Thursday, May 9, 2019

Randall Terry is recruiting people to harass Pete Buttigieg

Randall Terry
All Randall Terry needs is a nose ring
via WBNF
Perhaps Randall Terry had coercive potty training. Terry is the perfect caricature of the glazed-eyed Christian maniac who wants to control how everyone else should live. Terry has a piece running in Christian Newswire titled: Recruiting Protesters Against Buttigieg and Biden - Video Released. The release is supposedly from Voice of Resistance which is the squeaky voice of Randall Terry recruiting other crackpots.
The Society for Truth and Justice has released a video interviewing six of the people who disrupted Pete Buttigieg in Dallas and in Iowa.
The Society for Truth and Justice is another Randall Terry concoction, perhaps an assumed name (dba). Perhaps not. It is not a 501(c)3.
The purpose of this video is to recruit men and women to disrupt Buttigieg and Biden events throughout the Democrat Primary season.
Terry pretentiously quotes himself:
Mr. Terry states:
"Our mission is to be a witness for Eternal Truth, unborn babies, and the sacrament of marriage - between one man and one woman. Pete Buttigieg - by his speech and his very life - is an enemy of Truth, children, and marriage.

"Likewise Joe Biden is the summation of Catholic treachery, and episcopal cowardice. He openly defies the Catholic Church regarding abortion and marriage, yet no Bishop (to date) has openly rebuked him for his foul agenda.

"My team and I are actively recruiting men and women to confront these two men at their campaign stops, their churches, their home neighborhoods, and anyplace else we deem fit."
Randall Terry should really do something about his personality disorder. Few people devote so much time to the production of negative energy. If he is really that troubled by Mayor Pete's marriage then he can choose not to enter into a same-sex marriage. Instead of being so obsessed with the welfare of fetuses, maybe he should devote some positive energy into the welfare of children and their parents.

Randall Terry's severe kookiness is probably a gift to pro-choice folks everywhere.

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