumably it was ex-gay-still-gay-eunuch Michael Voris. It is titled: They’re Coming for You — And they won't stop until one of us has won. Who is “they” and who is “us?” The understated, reasonable text of this diatribe begins thus:
The Left is coming for you, giving a modern day context to the quote misattributed to Marxist Leon Trotsky, "You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you."

Ah, yes, war is always interested in you — the war the Left has unleashed on Western civilization through the civilization's institutions.

And what exactly is the Left using the war to get of yours? Very simple: your soul. Only with the understanding of war — war for your soul, meaning spiritual warfare played out in the daily decisions of a society — does any of the current madness make sense.
So we are at war? Who knew?
The requisite victimization:
Men pretending to themselves that they are women, competing in female sports and shattering records; corporations saying they will no longer accept the understanding of a so-called "binary world" where there are just two sexes; social media giants blowing up the accounts of virtually any person willing to challenge the lunacy of the Left — this is all being done to force a new world down everyone's throats. And don't think this isn’t coming, indeed, hasn't already started to come to a neighborhood near you.
I suppose that this has something to do with transgender people. Mr. Voris cannot cope with the simple scientific fact that gender is expressed over a continuum; a spectrum if you prefer. This understanding with respect to about a half-percent of the population is, apparently, the greatest threat to civilization since the Barbarian Invasions (375 CE to 528 CE).

No one would ever accuse Michael Voris of hyperbole in defense of the faith. Voris works himself into a lather worthy of Rasputin and concludes:
Will everyday Catholics step up and save civilization?
What does Voris expect them to do? Note the discipline of my omitting two words following “What” in the prior sentence. Those “everyday Catholics” do not seem to think that civilization is in peril. Perhaps because it is not.

It is unclear how civilization is to be saved but here's a thought: Learn to live with science as it progresses and improves while religious dogma is still trying to cope with Copernicus. In simpler terms: Get a grip!
Note: Credit for the term “batshittery:” Pam's House Blend

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