Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Tony Perkins decries "racial liberalism"

“Overall, it is a dishonest appeal. Perkins is suggesting that Twitter will be nicer if you give him some of your money.”
Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins
Tuesday's email from hate group leader Tony Perkins (Family Research Council) is titled: Mother Teresa BANNED! The fact that Mother Teresa has been dead for 22 years has no effect on Perkins. According to the email:
The internet is today's "public square" for tens of millions of Americans -- and Christians are being censored there for sharing biblical truths!

In many ways, the internet is now the public square of our country and "all the world." But the most powerful entities that regulate what goes on there seem to be intent on keeping the vital Christian worldview, moral standards, and gospel message off the internet and quarantined within the walls of our churches.

When Christian voices are censored on big tech platforms, a strong message is sent that if there is dialogue on issues, Christians and conservatives are not welcome to contribute.
Perkins is yet another sanctimonious evangelical Christian willing to lie through his teeth. Our social media companies are filtering out hate speech; particularly hate speech directed at LGBTQ people. Most Christians are quite civil towards their fellow human beings. But a few, like Mr. Perkins, feel obliged to direct bigoted invective towards others they disapprove of. Cloaking that bigotry in scripture does not make it any more civil.

No one is forced to use Twitter or Facebook, for example. Each company has published an Acceptable Use Policy and Terms of Service. Their space — their rules.

Perkins would have people believe that he can cause these companies to alter their policies (emphasis per original):
            , we cannot allow new media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube -- which reach tens of millions of Americans -- to silence conservative Christian voices.

Your donation equips Family Research Council to be your voice, defending our shared Christian values that the radical Left wants to silence!
Perkins goes on for several paragraphs regarding a tweet with a quote by Mother Teresa that was blocked and then reinstated. He undermines his own argument because it demonstrates that Twitter will correct its mistakes. Mr. Perkins, on the other hand, never makes mistakes. Just ask him.

A platter of platitudes:
But here we are today, in a land founded on religious liberty, witnessing censorship of the very message and values that made this nation great!

Where is the Christian worldview represented in the news, entertainment, TV, and social media -- this generation's public square of ideas?
Neither incivility nor bigotry made our nation great. The nation corrected slavery and then segregation. It made amends to Native Americans. Perkins speaks of values. They are his values. Perkins has direct ties to the Ku Klux Klan and he presumes to lecture us about American values.
Racial liberalism runs rampant through the media, threatening to infect a whole generation with its poisonous aversion to true religious freedom and freedom of speech.

This is why I hope you will consider sending your best gift today to help FRC push back against this ongoing hostility.
As you can see, that is not a typo. Perkins actually wrote “racial liberalism.” Perhaps he meant radical liberalism but he cannot help himself. I have quoted only a small fraction of this verbose email. Overall, it is a dishonest appeal. Perkins is suggesting that Twitter will be nicer if you give him some of your money.

Perkins hints at government regulation. These are private companies and they have every right to define their own policies. The Fairness Doctrine would be very useful today. It applied to holders of government-issued broadcast licenses. Nevertheless, the FCC abolished the rule. If the government is not going to regulate holders of its licensees then it is highly unlikely to regulate social media companies which exist without government approval or registration of any kind. The GOP doesn't like regulating clean air and drinkable water.

Tony Perkins is a greedy grifter and hypocrite. His Family Research Council is deemed a hate group for good cause.

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