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If there is a god Tony Perkins is in trouble

Tony Perkins
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Aside from being a hate group leader, Tony Perkins (Family Research Council) is a bald-faced liar. On Wednesday Perkins writes: The Equality Act Could Let Schools, Not Parents, Make Decisions About Children. Perkins' defense to a charge of lying would be something like “I said it could not that it will.” Except that the intent is clear. The outlet for Perkins' prevarications is Heritage Foundation's blog.

Perkins wants people to believe that the Equality Act does far more than it really does. The equality act protects people from discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. The protections apply to employment, housing and public accommodations. According to Tony Perkins:
It’s not an alliance the media is rushing to cover—and who can blame them? After weeks of talking up this phony consensus on the Equality Act, imagine if the story got out that it’s not just conservatives who are opposed—but grassroots liberals, too.
Really? And who are all of these liberals?
We saw some of these unusual partnerships when President Barack Obama picked a fight over privacy. Even some of the staunchest activists realized that the debate wasn’t just about bathrooms—but kids’ safety, too.
The acting director of the Georgia chapter of the ACLU supposedly resigned over the organization's support of trans equality. At the time I thought that this was her excuse for being terminated for unknown reasons. I am more convinced now than I was then. Even at face value, that is one person three years ago. It is unrelated to the Equality Act. Is that the best that Perkins can do? The notion that trans women pose a safety hazard to children is baseless BS. It never has happened and never will happen. As I said, Tony Perkins is a liar.
Monday night on “Washington Watch,” Jennifer Chavez, a board member of the left-leaning Women’s Liberation Front, talked about just how dangerous the Equality Act is—and how important it is for a coalition as diverse as ours to fight it.
There is no way of determining which way WoLF leans since it doesn't do anything except complain about transgender people. WoLF consists of a post office box which received less than $50,000 in revenues in 2017. The PO Box is located in DC but WoLF is not properly registered. Ms. Chavez did not make much sense either (as quoted by Perkins):
regardless how you feel about various different issues—that the word ‘woman’ is meaningful, and the word ‘girl’ is meaningful.
Profound, huh? Perkins continues:
This radical ideology—the same one the American College of Pediatrics [sic] calls “child abuse”—is no respecter of persons. It will haunt families—and rob futures—on both sides.
Very compelling. First of all, the correct name is American College of Pediatricians. Perkins is trying to make it look like the real professional peer group, the American Academy of Pediatrics. ACPeds is a minuscule anti-LGBT hate group. 2017 revenues were just over $100 thousand. Michelle Cretella, its executive director, doesn't seem to do anything other than attack transgender people on behalf of the Catholic Church.

Perkins goes on to quote Chavez who attacks the mainstream media and then our school systems.
Not one word of what preceded or follows has anything to do with the Equality Act.
That’s terrifying for parents, who are starting to see that these classrooms are being hijacked by an aggressive, take-no-prisoners LGBT agenda that doesn’t care about your rights as parents—or your children’s wellbeing.

If they did, they’d know that “98% of gender-confused boys and 88% of gender-confused girls accept their biological sex after puberty.” (Listen to some of the brave young people who are speaking out after going through it.)
First of all, schools are not creating transgender children. Moreover, Perkins' statistics are inaccurate. About 75% of children who might have gender dysphoria grow out of it. Many of those were never diagnosed with gender dysphoria. They just expressed ambivalence over gender. More importantly, the leading researcher in this area, Dr. Kristina Olson has determined that desisters are children who never became transgender.

In other words, if the condition is severe enough that a child transitions, that kid is very unlikely to desist. Think about the sheer bravery of a boy who shows up in school wearing a dress because the relief that (now) she gets is greater than the concern over the disapproval of her classmates. It is not easy being a trans kid. It is also not easy to get a diagnosis of gender dysphoria.
In a lot of these cases, Chavez explains, teachers and counselors are pushing kids in this direction, and it’s “a very, very confusing thing for a child to hear from anyone, much less from an authority figure.” But it’s in their assemblies and reading assignments—and most importantly, their curriculum, which she warns parents, “is being developed by advocacy organizations.”
Aside from the fact that, again, this has nothing to do with HR5, Chavez has no way of knowing any of the nonsense that she is spewing. This is all hyperbolic political rhetoric to continue to disparage transgender people. Chavez says that she is a lawyer. She is not a school administrator.
We have heard from many parents who have reached out to us and expressed a great deal of concern and alarm … that they’re sort of losing their ability to work through these sorts of issues with their children in a loving way, in a way that they think is best.
Why would anyone contact WoLF? One starts with a family physician who recommends a psychiatrist. I would urge parents to get a second opinion which is covered by most health insurance policies. Where does a supposedly feminist group come into play?
You can see it in school policies. For example, in the policy of the school where my child attends, it’s written right up there that if my child were to tell a teacher that he identifies as the opposite sex and said he didn’t want me to know, the teachers at the school would be prohibited from telling me. So there could be something really serious that my child was going through … and he’s trying to deal with, but I wouldn’t even know it.
That policy is really the best protector of child safety. A kid in distress because of gender dysphoria who is afraid of their parents can either keep silent or get some counseling from a qualified school counselor. The policy is a way of urging kids to get help when they need it. If a kid is afraid of their parents that says more about parenting than a problem with their school. Aside from the school policy it is well established that counselors have an ethical obligation to keep their conversations with students private.

And what the hell does any of that have to do with the Equality Act? Nothing at all!

Back to Perkins:
Parents aren’t just being locked out of the conversation. They’re being locked out of the decision-making process. Right now, at this very moment, there are 240 men and women in the U.S. House choosing whether moms and dads will have anything to say about how their kids are raised, what they’re taught, the kind of medical decisions they make …
That is a bald faced lie! The Equality Act does not affect any of that.

If there is a god, s/he is going to be mighty pissed off at all of the lies that Tony Perkins routinely tells. Not to mention how Perkins treats his/her children. Since this has been largely about transgender children (which is how the Christian crazies attack the Act), let us indulge in some reality.
  • No child volunteers to have gender dysphoria.
  • No child volunteers to have the condition in sufficient severity that they feel compelled to transition to get some relief.
  • Gender dysphoria does not respond to any form of conversion therapy.
  • If a child is in distress because of the condition they are at significant risk of self-harm.
What would come first for Ms. Chavez? The TERF (trans excluding radical feminist) ideology or the health of her child. What would Tony Perkins do if he had a child who was suffering?

Now I have veered from the title of Perkins' essay which, again, is: The Equality Act Could Let Schools, Not Parents, Make Decisions About Children. The entire premise of Perkins' outburst is false. What ever happened to that thing about not bearing false witness?

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