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Target donates to GLSEN and the ensuing shitfit

via Target Corporation
Martin M. Barillas is not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. With more than two watts he might not write: Target stores donate $100K to LGBT nonprofit that promotes ‘inclusive’ K-12 schools. By the way, it is either Target Corp. or Target Stores (which is a division of Target Corp.). The (lowercase) stores did not combine for a donation. It is also donates; not donate.

This serves as an excuse to denigrate GLSEN and Kevin Jennings. Selective passages:
Target department stores are not only offering clothing and accessories celebrating the gay lifestyle to adults and children, but the company has also pledged to donate to a nonprofit that trains students and teachers in LGBT politics and advocacy.
None of that is accurate. A sexual orientation that Barillas disapproves of due to religious dogma is not a lifestyle. The nonprofit organization he is referring to is GLSEN. GLSEN's mission has always been to promote safe and inclusive schools.
The organization offers lesson plans for elementary school children on “gender-neutral” pronouns and terminology as part of the Common Core curriculum as well as introducing gender ideology to third-graders. GLSEN partners with the United Nations and like-minded groups in Canada, China, Ireland, Israel, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.
This schmuck needs a stern nun to force him to write on the blackboard, 100 times: “Gender identity is not an ideology.” The goal of safe schools requires students to understand that a classmate might be transgender or gender nonconforming which doesn't make them a freak. Nor should it subject them to ridicule. None of this would be necessary were it not for people like Mr. Barillas.
Target offers children’s clothing, for example, that features the rainbow flag and promotes the LGBT cause. One shirt proclaims, "Love my dads," and another says, "Love my moms." Others shirts are emblazoned with the rainbow flag bearing the word “pride” superimposed.

For adults, there are the "Pride Adult Gender Inclusive Iridescent Five Panel Hat," "Pride Striped Bisexual Flag Bandana," "Pride Striped Transgender Flag Bandana," "Pride Adult Striped Gender Inclusive Jumpsuit," and a number of other accessories and articles of clothing.
I do not think that Mr. Barillas is being forced to purchase any of that merchandise. I also do not think that his prior approval was necessary for Target to sell the merchandise.

Barillas probably thinks that this will infuriate his readers. “How dare those perverts be proud of their debauchery?”
In Kevin Jennings’ book “Becoming Visible: A Reader in Gay and Lesbian History for High School Students,” he wrote, “Some historians trace the development of homophobia in the West from the time when Christianity was adopted by the Romans. … Whether homophobia began in the late Roman Empire because of the introduction of Christianity or became widespread in the late Middle Ages for political reasons, one thing remains clear: Biblical scriptures were used to justify persecution of those who loved members of their own sex.”
Earlier today I asked Kevin Jennings by email about the quote. He reminded me that this was 25 years ago and he does not recall. However, I found this quote — including the three ellipses — in only one other place: Focus on the Family's True Tolerance site which was set up to counter GLSEN's Day of Silence.

I wonder if Martin M. Barillas thinks that Target Pride merchandise turns kids gay. Or is it the acceptance that he fears? Acceptance also serves as a rejection of the bigotry and stupidity over sexuality that emanates from religious conservatives. In Barillas' case, the bigotry stems from the teachings of the Catholic Church and acceptance undermines those teachings. Fear drives the incurious.

Those teachings need to be undermined. They are inconsistent with medical science and they advance hate through ignorance.

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