Tuesday, May 21, 2019

What a surprise: More dishonesty from Brian S. Brown with a money-beg

Brian S. Brown
Tuesday's missive from Brian S. Brown is titled: We can win in the Senate. Brown is asking for money on the pretense that National Organization for Marriage can cause the Equality Act to fail in the Senate. He doesn't even know if Mitch McConnell will allow the measure to come up for a vote. Even if the bill gets to the Senate floor, there is nothing that NOM can do to affect the outcome.

According to Brown:
As you know, the US House of Representatives did the unthinkable (but expected) and passed one of the greatest legislative threats we've ever faced, the grossly misnamed Equality Act (HR 5). The legislation is really the Inequality Act, because it proposes sweeping legal provisions to benefit the LGBT community at the expense of people of faith, churches, and all Americans.
That is followed by seven progressive donation links:
>>> Give $15 to help NOM fight this legislative threat
>>> Give $1,000 or more to help NOM fight this legislative threat
Is anyone that spectacularly stupid? Perhaps.
NOM is mounting an all-out effort to defeat this legislation. We've run online ads nationwide, which have been seen by over one million people. Here's an example:
Here's Brown's example. No content. No link:

Another plea for money based on a false premise:
To be successful in stopping HR 5, the Inequality Act, it's critical that we reach and inform more Americans about what is at stake. The only way to do that is to raise additional funds. I am asking you to consider making an emergency financial contribution to help us defeat HR 5 in the Senate.
If you believe Brian S. Brown, the ability to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity is necessary to sustain his equality. Equality? Try Christian privilege: The right to discrimination against people one disapproves of neatly cloaked in scripture.

So, in sum:
  • The dishonest appeal is premature unless McConnell makes a decision to bring the bill to the floor.
  • It is dishonest for framing the Equality Act as “unthinkable;” something alien to people of faith.
  • It is dishonest for suggesting that funds will be used to affect the outcome of a bill in the Senate.
  • It is dishonest for claiming that NOM can affect the outcome of a bill in the Senate.
  • It is dishonest to claim that “an emergency” exists.
  • The appeal claims to have 1:1 matching funds. That too is dishonest. “Matching funds” are invariably a fundraising scam.

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