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“Apparently they are victimized by our efforts to stop them from victimizing us.”
John Wesley Reid
John Wesley Reid
via CBN
One of CBN's polemicists, John Wesley Reid, has penned: The Violent Results of the 'Christians Hate Gays' Lie . Were this a bit more intelligent it might rise to the level of cognitive dissonance. The lie is the projection that people claim that Christians hate gays. Most gays are Christian. So, before we even get into the text, let me correct Mr. Reid:
Some Christians hate gays:
Often while, at the same time, professing their Christian love, hate group leaders like Peter LaBarbera, Tony Perkins and Mat Staver express their hatred of LGBTQ people. Steven Anderson is in the news today because he has been denied entry to Ireland. Anderson's best hits include celebrating the deaths of gay people at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando. Anderson hates Jews too. He is a Holocaust denier.

Many Christians claim that sexual orientation and gender identity are not immutable characteristics. They are forcefully renewing this claim in order to oppose the Equality Act. The assertion that sexuality is a choice is a lie. Promoting that lie encourages people to be bigoted and then persecute LGBTQ people. An agent of bigotry is a hater. It is not a lie to say that some Christians hate gays.
Now getting to the text of the post:
American culture has adopted a dangerous habit of equating disagreement with hatred. Allegations of hate and bigotry have become tools that people resort to when their facts and logic run dry. The narrative goes like this: If you disagree with someone's worldview, you are thus hateful and bigoted towards them and/or their ideology.
When Tony Perkins lies by claiming that gay people are predisposed to be child molesters, that is not “disagreement”. That is hate. When Mat Staver (“Mad Mat”) spreads misinformation about the effectiveness of thoroughly discredited conversion therapy to justify discrimination, that is not a disagreement. That is hate. Where to even begin with some schmuck like Peter LaBarbera. There is no shortage of noisy people at the fringes of society who lie about LGBTQ people. Lying about us is prejudice. Prejudice is hate.
Reid's examples?
A Few Examples:
85-Year-Old Pro-Life Advocate Violently Attacked Outside Planned Parenthood Clinic
Pro-Life Student Punched by Abortion Activist Explains Loving Response to Attacker
Toronto Police Investigating Another Incident of Violence at Abortion Protest
Police Seeking Felony Arrest Warrant for Man Who Slugged Conservative Student
The above are links that I did not reproduce. The first three allegations involve reproductive choice in contrast to sexuality. It takes balls to complain about the supposed violence of pro-choice people. Anti-choice Christian zealots have murdered and severely wounded many others with gun violence and even bombs. There is no comparable pro-choice violence. Nothing comes close. The altercation in the fourth of those was apparently over Jussie Smollett.
Most recently we've seen this violent reaction in last week's school shooting in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. [Redacted] and [redacted], both of whom identify within the LGBT community, carried out the school shooting targeting "STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) students" and showed strong detest for Christians.

In a recent post to a now-deleted Facebook account, [redacted] wrote:

"You know what I hate? All these Christians who hate gays,…
It is my policy not to print the names of shooters.

“[I]dentify within the LGBT community?” What does that even mean? Complaining about accusations of hate Mr. Reid is incapable of uttering phrases like “gay person” or “trans person” because, to do so, admits that there are gay and transgender people. Reid prefers the lie that people “identify” with something which implies choice. Some Christians are incapable of writing a sentence about LGBT people without this demeaning bullshit. A lie is an expression of disdain or hate.

It has been reported that one of the students, a minor, is a transgender girl. I do not know about the other. A mass shooting is an act of insanity. We do not know what triggered this act and it does not appear that any particular group was targeted. One teen's Facebook post expressed understandable frustration with some hateful Christians. It is what I write about multiple times every day.
John Wesley Reid cannot help himself:
Christians Don't Hate the LGBT Community

Christians hate the sin of the world and how it hurts Christians and non-Christians alike. But this hate for sin fuels a love for the sinner and a desire that they find freedom from sin through Jesus Christ's redemptive work on the cross. Disagreement with the LGBT lifestyle does not equate to hatred. On the contrary, it likens to love.
Referring to a sexual orientation or sexual identity that one disapproves of as a “lifestyle” is just one more way of implying lifestyle choice. Lying about us is hate. The self-serving nonsense that hate is love is just another bovine turd on the pile.
But Why Did [redacted] and [redacted] Feel Hated?

Was it because they were literally shown hate by the Church? The possibility is real, though the possibility that they were deceived into thinking Christians hated them is also real, and likely the actual case. Time and time again Christians and conservative influencers are described as "hateful" simply for their commitment to a biblical position on marriage – a monogamous relationship between a man and a woman. Left-wing media outlets and progressive Christians consistently pin conservatives as bigoted and unloving for this belief.
We do not know that the shooters felt hated by anyone. Again, gun violence is an act of insanity. It is irrational. They might have hated people but we do not know. In 2017, firing more than 1,100 rounds into a crowd of strangers in Las Vegas, [redacted] killed 58 people and wounded 422. Another 350 people were injured in the panic that ensued. Who did he hate? Trying to assign a motive to an irrational act makes little sense. Mr. Reid is indulging in doing so to advance the myth that Christians are a persecuted majority.

And they really need to stop saying that this is a disagreement over marriage. We neither seek nor require their approval (despite their insistence to the contrary). We really do not care about their beliefs any more than I care about the assertion of some people that I should keep Kosher. What we care about is attempts to form public policy around religious principles that infringes on our civil rights and liberties.
But the claim that Christians hate the LGBT community is simply false. This false, deceptive narrative fueled by progressives is far more responsible for the relational gap between the Church and the LGBT community than any alleged hate shown by the Church.
In the stage version of Torch Song Trilogy (I have not seen the film) Harvey Fierstein says something to the effect that if you do not like the temperature of the bath water you aren't turning the knobs correctly. If Christian literalists do not like how LGBTQ people respond to them then they need to consider how they are “turning the knobs.” No one says that they should change their beliefs.

Maybe they should just shut the hell up and stop claiming that they are victims of people whose sexuality does not conform to their book. Scripture is wrong about many, many things. These same Christians (at least most) have abandoned geocentrism (along with the notion that the sun revolves around Earth).

I am pretty sure that they agree that the “firmament” is not a solid roof over the world. They even know that the moon is a reflector of light rather than a light source. Why are the same people incapable of accepting the fact that the prohibition of homosexuality reflects the times in which the Bible was authored?

It would not be necessary to point out the many errors in the Bible were it not for Christians and Jews who attempt to effect public policy which conforms to their literalist view. Apparently they are victimized by our efforts to stop them from victimizing us. The “upisdownism” is not just hateful. It is frustrating as hell.

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